Dan Aykroyd / Beyonce
May 17, 2003

By Ryan Lorenzo

Pre Show Thoughts: I don't know what to think. I hope he doesn't sneak in a Bob Dole impression. He said he would never host, so I guess he must be strapped for cash since he hasn't come out with anything great in 15 years. 

What I expect: John Goodman. Some Blues Brothers type thing. Cameos. 

What I hope for: A TV Funhouse. Aykroyd's hilarious Tom Snyder impression. 

I didn't get to see it Live, so I had it tapedso lets go watch it!

Cold Opening: Ahhhh, my father didn't tape it! What a tragedy! Well, if it was a Chris Parnell Bush impression, then it doesn't matter.

Monologue: Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi singing. 
It was quite entertaining. I enjoyed it. Belushi looked like he was having the time of his life. I guess he realizes that this might be his last paycheck for the year because his TV show will most likely get canceled. I loved it. Good to see the other Belushi back on SNL. 
Grade: A

Sketch: Top O' The Morning
I don't like this sketch. I love Jim Fallon and Seth Meyers. I can't stand this sketch. The recalling of how Seth got the black eye was pretty funny. Other then that, I didn't laugh.
Grade: F

Sketch: Rialto Grande
A lot of people don't like this sketch. I love this sketch. This is the only thing I like Chris Kattan in. Speaking of Kattan, Aykroyd mentioned that this will be Kattan and Morgan's last show. Like that was unexpected. So Darrel Hammond is sticking around? 

Now that I have mentioned Kattan and Morgan I shall digress:

Chris Kattan: I don't think he is funny. This year he hasn't been in much. I loved him back when he first started. He was great with the Roxbury guys, Goth Talk, and Andy Dick impression. Then he just got annoying with Mango, Mr. Peepers, and Suel Forrester. Mango was funny on the Garth Brooks episode and Mr. Peepers on the Katie Holmes episode, but other then that, I get so annoyed and irritated. He should have left after 99-00 season with Oteri and Quinn. 

Tracy Morgan: I think he is hilarious. He is never used. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't used much tonight. Brian Fellows sucks. I won't remember him as Brian Fellows. I will remember him as Star Jones, Earl Woods, Mike Tyson, and his other great impressions. 

Back to the Rialto Grande. It was great. Fred Armisen is great. Kattan is decent. The waitresses are great.
Grade: A

I am fast forwarding through the commercials, and I notice the commercial for the IPOD. The new device by Macintosh. It shows people singing some song, and states that you can now get any song you want from applemusic.com for 99 cents a song. Dude, there is so many jokes in this commercial it isn't even funny. I think you might be five years too late Macintosh. Napster, Kazaa, and others have been in the business for years now. I know I know. This is a legal way to download music. If I were to make a commercial parody off this, I would feature a 10-10 220 type theme.

Scene: Alf is singing a song and Mike Piazza is right next to him.

Piazza, "Man, there isn't much you can get for a buck these days."
Alf, "You can get all music for 99 cents a song."
Piazza, "Really?"
Alf (still singing, then stops, and starts banging on his IPOD), "Stupid Macintosh. They always break down."
Piazza, "You should have made a phone call."

Sketch: The Falconer
Oh great. From my favorite sketch of this year to my least favorite sketch of the year. I never laugh at this. John Goodman made his appearance in this sketch. What? Did you think a Dan Aykroyd hosted show would go without Goodman? 
Grade: F

Cartoon: TV Funhouse
I loved it! This was hilarious! Just the look of the dog makes this hilarious. Dry humping, pissing on the carpet, James Woods voicegreat stuff. The plastic surgery (which the audience didn't laugh) was funny and most likely true. 
Grade: B

Sketch: Versache

I like the Versache skits. John Goodman showed up as Anna Nicole Smith, which was kind of funny. This was an alright sketch, but it wasn't anything to brag about. I think the David Letterman impression made this sketch better then it was. Of course, as good as Jeff Richards is at it, I still love Norm Mac's better.
Grade: C

Weekend Update:
Terrible. Tina Fey was reaching for some jokes. Jimmy Fallon had a great joke with the OSU-English Degree-Alcoholic bum line. Drunk Girl sucks. Chris Kattan's final showdown of his characters was decent. I guess Tracy Morgan wasn't doing the same thing because he didn't have any characters. Talk about being underused, but being on the show for so long. 
Grade: D

Sketch: Astronaut Jones
Tracy Morgan is great. This sketch was pretty funny with of course Tracy's style at the end.
Grade: B

Sketch: Cat People
What the hell is this? Why don't we just have another ham sketch. 
Grade: F

Sketch/Commercial: Sam Elliott
I didn't laugh. It just wasn't funny. This isn't like a commercial commercial, but I consider it one. And let me tell you, the commercials this year suck! The Aflac and The Corona from the beginning of the season were funny. Then it just tanked.
Grade: F

Overall Grade: B

Post Show Thoughts: I gave a lot of sketches F's, so how did this episode get a B? Well, I thought everything was really hit or miss. I think the hits outweighed the misses, so I weighted each sketch differently. This episode in my opinion ranks behind Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner. 

Predictions for next season:
Darrell Hammond won't come back. So I guess our last memory of D is dressed as a cat in a stupid sketch. Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell, and Horatio Sanz will all leave. Parnell at the beginning was in a lot of sketches and then not. I don't see why he would want to come back. Fallon and Sanz will probably leave to pursue movie careers. They could come back, but I don't see why they would want to hang around. This season reminds me of the 94-95 season. Farley (Sanz) and Sandler (Fallon) left after that season. Rachel Dratch is gone. I don't see why they would want her back. Eddie Griffin, Adam Sandler, Colin Farrel, and Will Ferrell will all host.

That's it folks. Have a good summer.