Reese Witherspoon / Alicia Keys
September 29, 2001

Preshow Thoughts:

PARNELL! No more Chris Parnell! That pissed me off hearing this early in the month. Hopefully he'll find sucess and maybe later host it. He will be missed.
Four new featured players? The new SNL cast is forming.
Glad they didn't delay the premiere with the Sept.11 attacks.
I'm not too happy with Reese hosting, hopefully she won't disapoint.
Last season was the first season where I watched every show live. Lets make it two.

Grades A+ - 100, 99-92 - A, A- -91, B+ - 90 etc.

Opening: Heroes of NY with Billy Joel - Grade A+ (100)

Well it was the best opening SNL could do. And it had some humour too.

Reese's Mono - Grade B+ (90)

Heard this joke. Another attractive host.

Ph Commerical - Grade B (81)

Was alright.

Wake Up Wakefield - Grade A (95)

My new favourite reacurring sketch. Jazz x 10, Sheldon, Randy Goldman, whoever Haratio plays and Meagen or Megan: Hillarious. I'd like to see more of these.

The Little Mermaid - Grade A (94)

Susprisingly funny. Sex with fish. Reese was born for the part.

Alicia Keys - I actually watched the musical guest this time. Good job

Weekend Update - Grade A+ (100)

Still use Parnell's voice. Thats good. Jimmy get a haircut. The usual WU jokes. But Darrell stole the segement (and show) with his Jesse Jackson. "You called me. I star69ed you. Ackababackaka. Hey Mr.Taliban, tally me banan." And his twitching and adjusting killed me too. Tina is still wearing the same suit from last season. But has kept the glasses. :) The orgy jokes were good.

The Kulps - Grade A (95)

Another great Kulp sketch. Find the boobie.

Celebrity Jeopardy! - Grade A+ (100)

I smiled when I saw that they were getting ready for this sketch. Hillarious. Not the best but still great. Chris Tucker, Anne Heche and Sean "I heart boobs" Connery. "Whore's Semen. Whore, which what your mother is, semen." "Who is Robin?" "What is Robin?" "Nuttier than a pecan nut log." I'm sorry Alex Terbek is such a fruit, is no Suck It Trebek but still great. I'm guessing that there might be two more this season, since Will and Darrell will most likely leave in May.

Farting Baby - Grade A (93)

In the words of Tracy Morgan, "Hillarious."

Versache Sing-a-Long - Grade B (84)

Good atempt. The funniest was when Darrell left and said "huuuuuuh!"

Funniest Performer: Darrell Hammond (Jesse Jackson, Sean Connery)

Funniest Sketch: Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

Overall Show Rating - Grade A (93) Great season premiere, better than last years. Reese suprised me. She could host again.

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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