The Rock / Andrew W.K.
April 13, 2002

1) Opening - This was a pretty funny opening. I always love Ferrell when he does this. He is great. I'm gonna miss him if he leaves at the end of this season. Grade: B

2) Opening Monologue - Very funny stuff. A little predictable near the end, but overall it was very funny. Kattan is great as always. Grade: B+

3) Brian Fellows Safari Planet - I'm so glad they brought this back. Tracy Morgan is great and this is one of his best characters. The Rock was also funny with his tarantula. I couldn't tell if he was trying to hold back a laugh or not at one point, but he was still pretty funny. Grade: A-

4) The Scorpion King - I had a feeling they were going to spoof this at one point. Anyways, this was really funny, especially when Rock mispronounced "tomb." Seth was also really funny as S. Kings son. The song part was kind of dumb, but the scroll at the end made up for it. Grade: B+

5) Arthur Andersen - This was just OK. Parnell was great, but overall, it didn't have a lot of laughs. Grade: C+

6) Hardball w/ Chris Matthews - This was a great sketch. The Dick Army jokes were hilarious and the best part of the sketch. Also, that was the first time I've ever seen Darrell break character during one of his sketches. It was so funny. Grade: A-

7) Drunk Girl and Friend -  This was funny. Rock played a very convincing drunk girl, strangely. "Will you sign my booby?" Funny stuff. Grade: B+

8) "Everybody Calls him Fred" - WTF was this all about? This one was very weird and not very funny. Grade: C-

9) Girl With No Gaydar - This was a great skit. The Rock was the standout in this one. He was so funny! Overall, one of the best skits of the night. Grade: A

10) Weekend Update - This just keeps getting better and better. The Gene Shalit bit was great, as were most of the jokes, with the standout being the Bea Arthur joke. Grade: A-

11) Music: Andrew WK - Didn't watch.

12) Bigfoot and Neil Diamond - Ferrell's Neil Diamond saved this skit. Not very funny. Grade: C

13) America Undercover - This one was pretty funny. Chris Kattan is absolutely hilarious. The Rock was also pretty good in this one. Grade: B+

14) Music: Andrew WK - Didn't watch.

15) Message from SNL - Again, WTF was this all about? Not very funny. Grade: C

Overall Thoughts: I thought that this was a pretty funny episode. The Rock improved immensely since his last hosting gig on SNL. I hope SNL can stay on this fast track and continue having shows and guests like this.

Overall Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Dave Ciampa

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