Billy Bob Thornton / Creed
November 17, 2001

Okay guys, I've done 2 other reviews and I've received numerous hate e-mails. I've also been called ignorant and stupid! SO-in order to please everybody I'm gonna try hard to make this review decent.

Alright, I think I would give the whole over all show a B. I liked the classics like Martha Stewart and Nick Burns, WeekendUpdate was awesome too. Pretty much everything else was kinda weak. But, hey it IS the third straight week of SNL being live-so they kinda have an excuse.

Opening Sketch~Um, Derral Hammon was Donald Rumsfeld who is apperantly the Secretary of Defense. I'm not exactly a political person-so I just stared at the TV thinking "what r they talking about"? So that part was kinda on the boring side. BUT I must admit it was pretty funny when Ana and Will were like "Well, Colin Powel is nice!" and "Colin Powell dosn't ask us to answer questions!" Then it faded towards the end. I think I'll give this sketch a B-

Monoluage~ Okay, I've never seen Slingblade, but I laughed seeing all the cast members repeat lines from the movie! Acshton Kutcher also did a little deal-I didnt understand that at all. It was pretty cool When BillyBob made fun of Amy Pohler, but it was her "real voice" in the end! I guess I'm biased because I've never seen Slingblade, but this got a B- also!

First Thanksgiving~ To be honest the only thing I found funny about this sketch was the gay englishman! I kinda smiled at some of the stuff but I didnt laugh out loud too often-and if I don't laugh out loud you get a C!

Commercial~ I'm sure everybody saw one already two weeks ago! I wonder why they did this-I thought it was funny and all, but once again I didn't laugh out loud! So, basicly Amy and Jeff were college students waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. There where some funny lines though! So umm I give it a B+

Nick Burns~ I havn't seen this sketch is SO long! I'm so glad to see it again! Jimmy was great it it as usual! Actually I thought BillyBob as Nick's dad kinda took away from it-Jimmy does much better by himself in these sketches. Don't get me wrong though-it was hilariuos! A-!

Brian Fellows Safari Planet~ I LOVED this! Tracy Morgon did SUCH an awesome job in this, it was great! I guess thats it! I laughed SO much-so this one gets a A!

Actors Studio~ Okay, I've seen much better ones than this. I thought it was cool to see James Lipton all beat up though! Also, they went outside te actors studio so it made it a little different than other Actors Studio sketches! i dunno-this was okay, not that funny-so I'll give it a C

Martha Stewart~ I KNEW this was gonna be on this week because of thanksgiving! I really like these ones! So, I thought the best gift was the gift package for the refugees! that was great! Anyways, I'm gonna give this one an A-!

"War" the musical~ this was kinda funny-but you could defenitly tell it was a third week sketch! anyways-this was okay-could have been better I give it a C!

WeekendUpdate~ As usual WU lived up to its expectations! No matter how weak some of the sketches are WU always rocks! My fave joke was the "Winners never quit" line! WU totally gets an A! Jimmy and Tina are great together!

Creed~I'm a huge rock fan-so I loved this! A-!

Fenced in area~ This totally reminded me of King Of the Hill! It was okay! but i didnt really like it. It was comedy, but not LOL comedy! I'll give it a B-

Creed~ As I said above Creed is awesome. I've never heared this song before and I loved it! so....A-!

Jack Handey~ Only 4 words can explain this! I DONT GET IT! this made no sense! C-!

Anyways-thats the show! It didnt quite live up to its standards! but I enjoyed the classics! I REALLY hope anyone who didnt like my previous reviews thought this one was better! The next show is a rerun-but it returns live on December 1st!

Episode Review written by Kristin Erickson

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