Robert DeNiro / Norah Jones
December 7, 2002

By funnyboy88

1 = good .5 = ehhh?? 0 = bad bad

Al Queda Names - Very good start! Some nice toilet/body humor was done
here, and I am capable of admitting that I can enjoy it. "He is a silent
but deadly killer." Hahahaha. Very funny names. 1

Monologue - Wow, a good ol' fashioned monologue? No walk on appearances by
a recurring character? No Chris Kattan? This is amazing. This reminded me
of some of the 70's monologues I've seen, where there is no necessary set
joke or theme, but the host makes a few funny comments here and there. It
wasn't laugh out loud funny, but I enjoyed it none the less. 1

Big n' Tasty - It's about time they made fun of this. Generally good
commercial. 1

Thomas Jefferson - Although this could've been written a little bit more
offensive or risky, it was done well. The best lines were of course from
the slave. "When do you get off from work?" "Never." "Have you ever
thought of being a singer?" "It's really not an option for me." Hehe. The
end with Tracy was hilarious! "Someone owes me a million dollars!" 1

Peter Pan - This is where it begins to turn ugly. Very ugly. The premise
of this sketch sure seemed funny if you were talking with your buds, but it
really didn't translate well. Jeff and Seth were really funny, Deniro's
character was good, but the most of the lines weren't that good. There were
a few here and there, but overall....ehhhh? .5

Mall Santa - Once again, acting was fine, but the punchlines were weak. It
reminded me of a 94-95 sketch. Kind of just "heh heh" instead of "ha ha."
The only great line was Parnell's. "Your loss, nice meeting you." The
sketch should've ended there. .5

UN Inspectors - FANTASTIC. After the last two sketches, this was such a
nice breath of fresh air. Short, sweet, and to the point. 1

Judge Horace - Another average sketch. Wow, a judge says absurd things!
Horatio is dressed as a woman! The premise of the lawsuit was pretty much
the funniest thing. A few good lines here and there, but once again,
overall, I did not walk away from this sketch thinking "That was soo
funny!!" .5

WU - Lots of good jokes this week. Even the thing with Bobby Brown was
funny. It was all good until the part with Kattan and Dratch. Something
better could've been done for the cruise ship viruses. I'll give Update a
.75/1 because all the components were good except the last commentary.

Versace Chanukah - This sketch wasn't "lol" last time. It wasn't this time
either. Horatio was a good as Ozzy and Amy's Sharon is fantastic. I
thought it was weird that when Horatio called in Amy, he called her Joan
instead of Sharon. Whooops. Other than the acting, this sketch was bad.
The cameo with Harvey Keitel was nice. This and the acting is the only
reason I'm giving this sketch a .5. I feel like I'm being nice.

Car salesman - A sign of hope. This sketch wasn't so bad. It had a nice
build-up. It was bizarre and entertaining. The premise was well-built.
Very good sketch overall. "Stay in the car, Page!" 1

Bed-time story - This sketch was all right I suppose. DeNiro flubbed way
too many lines here. Not much to say here other than I liked it compared to
some other sketches, but it still felt weak. .5

Radioactive Bear - FUNNIEST sketch of the night. Oh my lordy, I was dying.
It was very silly, but it all worked. "I guess after the beating and the
sex, he was hungry." After a night of mediocre sketches, this was a nice
way to end the night. 1

Overall: 10.25/13 = 79%

I don't know. Looking back at the score, the show doesn't look so bad.
Maybe it wasn't? The Bear sketch, Car salesman, Cold Opening, Monologue,
Big n' Tasty, UN Inspectors, and Thomas Jefferson sketches were all good.
However, everything else was just average. I felt some of the sketches were
bad, but not bad enough to get a zero. They were just extremely weak, and I
only chuckled a little instead of laughing consistently. Well, it was a
very rocky show.

However, I must commend the show for really trying to avoid the recurring
characters. Versace was the only non-original sketch. And the sketches
were also fresh ideas, and not just cliched ideas. Even in the average Mall
Santa sketch, it wasn't that good, but it was something different for a

Average is basically how to sum things up.