Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Steven Bertorelli

Dick Cheney flying a missle towards Iraq
as usual Darrell Hammond is funny but Will Ferrell's Bush would have
been funnier. B-

Monologue: Matt Damon
He wants to play Justin Timberlake?? It was funny when Maya
came out as AI Justin, and Amy's Britney was cute but otherwise unfunny
opening. C+

NRA parody I couldn't stop laughing when the AFLAC duck got shot. A+

Brian Fellows Safari Planet: I love this recurring sketch best lines were
"Why don't pigs like Jewish people?" and the porcupine wanting to show it's
WEINER!! I couldn't stop laughing. A+

NRA parody #2 Carrot Top gets shot: Funny, but I'm one of Carrot tops few
fans. B

Sully & Denise
I'm a bit biased because I live in Boston, but this one wasn't as funny as
previous sketches. Of course they had to this sketch since Matt Damon is
from Cambridge. B

Anal Suppository
The Funniest sketch of the night!!
I put my lunch up my butt!! A+

Hannibal goes to College

I'm sorry but Damon's impersanation annoyed me after a while D+

Bruce Springsteen
The Boss Rocks!! A

Weekend update
my second favorite sketch of the night Red Sox fans telling Yankee fans how
to cope with defeat "classic"!! (I know the feeling myself). You still have
the Jets?? Also the Funny Latin Stand up comedian was okey but went too long

I'm Matt Damon
Don't you hate it when someone famous has your name too? clever sketch B

Donatella Versace hot pockets

I love Maya as Donatella, but this sketch didn't work for me. D

TV Funhouse
I like the Anna Nicole parody using smurfs. A

Bruce Springsteen
Nuff Said A

Sexpot 2000

Worst sketch of the night a definite time waster. F

Dr Phil parody
I like it when he gives Santa Clause advice. B-

The war on Iraq
coming to NBC ironic, but still a chuckle C+

To conclude, the Show had its moments. I give it a B all around.

Be back next week with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Faith Hill.