Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Patrick Sirvava

Well Here is my review for the season premiere of SNL. This was a big year for SNL, emmy awards and the leave of Will Ferrel, I believe they will still get the point across without him. The question is who play George W. Bush, after Ferrel, I heard that Hammond might try it. He is the guy who does the most of the political figures. I wonder what type of sketches they will try for the episode, well here is my review. I don't grade music and I do on a scale of one to ten,10 being the highest. I think that another thing with this year is who will leave as performer and who will be added. Also without Ferrel, key sketches are lost, Culps, Luvahs, Celebrity Jeopardy, and some of those sketches where he goes to the extreme: Extreme Patriot, That guy who did not have Salivary Glands, and the yoga class guy, where he shoved his head in his pants. I thought that on his last episode, they would do, a Culp sketch, and maybe they would have a return of the Roxburry Guys. In this episode, Host Matt Damon and Musical Guest Bruce Springsteen and E- Street Band

Opening: NBC Report, Dick Cheney launches a missile to Iraq and he is riding on top. I thought that they would not put George W. in the sketch to stall and decide who can portray him. It was kind of weak with the Lunchables thing. Also short. I figured that Darrel Hammond would start the season with the "Live from New York" I give it 6.

Monolouge: Damon does a good job starting. He talks about summer stories and demonstrates Justin and Britney dancing. Okay I guess, but I like the ones where that writer in the audience asks stupid questions to the host. Chris Kattan in 1 of the only 2 sketches in the show. I give it a 7.

Commerical: NRA, it started out as a twist for Aflac,but then they shoot the goose, and show Rifle Association, it was funny. I give it 8.

Brian Fellows: Porcupine and a pig. This one was not as funny, because he actually talks intelligently. It also gets kind of lame at the end. I give it an 7.

Commercial: NRA part II. Seth Meyers as Carrot Top, it was funny, they should have done 1 more with the Verizon Wireless Guy. I give it a 7 for repitiveness.

Sulley and Denise: Bruce Springsteen concert, if it was his concert, they should have incorporated him in sketch. Horatio was funny in this. Damon as the cousin okay. 8

Nutri Grain-Stuff. : Jeff Richards in a sketch, wow! That really is sad they have to use that. 7 and I'm being nice.

Hannibal in college: I have not seen the movies, but this was funny, Damon did a good job with the impression. The answering machine was the best part. 9.

Music: Don't Rate

Weekend Update: Good job picking good topics. I knew that they might try some last minute incorporation with the Yankee's losing. and that Ferencio thing was great for a new style of comedy latin style. I'll give it a 9 because for a premiere that is a pretty good start.

The Name Sketch: Matt Damon meet Matt Damon. What was with Dean Edwards and Dr. J. I don't find this very good writing. I have noticed after the update, the sketches are short and usually bad. 6.

Versache Pockets: Maya Rudolph stole the sketch, it was kind of bland but better than the previous one, good to see Tracy again. 7.

Cartoon: Finally something good. Anna Nicole Smith style Sumrfs. If you remember the old smurf cartoons and Anna Nicole Smith this was hilarious. 9.

Music: N/A

Sex Robot: A trash can with a hole in it, and Darrel's role it was good. The last sketch of Kattan for theepisode. 7

Dr. Phil: Richards did a good job with the Phil impression otherwise it was bad. I'll give it a 6

Iraq Show: What was this, you made the last 2 sketches tens. I'll give a 4

Overall: It was pretty good for a start without Ferrel. But the last 3 were kind of pointless. I think most used player was Horatio, and maybe Chris Parnell. Least used was Kattan, and Tina Fey. Why is it she is only in the WU. She is becoming just like Colin Quinn, towards his end, he was just on the WU. Another thing is that the commercials are becoming parodies slowly and slowly. What happened to the butt printer, OOPS I crapped my pants, and others. I thought there was going to be a massaging guy sketch like on the site. By the way, I thought that for the premiere they would try a MTV VMA, sketch because Jimmy was the host, like have Meyers be Jimmy, and Jimmy James Brown or someone. Oh well, as an overall a good way to start the season. The overall show rating on the scale would have to be a 8. You got to a great start but the last few started to stink. THE END.