Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Joey MacQueen

It's short, but will be longer in upcoming weeks.

NBC Special Report-

This was a short, but sweet skit. B


Not very funny, but Amy was good. B-

NRA 1-

Short, but was a little funny. B

Brian Fellows

Can we please kill off this character? D-

NRA 2-

Funnier than the first. Seth as Carrot Top was good. B+

Sully and Denise-

Surprisingly fresh, and definitely hilarious. A-


A surprise commercial, with a great one-joke premise. B+

Hannibal at College

Original, and amusing. Damon's impersonation was shaky, but acceptable. Will Forte's only mentionable appearance is here too. B

Weekend Update-

Funny stuff. Some great news jokes, along with the return of Seth's Boston fan, and the debut of the offbeat Latin character, whose name I cannot remember. Tina looks better than ever. B+

The Real Matt Damon

This idea (guy tries to get ahead, but falls behind) is old, but Parnell does good here, especially with the cancer bit in the end. B-

Versace Pockets

Not very funny, but seeing Maya was good. Who played Axel Rose? I'm guessing Matt, but who knows? Lorne Michaels does. C

The Smurfette Show

This was very funny, and definitely a great parody of Anna Nicole. Hopefully we'll see more of Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse this year, especially if they're this funny! B+


Ah yes, one of the last sketches of the night. It had only two or three laughs, which is above average for sketches that air after the second musical act. C+

Dr. Phil

Does Jeff finally have an actual impersonation? Probably not, but this was pretty good, and definitely the truth that Phil needs. Damn him! Unfortunately, the audience didn't seem interested. A slow Springsteen song, and bad sketch is hard to follow. B-

War on Iraq

Another commercial?! Oh well, at least it had a laugh or not. Too short, and really wasn't funny. C+

Overall: B This was not the best season premiere, and certainly could've used stronger writing, and less cast members. Do we need this many?? Well, the post Will-era got off to a lackluster start, but hopefully will improve with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Strongest Players: Matt Damon and Amy Poehler
Weakest Links: Dean Edwards and Chris Kattan
Best Sketches: Sully and Denise, Weekend Update
Worst Sketch: Brian Fellows
Hardest Workers (including commercials): Horatio Sanz and Seth Meyers (5), Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell and Amy Poehler (4)
Well, They Tried: Fred Armisen and Rachel Dratch (1)

Be sure to watch Sarah Michelle Gellar next week!