Reese Witherspoon / Alicia Keys
September 29, 2001

Hello SNL-loving people. I'm Emily, and for the rest of forever, I'm going to
complain about SNL to you guys here. Ok, not really complain, it is like the
best show ever after all, but still, you know? Yeah.

I guess I'll begin by giving a short autobiography of myself. I'm 15 (my
bithday is Jan. 1, and gifts of money, are gladly accepted), and I live in
Bay St. Louis, MS, where I go to Bay High School. It is very boring here, and
if I had it my way, I'd be living in Boston or NYC now, but what can ya do?
Anyways, I share a house with my mom, my new step-father, my dog Smudge and
my cat Danger Kitty. I take dance, I sing, I act, I play piano and alto sax
and I write articles for <a
href="></a>. I love
watching sports; baseball's my favorite sport and the Braves are my favorite
team. I also love music, doesn't matter what, but my very favorite is GUSTER!
I want to be a politician when it's time to grow up.

Ok, that's enough, on with the review.

Overview -- Yay for new episodes! About Reese.. I never got around to seeing
Legally Blonde, but I really want to (anyone want to take me?). And I'm dying
to finally get around to seeing Election someday. As for Alicia Keys, I love
that song "Fallin'" and I was very excited to hear she'd be on the show.

Opening -- Very tasteful. Yes, Lorne, you can be funny...let's hope this
season doesn't go sour like last year's did. A

Theme/Montage/whatever you want to call it -- Nice to see Rachel Dratch
finally a full-fledged cast member. Oh and Don, what was with skipping Tina
Fey? d:(

Monologue -- eh, the joke was kinda dumb. C, and that's being nice

Preparation H -- umm...ok... D

Wake Up Wakefield -- I want Maya's shirt (but I'd take the big X off). ...
Whose butt was that on the window? Cuba's was nicer. lol ... Reese, get off
of Jimmy!! ... Ok Maya, that voice is getting annoying. ... I guess this is
one of those "So dumb it's funny" sketches. B-

Little Mermaid -- How do they get those wigs to look so natural? Ok, you know
a sketch is dumb when I'm more interested in fake hair than the "comedy" that
was pretty much nonexistent here. F

Alicia Keys -- Wow, how awesome. I'd have liked it better without the band,
but it was terrific nonetheless. A

Weekend Update -- Jimmy, what's with the hair?! ... Tina, I know what you
mean about having brown hair and glasses. ... Yay, Darrell's Jesse Jackson!
Too bad Jerry Minor's not on the side as Al Sharpton. ... Told ya your hair's
like ugh, Jimmy. Get it like it used to be! ... Anyways, great jokes all
around. I'm so glad Colin's gone, the Fallon and Fey tandem are 435746813
times better than he ever was. A+

The Kulps -- Wow, this sketch is still around? ... Could do without the
stories and hot mikes, guys; just sing and do your thing. ... Ana, hon, don't
try so hard. ... HOLLAAAAAAA! (lololol May) ... um, let's see how nice I'll
be.. D

Celebrity Jeopardy -- Oh hell yes! One of my favorite recurring sketches.
Gotta love the animosity between Connery & Trebek. ... Ok new guy, Chris
Tucker's voice isn't that irritatingly high. ... Ooh! I can answer that Final
Jeopardy! YES, I WANT A COOKIE!! ... What? Connery and Trebek getting along??
Couldn't be ... Nope, knew that couldn't be right. ... All in all, another
quality Celeb Jep sketch. A

Alicia Keys -- good song, but I was kinda hoping for "Fallin'" again lol. B

Nasty Baby -- Ugh. Gross. Retarded. Will, why do you let them put you in dumb
sketches like this? You're funnier than that. BIG FAT F!

Donatella Versace for the Children -- Come on guys, this is supposed to be a
comedy show. F

Overall -- Well, it was an alright show all together, and since it is the
first episode, I'll be nice and give it a B-.

So SNL starts season #27 average. Let's hope they can improve as the season
wears on, unlike my Braves. Boy, they are stressing me out. Anyways, hope
y'all enjoyed my first episode review. It was fun. If you guys just can't get
enough of me (right lol), you can email me or even visit my website!

Until next week... À bientôt, mes amis!

Episode Review written by Emily

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