Reese Witherspoon / Alicia Keys
September 29, 2001

Hi. This is my first SNL episode review. My name is Julie, I'm 16, and I'm from Arkansas. You'll soon find out that Jimmy's by far my favorite. Now that you know about me, here's my review.

*Pre-show thoughts: I don't mind Reese Witherspoon at all. She's a pretty good actress. Let's just hope she can be funny. I don't care about Alicia Keys.

[COLD OPEN]-Gulliani/heroes/Paul Simon
I was hoping they'd do something like this. It was really nice. I like Paul Simon a lot. He's a good guy. The whole thing was very appropriate.
Great line:
Lorne: "So can we be funny?"
Gulliani: "Why start now?"

Woohoo! Rachel's finally a real cast member! It's about freaking time! That announcer dude messed up Tina & Ana's names. I guess he was just so used to saying "Ana Gasteyer" after "Will Ferrell." Did Ana get a new picture? I thought so last night when I watched it but now I can't even remember. I miss Chris Parnell already. So the new featured players are Dean Edwards, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, and Jeff Richards.

[MONOLOGUE]-Reese Witherspoon
Wow, this monologue sucked. That joke she told was stupid. Since when is "balls" a bad word?

[COMMERCIAL]-Preparation H
This was stupid. We almost got to see Chris's bum, though. Almost.

[SKETCH]-Wake Up, Wakefield
I want one of those shirts that Maya has - without the black X, of course. Horatio's so funny as the teacher. I don't know how I feel about these sketches. They're pretty funny, usually, but I don't like Maya all that much. It was funny, though, how she was looking at Reese with disgust. I really wish I were Reese in this sketch...

*Next week - Seann William Scott & Sum 41: I <3 Sum 41!!! They do need more punk rock on SNL.

[SKETCH]-The Little Mermaid
Woah... this was dirty. Parts of it were sorta funny but for the most part I was just thinking "ew..."

Honestly, I didn't watch this. I like the fast forward button.

Jim, your hair's getting quite long. It was hilarious when he looked at the moniter and kinda did a double-take and was like "What is up with my hair??" and kept messing with it and making it worse. Anyway, that Glitter joke was funny. No one's gonna see that movie. When one of them - I think it was Tina - said "Crazy Viagra McGee" (about Bob Dole) I laughed so hard I had to go back and rewind it a little b/c I missed stuff. Darrell's Jesse Jackson's always funny. It was NOT his friend Gary. hahaha. That thing about Bill Maher wasn't nice. I like Bill. Sorry, but I do.

[SKETCH]-The Culps
I <3 the Culps!!! The only thing that'd make this better would be if they'd parody a song I like. This is great.
Great line:
Ana as Bobbi Jo: "I hope you weren't expecting the Indiglo Girls..."

[SKETCH]-Celebrity Jeopardy
I <3 Celeb. Jeopardy, too! Sean Connery's rad. Is Anne Heche's hair that long? "Hor-semen" hahaha. I wish they'd do one of these on every show.
Great line:
What "Sean" wrote on his thing at the end: "I'm sorry Alex....... Trebeck is such a fruit."
9/10 (It'd be 10 if Jimmy was in this one)

Yeah, didn't watch again. Sorry.

[SKETCH]-Gassy Baby
How stupid was this? It only gets the grade I gave it b/c I <3 the way Tracy says "hilaaarious!" He cracks me up.

[SKETCH]-Donatella Versace's songs for kids
I could've done without this one. Although I don't like Maya much, her Donatella's better than Molly's was. Those guys in the back were pretty funny. Who was it that was laughing so loud? That's pretty much what I was paying attention to, not the sketch.

Chris looked good in that wifebeater. Reese kinda went on for awhile and you couldn't really hear her, so whatever. I couldn't see Jimmy. :(

*Post-show thoughts:
Well, I always expect a lot from the season premiers. This one was about average. Wasn't great, wasn't horrible. They only used like, what, one of the new featured players? Dean? Oh well. Best sketches were definitely The Culps and Celeb. Jeopardy. Worst was the Gassy Baby one and that commercial. Will there be more Adam McKay shorts this season? I really hope so.

Yay, my first review is complete. If you have any questions of comments, e-mail me at

Episode Review written by Julie

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