Billy Bob Thornton / Creed
November 17, 2001

Tonight's Featured Sketch: Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

*Intro Sketch: Press Release with Rumsfeld- This was hella good. Finally an intro sketch that is good. I was getting tired of Will Ferrell getting the spotlight for every intro sketch with his bush impression. But, yeah, 10

*Monologue- Oh man, this was good. Damn, I almost feel like I am back in the 96-99 season. Damn, I love all the content in this monologue. First of all I love the audience question thing, and I love how they made fun of dean Edwards, well Billy bob called Dean Edwards, Tracy, lol.I mean no disrespect but every time they clown on Tracy being like the only black guy on the show. It is hilarious. Remember the sketch they did a while back, where Tracy was on Weekend Update and referred to him as Tracy Morgan, the other black guylol that was back when Norm was doing Weekend Update. Well, anyhoo, that was great, and it was cool how Billy bob pointed out that "there are no black hillbillies." Lol! Sweet! And, then Amy Poehler asked a question, and they made it look like her normal voice was the slingblade voice. That was pretty funny. It has been done a lot, but it was still funny. Also, during that question-answer thing, I liked how Jimmy was asking a question, and Billy bob explicitly called him Jimmy. Sweet. I liked that. Then dude!! There was a cameo by Ashton Kutcher 10

*Pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving Dinner- This was pretty good. The character that Billy Bob had to play was just hilarious. You could totally tell that Billy Bob had to put some effort into this one. IT was just a total offbeat character that anyone but Billy Bob should play. I am surprised he even agreed to do this sketch. Yeah, I do like the fact that SNL is keeping up with the time of year it is. So, of course, ya gotta throw in a Thanksgiving dinner sketch. I liked how they made this to be like the very first dinner that the pilgrims and Indians had back in the day. Or at least I think that is what this sketch is supposed to be about. But, yeah I liked how Billy Bob had to play that Martha Stewartish character, with him making his own centerpiece. It was pretty good. It had its funny parts. I will give this a 9. I guess I am being a little bit generous.eek to be honestI am writing this episode review on the sketch 9

*EPT Commercial Sketch- This is pretty damn good. I love how this sketch only has the new featured players in it. So, its like a newbie sketch only. Sweet. Seth and Amyhehe I think the two best looking featured players. It was cool though, I like how Seth always makes a call to his fantasy football thing to get kurt warner and randy moss on his bet or whatever. And it is always Kurt and Randy that he mentions. Cuz I saw it the other week. It was hella good. I gotta hook this sketch up with a 10. I liked all of the jokes. It was cool. I like the awkwardness between Amy and Seth, and like how they made it look like they barely knew each other and obviously they had sex. Lol. Cool. I also liked the little things they said to each other to try to make it sound like a conversation. 10

*Nick Burns, Your Computer Guy- Uh, man as much as I'd like to give this sketch a 10cuz usually this does deserve a 10. I don't hink I can do it. I am so glad that they did this sketch again. The jokes were alright, but it just wasn't quite as smooth as the other ones. Like usually, when he says MOVE, he would like have his arm flailing out to like indicate the person to like move away, I dunno, it just didn't flow as smoothly as the other ones, and it just wasn't quite as funny as it usually is. But, hey it was funny, so I will give it like a 9. (9/10)

*Brian Fellows, Safari Planet- Sweet! Another recurring sketch, I love this. I think Lorne is finally getting it that the older sketches rule, and he has got to bring them back. Anyways, I love how Tracy has his own sketch. He barely has any. This sketch is aight, it's not super funny like Mango or Nick Burns but its alright. I just love how Tracy says "that's crazy." Man him and the word crazy. I love it. I also like how he keeps telling his guests "I'm Brian Fellows." They all would be like "I know" Cool. Anyways, yeah the premise for this sketch is good. I like how with every guest, Tracy totally like has these snap judgement and quick observations of them. It's hilarious. You would think Brian Fellows would be an animal expert or something. I liked how Kattan was in this one. This is his last year. So, every sketch I see him in is a very good thing. I will miss him when he leaves. Anyways, yeah this a pretty good sketch, it's pretty funny like I had said. I will give it a 9, because shoot it is a recurring sketch, and I do love how Tracy has his OWN FREAKIN SKETCH. He should have more, or should at least BE in more sketches..ahem. He will soon be leaving to. It is his like 6th season or something. So, yeah, I am going to hate to see him leave to. But, yeah I will give this a 9. It made me laugh, it was good, a pretty funny character. (9/10)

