Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen
October 5, 2002

By Funnyboy88

With last night's show, I felt it was pretty good overall. However, the
writing seemed a bit off in some areas.

There were good concepts and ideas, but it didn't seem like those ideas were
presented in the best way possible.

The Matt Damon monologue, Versace pockets, Brian Fellows, Dr. Matt Damon,
Dr. Phil...they were all good ideas but the finished product was not 100%.
It's as if they didn't read any of the sketches out loud before presenting
them. The line to line transitions and timing all seemed a little weird.
Nothing seemed to run super smoothly. Maybe they needed to rehearse more?

Favorite moments of the night:
Hannibal Lector in college
Anal suppository commerical
NRA commercials
Sex Robot
Fred Armisen's character
Dick Cheney Missile
Matt Damon cured cancer

Stuff that was still good, but not highlighted:
Justin-Britney dance off
Dr. Phil
Anna Nicole Smith
Coming to Iraq

Same old schtick:
Boston teens
Brian Fellows

Stuff that needed work:
Update (minus Fred Armisen, who was fabulous) - all the jokes were extremely
weak for Tina and Jimmy. I liked the black bear thing though.
Versace - I just didn't laugh out loud.

This year's premiere was 1000x better than last year's.