The Rock / Andrew W.K.
April 13, 2002

Okay, I will first begin this review by just talking about some stuff. Did anybody see the May issue of Bazaar? Maya was in it under this article about America,s best-dressed women. Go Maya!!! Happy Birthday Dave Letterman! I feel stupid saying happy birthday now because his birthday was two days ago (April 12th). Did anybody see The Strokes perform on this show on Thursday? Julian tripped over one of the speakers. I think he was drunk. They were really good though.

I,m so happy because this week I only have to attend one and a half day of school. I miss the first half of Tuesday for Knowledge Masters (an association for trivia geeks), Wednesday is this field day at the Softball complex (I have no idea of what the hell this is), and on Wednesday night I leave for Florida (band trip). Darn, this means I,ll have to watch SNL at 11:30 (I live in the Central Time Zone). Hopefully my friends will help me write the review even if they aren,t regular watchers of the show. Let,s get on with the review....

My preshow thoughts: Hmm, the Rock. Isn,t he that guy who wrestles or something? I saw him host the show before but I didn,t like that show mainly because I don,t like wrestling or wrestlers wanting to become actors. What is deal with his new movie, the Scorpion King? I,m going to laugh once it becomes a flop. Andrew W.K? Another surprise. Don,t know who is but I pray that he doesn,t rap like Bubba Sparxxx.

Cold Opening: As usual, a political sketch. At least it was Bush and not some politician that Americans have never heard of. In this sketch Bush talks about the mid-east crisis and suicide bombers. I liked the part about the trading in of explosives belt for Ericcson and Nokia Phones. The part about the phone sex was weird and confusing though.


Monologue: Do you know the story about that 13 year old boy who had two kids with his teachers? Well, he looks so much like the Rock it isn,t even funny. In his monologue he talks about his new movie, The Scorpion King. He gets Chris Kattan out and bullies him and Kattan seems scared and stuff. The Rock wants Kattan to punch him in the face knowing that Kattan is this little sissy but Kattan shows that he can kick butt by hitting him. The Rock acts hurt and it,s sort of funny. Hmm, maybe my view of the Rock is changing...


Brian Fellows: Brian Fellows totally kicks ass. He reminds me of somebody at school. Do you agree with me that Tracy looks totally good with lip gloss on? During this sketch, Jimmy comes out with a parakeet and the parakeet was trained by Jimmy to say "I,m Brian Fellows. The bird said that a couple of times and the real Brian Fellows started yelling at the bird and said the bird was psycho. The Rock came out next with a tarantula (or the "fuzzy ball). The Rock wasn,t too good at his job but then the real funny part came when Brian thinks that the parakeet orders a stereo with his name. Overall it was ! a pretty good sketch.


Scorpion King: In this sketch, The Scorpion Queen (Maya) wants her husband The Scorpion King (The Rock) to take The Scorpion Prince (Seth) to battle with him. Seth played the part of the misunderstood teenager perfectly, maybe too perfectly. Jimmy comes and plays the part of the King,s favorite soldier. Seth agonizes over the fact that his dad likes Jimmy better than him and that he,d rather play his lute than go to some battle. In the end Seth gets out his lute and sings a new battle tune he,d written. At the end, the son and father bond and blah blah blah.


Arthur Anderson taxes: In this, Chris Parnell plays a pitchman for Arthur Anderson, the broken company who was involved with the Enron problem. He has testimonials from people who say that his company is good and stuff like that. Rachel was the best in this by playing the part of a Mexican worker. Her only line was, " kay, but she totally nailed it and it was hilarious.


Now the next part of the reviews might be a little messed up because I got my pages out of order, oh well:

Next Week,s Guests: Alec Baldwin- isn,t this like his tenth time hosting the show? I think Jimmy should be the new Canteen Boy.

P.O.D.- this group is really good (but not as good as the Strokes). What song would play? "Youth of a Nation and "Alive are all overplayed and old.

I predict that this episode will be excellent!

Hardball: During this sketch, the Middle East crisis was once again discussed. Dick Army (Will) played his part beautifully and it was really funny when Chris Matthews (Darrell) called him "Penis Navy, Wiener Air Force, and Vagina Coastguard. Jimmy played Pat Caddell who had really bushy brows and a messed up beard. And last but not least, Matthew,s least favorite, Paul Begala (Chris Kattan). I also liked the part where Darrell laughs (not on purpose) during this one joke. This Sketch was pretty funny.