*Inside the Actor's Studio- DUDE!!! Is it just me, or is it another wonderful and awesome night of the recurring sketches (Ahem, I used the term "night of the recurring sketches" from Kristin Erickson. She is another SNL episode reviewer.) Anyways, honestly this sketch really was just mediocre at best. The best part of this sketch is Will Ferrell's impression of that Lipton guy. Yeah the impression that Will does of him is hilarious as hell. He just acts like a plain weirdo on this sketch, and like freaks out the guest. So, that premise is cool. I like that. I do that all the time to people. So for me, that is perfect for a premise of a sketch. I love how he makes fun of the guest. For this sketch, it was cool how they brought the sketch outside of the interview. Will pisses off Billy Bob, and Billy Bob wants to kill him. The thing with the sniper rifle and the chase and him being hit by the taxi was just plain awesome. Then, you get a shot of Will back in the studio interviewing Billy Bob, and Will has a neck brace. Sweet! I give it a 10. Hell yeah, you get Billy Bob all pissed off and he is ready to shoot Lipton. Sweet, that was cool. I like dhow they had a shot of the sniper rifle, and just you know it wasn't the same old interview thing. Then they cut back to the studio, and Will was in a neck brace, I love his facial expression, as if he is like half dead and can't move a muscle on his face. Awesome. The whole sketch was great. (10/10)

*Martha Stewart Living- Another recurring sketch sweet. I guess it could be viewed that like SNL is just using old material. Well!! WHO CARES!! The old material rules! The new stuffwell it sucks..look at last year. And the first 4 episodes of this year. I love SNL, I want to be a writer on that show, so I am like totally supporting it. But, come on, if a SNL sketch sucks, I will say dude, it sucks. Anyways, Ana's impression of Martha rules. These sketches are pretty good. Any recurring sketch from the 96-99 season is going to be a plus in my book. I like the big ass turkey that Martha sets on the table. OH MY GOD!!!! DUDE SHE TOOK OFF HER BLOUSE!!! Sweet. Hey, Ana is pretty cute..not as cute as Cheri or Molly, but definitely something to look at. That just got me off guard, and was so unexpected. Sweet, that was cool. I will give this a 9, because it wasn't like hilarious enough to get a 10. But it was a recurring sketch, and it was Martha Stewart, and the big turkey, and the thing at the end. A 9 is about right. (9/10)

*Cocktail Party- Kandahar is taken. Sweet. I love how they are totally overplaying this Kandahar thing. I like the dancing in this sketch. Yeah!!! Will playing the trumpet. SWEET!!! YEAH!! Tracy Morgan crashes the party. Now, that is awesome. I like his dramatic and like critical analysis of this war. I like all the big words he uses. It's pretty cool how he is memorizing this. Er, if not memorizing it, well he didn't look like he was looking at any cue cards. Jalalabad is taken now. Cool. I like how they keep dancing and celebrating every time a city is taken. Cool. I like that. Ah, well, I dunno, it was ok, I did like Tracy's part in this sketch, but I am going to have to give it an 8. It just wasn't all that funny. It was cool, and the dancing was cool, so I will give it an 8. It's not too bad, it was better than average, and I did like the content of the sketch, I liked how they made references to recent news, so that was cool. (8/10)

