Robert DeNiro / Norah Jones
December 7, 2002

By Jessica Almeida

About Me: (skip this part if u dont want to be bored to death) My name's
Jessica Almeida, I'm 16 and a long time SNL viewer from Boston, MA. (Nomaahhhh!) I've posted reviews a few times in the past but I never really had that much time. Lately I've decided I'd like to start reviewing more (but don't hold me to it). I tend not to be as critical as some of the reviewers so if my grades seem too high to you, then you're probably right. It's just that these people put SOOO much effort into the show that i feel bad giving them bad anyway, I use letter grades, I think it's the easiest way. So, here i go. Enjoy :)

Preshow Thoughts:

Wow, Robert DeNiro is hosting Saturday Night Live. Finally. I'm wicked excited, it's actually quite ridiculous. Norah Jones is the musical guest. She has a beautiful voice but I've only heard heard one of her songs. I'm not too into that kind of music, I like rock and anything 80's mostly. Regardless, I'm very optimistic about the show. I have no predictions for skits tonight. Next week with Al Gore and Phish I'm predicting a Jarret's Room (just like everybody else. hehe.) Eh, I'm never good at guessing though. The only thing i WANT to see, although it's probably to early and I doubt they'll do it yet is the Christmas Song with jimmy, horatio, chris k., and tracy. haha, i love that...yes im a dork, shut up you. I recently saw Analyze This with DeNiro and Billy Crystal and I thought it was great, really very funny. Can't wait to see Analyze That. I'm not used to seeing DeNiro in roles like that but I suppose this makes it a good time for him to be hosting a comedy show. Well, we'll see, won't we?

I personally thought this was great. It took me a few seconds to start realizing what some of the names meant, but that's all right. One of the better opening's of the season I believe. Darrel did a great job as usual. Magenta..heh heh, he kills me. ~ A ~

I loved this. It was short, simple, and funny. I don't really know how monolauge's work in terms of who writes them but I assume most of the time the host does with maybe a little help from the writers and cast depending on what the monolauge involves. I respect hosts who don't use the cast too much in their monolauge's but still make it good. I thought this could have been a little better maybe, but still it was good. ~ A- ~

COMMERICAL: McDonald's Warnings
Hahaha, this had me cracking up. What the hell was that guy thinking when he sued McDonalds? but i thought this was awesome, it was a little long, still good. I'm sure it'll be rerun in some more shows this season. ~ A ~

This skit kind of dragged on but it wasn't terrible. Tracy topped it off at the end, I didn't expect that at all, but it was great. "I still got 4 more payments ont his coat!" Hehe. ~ B ~

AAAHHH HAHAHAHA! I LOVE DeNiro's outfit!! Lovely. Nice glasses Seth...hehe. This sketch was hilarious. Tinker Bell was great. Could have used a little more rehearsing considering he had to look over his shoulders and read the cue card for five minutes, hehe, that's ok Robby, it's a tough job. "Going downtown so long you won't ever need to wax again." Ewww, shut up Peter. The flying bit was hilarious. Overall, I loved this. ~ A ~

I'm kind of indifferent about this skit. There were a few funny lines but I don't think it was great. DeNiro makes a good Santa and Maya makes a very cute elf but it didn't take away from the fact that this skit made me very tired. Also, i don't like how it ended. I think Parnell should have just left after he said "Your loss." ~ C ~

This was cute, short, and funny. Fred Armisen did the best job I think. The eye movements were key to his one word. "No." Hehe. ~ A ~

This has potential to become a recurring skit. It made me laugh a few
times but I don't know, it wasn't that amusing. Horatio was great. Pretty Ricky was also great. Tracy was very funny but for some reason I didn't like it that much. Maybe I need to see it again. I'll have to pop in the tape again. (i record every episode) I like dthe reference to "Kool-Aid", Horace's father. Hehe, tracy has a thing with Kool Aid. He had an Uncle Kool-Aid in Brian Fellow's once. ~ B ~

Like I said before, she has a very nice voice, but it put me to sleep. I dozed off here for a few minutes. I tend to do that during the musical guest no matter who it is, don't ask me why, i dont know. anyway, i don't judge the musical guests. ~ N/A ~

Usually my favorite part of the show right here folks. All the Bush jokes was great. Actually, I think all of the jokes were decently funny but they made me smile more than laugh. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was kinda funny. Bobby Brown's sweating was a nice touch. I liked the Shania Twain joke. The tattoo joke was great too but it didnt get enough laughs. I like when Tina laughs at Jimmy's jokes. Rachel and Chris' cruise thing dragged on and was gross at the end. I didn't really like it. It seemed short, or was that just me? oh well ~ B+ ~

Versace is usually moderately funny. Horatio as Ozzy was great. He did an awesome job. So did Amy as Sharon. Yowza, put that thing away Santa. Harvey Keitel?! That's interesting, haha. I thought DeNiro was gunna drop him! Not bad. "Monkeys, alcohol, and wizard shoes." ~ B- ~

(Preview Commercial: Why was Seth jumping around so much? Hehe. That was funny. Had to point it out.)

I can't explain it well but I thought this skit was sooooooooo funny. The first slap was out of nowhere, haha. Seth did a nice job of being afraid of him. Which is justified. He can be a scary guy. I loved Seth's shirt! Very cute. Ignore my random thoughts. DeNiro really looked like a car salesman. Remember Parnell's first couple of seasons? He got beat up practically every week. Looks like poor little Seth is taking his place, hehe. Either way, i thought this skit was histerical but i can see why other people may not agree with me. "I want you to stop slapping me in the face." *Punches him in stomach* ~ A ~

This grew to be very, very funny. Julio the squirrel? Now that was just a work of pure genius, hahaha. "Julio was a nice squirrel!" Chris did a great job and aside from reading directly off the cue cards, DeNiro did a great job too. A good concept made into a good sketch. "My spine! She crushed my spine!" ~ A ~

I didn't even listen to this song, I was reading a book called Flatland for my geometry honors class. worst book everrrrrrrrrr. ~ N/A ~

This concept was funny but this skit didn't make me laugh out loud. It made me smile at a few points. You know those skits that just make you smile? Well, ya, this one of them for me. Darrel hasn't been in this show too much, has he? Hm. ~ C+ ~

Ten seconds of goodbye's. In the words of the Church Lady, "Well, isn't that special."

FAVORITE SKETCH: Peter Pan and Violent Car Salesman

POST SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought this was a good show. Probably one of those that you have to watch twice to get the full funny effect, you know? I love Robert DeNiro and I thought he did a good job. He has a little trouble with cue cards though. Heh heh. Maybe I'm biased because I'm such an avid DeNiro fan but i thought this was a pretty good show overall.

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