Drunk Girl: I think that Jeff is so good with his impressions. His Louis Anderson is the best. This was one of the funniest sketches tonight. The Rock was good in this also. This is what happened in the sketch: Drunk Girl gets lost on the SNL Studio and Seth asks her who she,s with and what happened to her and Drunk Girl acts drunk and stupid. Then Drunk Girl,s friend comes out and they both act drunk and stupid.


The Subway Song: Maya and Tracy sing a song. That,s pretty much it.

C- (I just didn,t get it)

The Girl with No Gaydar: Rachel,s character goes to a gay piano bar with her female friend, played by Ana. Ana knows that this is a gay bar but Rachel obviously doesn,t and she flirts with all these seemingly gay guys. She first flirts with The Rock who plays the gay bartender. Next she and Ana talks to Jimmy who is distraught over the fact that he and his boyfriend broke up. She tells Ana to "Go for it. Ana is confused and then goes off to console Fallon. The Rock is called up to sing and then Rachel kisses him. It was really funny.


Weekend Update: Ahhhhh, my favorite part of the show. Once again Tina and Jimmy showed that they are the treasure of SNL. I am very confused over some issues raised by this WU. First off, Pamela Anderson. Millions of men think she is gorgeous (why???) yet she can only get Kid Rock and Tommy Lee? Weird, huh? I think it was weird that Nick Cage was going to be the first to be inducted into the Italian something hall of fame because you have so many famous Italian-American actors and actresses (with Italian names) who are more deserving of such an honor. ! Does Horatio,s Gene Shallet (I probably misspelled his name) look a lot like Art, the cartoon porn guy?


Musical Guest (Andrew W.K.): This really scared me. I would give this an F but I,m sort of biased against this music. I think that the audience was really confused by him. I,ll rate P.O.D. next week though.

Bigfoot and Neil Diamond: What was the point of Neil Diamond and Bigfoot singing classic oldies together? I didn,t like this sketch one bit.


America Undercover (white trash couple): I,m from the Deep South and we don,t have a lot of these types of people. I haven,t seen many Alabamians act that way. I always enjoy this sketch because I like seeing the trailer haircut (the one that Chris K. sports in these sketches) being made fun of. What happened in this sketch was that The Rock (playing a ambulance driver or something like that) brought Chris K. and his wife in because Chris jumped off the roof of a building for a science experiment. Chris and Amy struggle to get out of the room while The Rock and Will (as a doctor) were trying to get them settled down. By the way, did! you see Will put his arms around Chris,s crotch?

B- (not as good as the other America Undercover sketches)

Musical Guest (Andrew W.K.): Who booked this act? I think that person should be fired. And what was up with his "dancing?

The Christmas Song Guys: I love this! It,s so nice to see them once again. I was afraid that I,d have to wait until this December before I,d get to see them (assuming if they,d do it again).


Overall this was a pretty good show. I guess I underestimated The Rock (but overestimated Andrew W.K.). However, I can,t wait until next weeks show.


Rachel Dratch: 2 (No Gaydar, Arthur Anderson)
Chris Parnell: 2 (Arthur Anderson, No Gaydar)

Jimmy Fallon: 5 (Brian Fellows, Scorpion King, Weekend Update, No Gaydar, Christmas Quartet)
Will Ferrell: 6 (Opening, Bigfoot, America Undercover, No Gaydar, Hardball, Arthur Anderson)
Tina Fey: 1 (Weekend Update)
Ana Gasteyer: 2 (No Gaydar, Arthur Anderson)
Darrell Hammond: 2 (Hardball, No Gaydar)
Chris Kattan: 5 (Monologue, America Undercover, Hardball, Christmas Quartet, No Gaydar)
Tracy Morgan: 4 (Brian Fellows, No Gaydar, Subway Song, Christmas Quartet)
Maya Rudolph: 2 (Scorpion King, Subway Song)
Horatio Sanz: 2 (WU, Christmas Quartet)
Dean Edwards: 0 or 1 (was that him with Seth in The Girl with No Gaydar?)
Seth Meyers: 3 (Scorpion King, Drunk Girl, No Gaydar)
Amy Poehler: 2 (Arthur Anderson, America Undercover)
Jeff Richards: 1 (Drunk Girl)

Episode Review written by Xiaoxia Zhuang

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