*Weekend Update- Sweet I like the Backstreet Boy reference, AJ. Any joke making fun of them or Nsync is awesome. Cleavage on Britney is the same as Jimmy's ass. Sweet! Rachel's impression of Harry Potter is awesome. She first of all looks like him, and the accent is pretty accurate. Damn, but yeah, she first of all is like you know short, and her face kind of looks like that Harry Potter kid. Cool. I like the glasses and the sweater and everything. Kick ass. Hmm, is it just me, or was tonight's Weekend Update like hella short. I don't know. I think it was short. It was shorter than last week's, and they didn't even have any members come on WU and do any like commentaries. So, it was just a really basic and slimmed down WU this week. I really hate to do this, but come on for WU, you have to have the goods. OH wait wait, they did have Rachel do that Harry Potter thing. Ok, that is one, well shoot, maybe I am just expecting more from WU. Ah, it was good. Shoot, maybe there weren't as many "news headlines" as I had wanted, but the ones that they did do were funny. I have to give it up. They were funny. I loved that Britney Spear's cleave thing. You thought Jimmy was just gonna be all like damn look at those boobs, but it starts out like that, then Jimmy turns it around and says wait, look at her cleave. Haven't I seen that somewhere before. That is just great. I loved that. I love how they make fun of Britney Spears being all hot and stuff, and turns it around to make fun of her. That's the beauty of SNL and sketch comedy. Yeah!! TAKE THAT BRITNEY!!! You aren't all that. Don't walk around like your shit don't stink. Lol. Anyways, the jokes were good, the harry potter sketch in WU was funny. I think they could have used another onstage commentary like by Darrell Hammond, or lol, they could have had Kattan do a horrible recreation or whatever that is called. I did like those. But, shoot, based on the jokes and like overall, it was good. I will give it a 9. I don't know, it is really hard for me to judge these. I don't know exactly what to give it. But, yeah they could have added another onstage commentary, so yeah I am going to have to give it a 9. The jokes were very good though, don't get me wrong. (9/10)

*Musical Guest: Creed (I don't give points for these. It's not a sketch, duh.)

*Fenced in Area- Doh.well they all can't be good. Just like how last week had its not so good sketch which was the Telemundo sketch; tonight's sketch was this one. I do like how they build this whole sketch around Billy Bob's obession with his fenced in area, and how everyone comes to him talking about it and passing judgement on it, then his wife comes to him and tells him that his fenced in area is ruining his life. I like how Kattan is in this sketch. LOL! I like how Billy Bob does this whole little speech glorifying his fenced in area, and making such a big deal out of it, telling him how important it is. Aight, shoot it wasn't too bad. But, hey I do have to say there are a few flaws with this one. Maybe more than a few. First off, the sketch got better towards the end. So, I think in the beginning of the sketch, they were trying to like build a foundation for the sketch, like introducing it, and it was just a little too slow starting and unfunny. So, that needed work, and then the sketch started to pick up, and when Ana came and Kattan came, then the sketch started getting hella good. The speech that Billy Bob did was also awesome. I mean come on, he goes on and on and makes it to be as if his stupid little fenced in area is like a temple. You know, that premise for a sketch is good, where you have one guy totally freakin over one thing making it bigger than it is, and everyone is like what is his deal. Then at the end, like how Billy Bob did, he does a sweet speech, and everyone agrees with the importance of the fenced in area. Well, I don't know. The beginning was too slow and unfunny. So I gotta take points for that. The part with Will was kinda cool in the beginning, I just couldn't go with this sketch in the beginning. Just the last part was cool. I will give this a 7.5. It did have its funny parts, so that is what is preventing this from getting a 7. (7.5/10)

*Musical Guest: Creed (I don't give points for these once again.)

