Billy Bob Thornton / Creed
November 17, 2001

Opening- Rumseld Press Conference
Hammond is always funny at everything he does. It was funny how all the reporters were scared of him, and it was funny when thay said "Colin powell doesnt make us answer questions"

Everyone was hilarious doing the sling blade imitation, specially Hammond and Amy.

It had a couple of laughs and Thornton and Gasteyer were really good. But it was not all that. Ferrell's hair was off the chain.

pregnancy Test Comercial-
I saw it like two weeks ago, and this week like last time, i didn't find it that funny.

Nick Burns-
funny as usual, but it was missing Cheri Oteri And Horatio."Move!"

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet-
This is the second time i see BFSP, and this time it was hilarious, the thing with the goat talk, and the miniature horse being a giant dog...Off the chain

Inside The Actors Studio-
It was hilarious. It was really funny when he started talking in another language, and when he was getting chased and he kept eating. "A deeelight". I recorded it and i've seen it like 6 times, i laugh everytime.

Martha Stewart-
I love Ana Gasteyer. She is hilarious, and the dancing to britney at the end was da bomb. "Suck it Osama"

It was original and well coordinated, but it just wasen't funny.

Weekend Update-
The only funny joke was the one about Britney and the magazine with the cleveage/ass thing. Rachel Dratch saved it with Harry Potter.

I like them a little bit but i've never heard this song. Almost fell asleep.

Fenced-In Area
It wasent really funny, but it was original. Maya Rudolph was funny.

More Creed-
One word: "ENOUGH!"

The End
***Next week, a rerun-hope its with Cheri Oteri and molly Shannon.
*****The week after that, Derek Jeter/Shakira & Bubba Sparxx- I'm looking foward to the musical Guests, but i dont really care for the host.

Episode Review written by Santiago

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