Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Larry

Pre-show thoughts (written at 4:30 PM, 10/5/02)
A couple of days ago I came up with some predictions and suggestions for the show. Here they are:

-DeMarco Bros. meet Springsteen and Max Weinberg
-Wakeup Wakefield
-Damon will impersonate Ben Affleck
-Darrell, Jeff, or someone new will play Bush

-Parnell plays Bush
-The monologue should have other summer movie stars come on and complain that
they weren't invited to host the premiere. For example, Seth as Tobey Maguire,
Parnell and Dean as Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, someone as Vin Diesel, etc

Realistically, I guess they're going to give the Bush impression to Darrell, although I don't see why they would want to put all that trouble on themselves. Anyway, hopefully the show will be good.

Cold Opening: Brokaw and Cheney
-This wasn't the cold opening I was expecting.
-Apparently they originally were going to have Darrell as Bush, but I guess that didn't work out. They REALLY should give Bush to Parnell.
-And Darrell says LFNY yet again.

-His Mike Tyson impression was really good. It came out of nowhere.
-The whole dance-off thing just didn't work for me.
-Amy had Britney's voice, but she didn't look anything like her.

-This was okay, but I wouldn't have made it the first commercial of the season.

Brian Fellows
-Another typical Brian Fellows sketch. Why did they make this the first sketch of the season?
-Horatio seemed kind of out of it. He wasn't getting his lines out very well.
-I thought they would start adlibbing when the pig when it its bag. They'll probably show the dress version in reruns.

-This one was a lot better than the first one.
-I thought that was really Carrot Top until they did the close-up.

Boston Teens
-Matt's accent was decent.
-This sketch didn't really go anywhere. They should have had Bruce actually come on or something.
-They called Seth's name during the station break. I wonder why he wasn't in the sketch.

Nutri Quick
-The best commercial of the night.
-Parnell always works as a pitchman.
-The look on Jeff's face when he was "taking his medicine" was hilarious.

Hannibal Goes to College
-Matt's Hannibal impression wasn't horrible, but it could have used some work.
-This sketch was two minutes too long.

-Most of the jokes were subpar.
-Fred Armisen saved Update. We'll definitely be seeing Ferecito again, probably by the end of November.

What's the MATTer?
-This was the best sketch of the night.
-It was a really creative thing to do, and nobody messed up when they easily could have.
-Parnell losing it at the end was out of the ordinary but really hilarious.

Donatella Versace
-This was pointless.
-Tracy didn't look or sound anything like Puff Daddy.

The Smurfette Show
-This was one of the better TV Funhouses.
-I'm amazed Smigel got Jim Cummings, the current voice of Gargamel.

Sex Robot
-This had an interesting premise, but it didn't really go anywhere.
-The "General Mills" gag was hilarious.

Dr. Phil
-Jeff really doesn't look like Dr. Phil, but he did have the voice down.
-Will Forte gets his first speaking role as Santa Claus.

-Matt Damon is a really talented actor, I won't deny that. But, this show really wasted his talents.
-Horatio was all over the show tonight. I don't think he's ever been in that many sketches in one show before.
-There were too many recurring sketches. Brian Fellows is officially dead, and they shouldn't do the other until at least the new year. They'll probably do Astronaut Jones next week since a woman is hosting.
-They're going to have to deal with the whole Bush situation on the next show. My prediction is that they'll try it with Darrell again, but people won't like his impression. After all, he looks nothing like Bush.