Billy Bob Thornton / Creed
November 17, 2001

OK, how's it going? Well, I just saw another crappy comedy (that's two weeks
in a row now). Stay away from the Steve Martin comedy(?) Novocaine. That was
worse than last week's Shallow Hal. I decided to avoid all of the kids who
were probably seeing Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, and check
Novocaine out. I ended up wishing I was just seeing Shallow Hal or Monster
Inc. again.

OK, you know the host tonight from his Oscar-nominated performances in films
like Sling Blade and A Simple Plan, as well as Armageddon and Bandits, and
here he's promoting The Man Who Wasn't There (I should've seen that)-Billy
Bob Thornton. And the musical guest is Creed. My VCR broke about two hours
before this episode started so I wasn't able to get it on tape unfortunately.
I had to check out some of the other reviews to refresh my memory on the
episode so thanks to Bob Barron and Jordon Davidson. Ok here's the review:

OPENING: Press Conference

I think they should do this more often instead of the typical "Bush is dumb"
sketches. This wasn't hilarious, but it was a decent opening. Darrell Hammond
is great as usual. B+

MONOLOGUE: Billy Bob Thornton

This is probably the best monologue so far this season. Ashton Kutcher was a
big surprise, and Poehler's bit was great. The only thing that was noticably
missing was, why didn't Thornton himself do the voice? No matter. A-

Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Thornton was hilarious in this. This wasn't completely original, but it was
still quite funny. I wish I could remember it better though. B+

Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy

The second Monsters, Inc. reference in two weeks. Well, Thornton did a great
job with creating a new character here, and Fallon was enjoyable as usual
too. It went on a bit long, like most entries of this sketch do, but that's
fine. B+

Pregnancy Test

They did just do this in the John Goodman episode, so see that review to get
my full thoughts.

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet

I've always liked this sketch a lot more than most others seem to. Morgan
didn't seem to be very happy with doing it though. He didn't have as much
energy as he usually does. No matter though. B

Inside the Actor's Studio: Billy Bob Thornton

This has been one of my favorite recurring sketches for a long time, but
there are some sketches that need to be taken to a new level. Like Martha
Stewart. Inside the Actor's Studio is not one of those sketches though. It
should stay just the way it is (or was). It really angered me when they
started spoofing some movie or whatever it was. I say A without the annoying
insert and C with it.

Martha Stewart Living

The thing with the eagle was a bit tasteless. Other than that, this is about
as good as every other Martha Stewart sketch I've seen. Not bad. B-


This seemed incredibly pointless. Good choreography, but not much else. If
they had just added humor into the sketch it probably would've been great. C-


I'm sorry to say that a lot of the jokes sagged a bit. I'll definitely not
look at Britney Spears the same way again though. Not one of the best, but
not dreadful either. B


I have a feeling there was something wrong backstage which forced them to
push WU forward ahead of the musical guest. Not a bad song though. B-

Fenced In Area

This is one of those sketches that make me wonder exactly how much time the
writers really do spend on the show. Not funny at all, despite a good
performance from Thornton. D


Fine. B-

Jack Handey and his book

I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth reviewing these sketches. There
obviously there just for a time filler and they aren't the slightest bit
funny. The only good part about them is that they're short. D-

OVERALL: It slowed down towards the end as most episodes do, but fortunately
the earlier sketches were good. I'd really like to see Thornton's movieThe
Man Who Wasn't There. I'm giving this episode somewhere between a B and a B+.
Probably closer to a B+.

Next week Derek Jeter (huh? I'm not into sports) with musical guest

Episode Review written by Peter A.

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