Billy Bob Thornton / Creed
November 17, 2001

Opening - Hammond's impersonation of Rumfeld is funny without even knowing
Rumfeld. Stupid last question into opening. (At least could have been "Could
you at least tell us what time of the day and from what location it will

Monolog - OK monologue. Would have been funnier bit if they really used a
little girl to do sling blade impersonation. How sexy was Maya doing her
impersonation? Rrrrrrr!!!

Thanksgiving sketch - funny. Billy Bob did a really good job; does a
ffffabulous job as a gay pilgrim

EPT - (rerun) When did they move the commercial from right after the
monolog? Great commercial parody though. Classic. Didn't even need the
Announcer voice over.

Nick Burns - funny; I do like this recurring sketch but it is using the
cookie cutter technique in that it is basically the same sketch/premise but
just using the host to in with Nick; (e.g. Calista as the girl interest,
Jackie as the international technician and now Billy Bob as his dad. Ellen
Degeneres can be his sister.)

Brian Fellow - very funny; becoming a very funny recurring sketch. Very
different premise. I love Tracy's responses and especially his delivery. Is
he supposed to be gay?

Inside the Actors Studio - love this sketch, Will at his funniest. Great

Martha Stewart - funny. Funniest line "Martha Boner".
Taliban song - what the hell was that???

Update - not bad, funniest part was the picture of the German guy drinking
in the wheelchair.

Music-Creed.. posers

Fenced in area- how can they not do a white trash sketch w/ BB as host?
Pretty good bad sketch.


Big Thick Novel - very funny. Great way to use little mini funny idea.

All in all, a pretty good show. Billy Bob wasn't as bad as I thought he was
going to be. It's funny how the actors who play the disturbed, psycho parts
in the movies, are funny on the show
I give it an overall 84%

Episode Review written by Steve

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