Reese Witherspoon / Alicia Keys
September 29, 2001

Another season of SNL has started again. But first off obvioulsy, this season of SNL as will everything else that goes will be marred by the events of September 11. That was probably one of the darkest days in the history of mankind. The people who planned this attack against the greatest country in the world took it too far this time and President Bush and the congressional leadership will see to it that these scum human beings get what they deserve.....they are the real cowards. Hididng in foreign countries while brainwashing others to kill themselves so they can achieve their goal which is who knows what. I will never forget where I was when I saw it happen and the two towers collapse. It was a horrible moment.

Enough said about that, but obvioulsy Ferrell's Bush impersonation is on hold right now. I was watching him on Today before work last week and he was saying how they might change his impression of Bush to be the exact opposite of what it was. That sounds like it could work and be funny.I dont think Update has been funny for a while now, and some jokes are off limits now. The show will indeed suffer because of what happened, but it the grand scheme of things, it doesnt matter too much. Lastly, in the Ferrell interview, it was good to see him say he supported the President, as he in the past has been an outspoken critic of Bush.

Cast Changes

Most notbaly and for some reason, bascially ignored, Chris Parnell is no longer on the show. Why I dont know, but he was always one of my favorites and was good in every role he played. If anyone knows the reasons for his departures, please e-mail me. On a personal note, I sent him note requesting an autographed picture last year and I did get one back, so that was pretty cool.

Ok, the actual show. Due to the 9/11 events, I knew this show would most likely be bad. It was. I am not going to do my usual grading for this show, because it was performed under unusual circumstances, and because I didnt pay too much attention, because we were also watching college football on espn2 at the same time. So I will just tell what I thought of each sketch with some other thoughts put in here and there.

COLD OPENING - No one could critize this, and I wont either. It was a good start, something that SNL could do. Maybe a better song could have been played, such as "Born in the USA" or "America" by John Mellencamp, either way, it was a nice touch.


MONOLOUGE - Again not much could happen here. Not worth grading or talking about. Reese Witherspoons weight seems to flucuate alot.

COMMERCIAL - PREPERATION H - It was kind of funny...except knowning that it will be replayed, then replayed again and again. And again. It could be last years "Corn Chip Nail" commercial. This one was better than that. Obvioulsy, I had pretty much no idea who any of those actors were.

WAKE UP WAKEFIELD - The best of these yet. Horatio usually sucks, but he was funny on this. I do like the idea of the thing with Jimmy and Maya recurring every time they do this. It gives it some continuity. Things faded after this - and fast.

MERMAID SKETCH - Not in any mood to critize too much, but this was seriously bad. Is this the best use they can make of Ferrell if he cant play Bush? Thats awful.

Talked on the phone during this, but it didnt matter, I ve heard this song about 7,990 times on the radio. This week. Isnt there a better guest for a season premier?

WEEKEND UPDATE - I cant believe this, but Update was actually the highlight of the show tonight. I dont remember much in particular, but it did seem funny. Darrell's Jesse Jackson was off, but I usually dont care for it anyway. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WEEKEND UPDATE CLIFFHANGER FROM LAST SEASON....DOES JIMMY REALLY WEAR GLASSES? I wanted to see what they were going to do with that. A nice touch to ask for donations at the end. I hope there was a good response.

---Note: This is kind of where I stopped paying attention and I'll do my best from here.

---Note: Next week, the MLB playoffs start. Ill tell you what American Leauge, beware of the Indians. All the pressure is on Seattle, and we can take at leat 1 of the first 2 there. Its going to be tough to stop Alomar, Gonzalez and Thome. And if Colon decides to be a number 1 starter and Finley comes through, this will be an October, or in this case, a November to remember for all Indians fans.

THE KULPS - Not as good as usual. Dont remember any thing else.

CELEBRITY JEOPARDY - Why wasnt this on earlier in the show? It is a fan favorite, although it was weak tonight. They are making the catergories a little ridicolus now. Darrell good as Connery as usual. SOMEONE PICK POTENT POTABLES FOR ONCE!!!


BABY IN HOSPITAL - The show,and possibly SNL in general bottomed out here. This was plain dumb and not amusing. Was that Tracy Morgan? I thought he left the show a couple of years ago.

DONNA VERSACE - I am out of insults for tonight.

-- A weak show as expected, but not much could be dpne tonight. I already dont like any new cast members. Now I know why people I know didnt like what was my first main cast (Ferrell, Kattan, Parnell, Quinn, Oteri, etc.) Those were the people I knew and liked, so people who had been watching before them and didnt like them, I never understood. I do now. I just likes the old people, and thats the way it is. We'll see how they work out...starting this week I am going to start taping again and paying more attention to them and the show. Normal Grading resumes next week.

Also, I am back now. I quit reviewing last year because the site wasnt updated for like 4 months.

Go Indians.

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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