*My Big Think Novel by Jack Handy- The Flanagans? WHAT?! I did not get that. Oh my god, that had to be the shortest Jack Handy sketch I have ever seen. Ok, I am sorry, but this episode is gonna be hella hurtin after that. DAMN!! I can't believe SNL did that. Did you guys see that? What the hell was that. It was like 7 or 8 seconds long. I liked the artwork of the guy, and of the family at the end, but I did not understand it. I am going to have to give this something under 5 at least. I think I am going to have to give this like a 3. That is being pretty generous. I don't want to hurt the total average score, but I am going to have to. I gotta be fair. This is an episode REVIEW. But I give it at least 3, cuz it is Jack Handy, I love how they are bringing it back, and the artwork is always good. I do like it. You know, they look like children's illustrations. So, I like that. But, dude, if I can't even understand what the hell this sketch is about, then like I have to take away points. Usually, Jack makes this pretty sick and like kind of violent commentary in these sketches. I did not understand this. Who are the Flanagans. Anyways, sorry. Gotta give it a 3. (3/10)

Wow! Another great SNL episode though. This was once again another consecutive SNL episode of the "night of the recurring sketches" (K. Erickson, 2001). I liked this one. It was at least ALMOST as good as last week's. Come on now, you can not compete with Mango, and last week's Weekend Update was way better. Hey you guys!!! Holy crap. SNL totally messed up tonight. WHERE IN THE HELL WAS TV FUNHOUSE. Um, Tina Fey, wait, LORNE MICHAELS!!! HELLO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? Where was TV Funhouse? Yeah, I should hella take off points for tonight's episode because of that. I can't believe they forgot about that. Well, they probably did not forget, there has to be some reason for that. Maybe the animation production company botched on that or something. And also, did you guys notice how the musical guest didn't come on at the usual timesusually it comes on like halfway through the show, right before Weekend Update, then about two or three sketches afterwards. It came on totally late in the show. It came on at like 12:30 or 12:40am. That is crazylike how Tracy would say it. Man that guy is so hilarious. Oh yeah, LOL, that is my favorite. When he says that. I love that. But, yeah tonight's episode was good though. It was funny, the jokes were funny, and oh yeah, the sketches baby, the recurring sketches from the 96-99 era. I love it I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! *sigh, I totally miss Molly Shannon. I love her. I love her cheerful attitude and her big, bright smile she always had on the show. I loved her joyologist characterswell now more than ever, it always had an upbeat and happy tone to it of course. I could totally use that now, when I am down and depressed. When I have kids, and if I have a girl I will see if my wife likes the name Molly. First off, that is a hella cute name for a girl. And that reminds me of Molly Shannon. So that is cool. Anyways, sorry to digress, but yeah, this episode was definitely of the same calibur and in the same class as last week. So, I will say it again, John Goodman started to bring SNL back to its standards a couple weeks ago, then Gwyneth totally took the show, and now following in her footsteps the show is getting back to its usual standards with Billy Bob. So, sweet!!! I do have to say, SNL really does need to work on its new sketches. Let's be honest the only reason this week and last week's SNL was good, was cuz of its old sketches. Those were so good. But SNL has got to make GOOD new sketches. The new ones for the majority of them, just are not funny. Not funny enough then at least. There are a few that are alright. The EPT commercial thing with Seth and Amy is good. I definitely do like that one. That new random sketch today with the cocktail party thing with the dancing and current updates that Kandahar and Jalalabad was taken. That was decent I guess. But, I wish SNL would make new episodes that were as good as the ones from the 96-99 era. Ah, the golden years. Lol, well the golden years were really when Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and all them did it. 90-95 were the golden years. Anyways, before I go on and on about SNL itself, tonight's show was good. Another "night of the recurring sketches." Rock on SNL!!!


Final Score: 103.5/120 (86% = B) Well, hell, this episode should have gotten an A. But well, this is what it added up to. Anyways, like I said good show, I loved the recurring sketch of Nick Burns, Brian Fellows, and Martha Stewart. Those were good. Especially Nick Burns and Brian Fellows. The last time that was done was like in 99, right? They didn't do any of that last year. Great show though, last week's just a little bit better, but these two were definitely in the same class. Once again, I am happy to see SNL getting back to it's usual standards. Man, I do have to say I sure write a lot for these episodes. These are hella long. Nick Burns, Your Computer Guy was definitely my favorite sketch from tonight's show.

Episode Review written by Jack Tseng (

Episode Review written by Jack Tseng

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