The Rock / Andrew W.K.
April 13, 2002

I know I'm a huge WWF fan but for reasons I'd rather not get into I'm horribly biased against this show. So if it seems a little too negative- well there's eight people who can go fuck themselves.

Hockey Playoff Preview-
Bruins v. Canadians- Whoa- two teams I hate. Ftorek is a piece of shit with a fried egg and bacon on the side and hash browns are only a dollar extra. Bravo for Saka- even though it won't do it anything. Theodore will have to be on fire to win and I can't see them beating Boston. Boston in 6

Philadelphia v. Ottawa- Whoa- two teams I hate. Two teams that have a penchant for choking. Flyers have the big goaltending question and this time there isn't much pressure on Ottawa. Remember when Ottawa beat the Leafs 5-0 in the regular season and then got swept. Ha-ha that ruled. Philly chokes again-Ottawa in 7.

Carolina v. NY Islanders- Note: This could change depending on today's game. Damn- both these teams kinda suck. Its sad we got philly-ottawa and devs-leafs in round one when just for shits they could swap them around. Carolina sucks, Isles have talent. Isles in five.

Leafs v. Devils- I love both teams so I can't comment. Leafs in 7.

Since the West can change drastically tomorrow I wont do it.


Chad Ruffner at writes-

Hi Bob, Couple Questions re: SNL Future. First, with Will, Ana, Darrell, and Kattan departing after this season, do you think there will be a major house cleaning ala 1995? Second, with The exception of Amy, I thought The other 3 Featured Players were vastly underutilized. Do see you any of The other 3 returning for Season No.28? Thanks, and keep up The Good work! Chad R.

I hope there will be a major house cleaning. I hate those whiny-ass SNL fans who are like: No Will! Booooooooo. Well fuck you- Will can't stay forever and his shtick has worn kind of tired its time for him to go. Ana is preggers so I think she's gone. I'm pretty sure no one wants to here Darrell whine anymore so sayonara. CK- just go.

I disagree on the feautred players thing- while Jeff and Dean were underutilised, Seth Meyers was not. He became a breakout star and his two WU appearances were memorable. Seth is definitely coming back. Dean and Jeff- who knows. writes-

Hey, it's me, "Stooge" from the SNL message board. In your recently posted review of the Cameron Diaz episode, you said that the last time Ana played Celine Dion was in the Christina Ricci episode. The last time was really in the Jennifer Lopez episode from last season, at the end of the Mango sketch. It was hard to notice she was playing Celine since there was no mention of who she was and she had no individual lines, but she looked like she usually does when she plays Celine and Celine was at the real Divas concert which they were parodying in that sketch.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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Cast- Will Ferrell
Thoughts- I really cant review the W.'s anymore since I always like them and I always find Will's W. funny. ***1/2

Cast- The Rock, Chris Kattan
Thoughts- Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. This monologue was just stupid and really served no purpose. Two sports hosts, two bad monologues. CK punching him again was mildly amusing but the rest sucked ass. *1/2

Brian Fellows
Cast- Rock, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon
Thoughts- Enough with Brian Fellows!! I mean- come the fuck on. It's a funny skit and all that jazz but the problem is its played. I know Tracy is ecstatic he found his first recurring character since Russell-n-Tate but that doesn't mean you have to do it all the time. I still found the skit funny which is all you can ask for I guess. But no more BFSP for a loooooong ass time. **3/4

Scorpion King
Cast- Rock, Maya Rudolph, Fallon, Meyers
Thoughts- Jimmy walks in and laughs. Oh come the fuck on. I can see you laughing if something crazy and unexpected happens but you just walk in and laugh? What the flying fuck?? I don't fault Jimbo for laughing cause it seems like he enjoys himself out there but this was waaayyyyyyy to much. Asshole. Skit was pretty boring but the song that Rocky and Sethy did was absolutely hilarious as was the ending. Was it absolutely hilarious enough to be **1/2? No. **1/4

Arthur Anderson
Cast- Chris Parnell, Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer
Thoughts- Johnny Mosely show meeting-
Lorne: Who should play the smarmy asshole?? Darrell?
Darrell: I'm too depressed. Now where's my booze??
Lorne: Jimmy? (Jimmy starts to snicker) Will?
Will: Have I been doing that guy since 1995?
Lorne: Ummmmmm no.
Will: Well then-no.
Lorne: Seth?
Lorne: Tracy?
Tracy: If a tree walls in the woods dawwwwwwg peaches and doorknobs. Hilarious.
Lorne: Dean?
Maya: He's at KFC.
Lorne: That makes sense. Chris is busy in San Fran so I guess we'll hire back Parnell.          
Oh yea- skit was good. ***

Cast- Darrell Hammond, Ferrell, Fallon, Kattan
Thoughts- Jimmy didn't laugh!!!!!! This skit rocked the party which features someone that rocks the body thus making the party rock that much more and making sure a good time is had by all. It was great seeing Hardball back and it made me happy. No Bob Barr which is great cause it shows SNL is willing to tweak a recurring character to make it funny. This skit rocked my world and then came back and rocked it again so now I have to clean up the mess it made. ****1/2

Drunk Girl
Cast- Rock, Meyers, Richards
Thoughts: Hey Maw!! That wrestler character is portraying a women. Haw haw haw. Yes folks that is what Jim Ross thought of this skit before going off on something about by gawds, government mules, scaled dogs, damnits and they know how to fall well they don't. Didn't we just fucking see DG?? I mean the character is amusing but we JUST SAW IT!!!!!!! Rock is a smart guy, no seriously, and I'm sure he could've thought of something funny. **

Train Gang
Cast- Morgan, Rudolph
Thoughts- Stone Cold mode on. This skit. This skit. