Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I cant wait for the show. Its about time we get new shows. I like Matt Damon and Bruce Springsteen is alright. He tends to mumble a lot. I predict a Demarco Bros. sketch.


CHENEY COLD OPEN: This was originally in WU in dress. This cold opening was funny. I give it an A

DAMON MONOLOGUE: I LOVED this monologue. Maya did a good Justin from American Idol. Matt was a good dancer & Amy did a good yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. Good music too. A+

DUCK HUNTERS #1: LITTLE DUCK- commercial. Jimmy & Horatio made annoying commercials into a funny one. A

SAFARI PLANET: I thought it was funny especially with the porcupine. He called the porcupine a big, spikey rat. A

DUCK HUNTERS #2:BIG DUCK- commercial. I really liked this one. Im glad they shot carrot top. He's really annoying. A

SULLY & DENISE:SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT: This was one of the best ones. It would have fit perfectly if it was the "real" Courteney Cox. A- for no real Courteney.

NUTRAQUICK- commercial. This was a funny one. However I wouldn't want to eat my lunch that way. B

HANNIBAL LECTER- Oh they actually have a dud. I thought this was getting nowhere. F

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Lonesome Day" I love the beat to this song. He's a legend. Although I couldn't understand his words he was still good. B

WU: This was a really good WU. Im glad the Yankees lost. "Just Kidding" They need to have someone else win the World Series. Fred Armisen is filling right in as the Cuban. Job well done. Fave Joke: Julia Roberts is rumored to be pregnant while she buys clothes to get married into whoever she falls in love with. A

MATT DAMON- Who cares. There are lots of people with the same name. F

VERSACE POCKETS- There's actually a funny Versace. I thought it was funny when Horatio was Rosie. I will take the cheesy chili bacon. A

TV FUNHOUSE: SMURFETTE- Leave the poor smurfs alone Smigel. They were fine until you messed them up. Not Funny. F

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "You're Missing" This was a nice melody. I didn't know Bruce can play piano. A

SEX ROBOT- Another stupid sketch. Amy really did look like a robot though. F

DR. PHIL PROMO- Jeff Richards did a good Dr. Phil. Looked like him too. A

WAR ON IRAQ: COMING TO NBC: If this was going to be a real show I wouldn't watch it. Nice Promo though. D-

AFTER THOUGHTS: This was an awesome show. Saw another legend. Matt Damon wasn't bad & neither was Bruce. I didn't miss Will Ferrell or Ana Gasteyer at all. I give this show an A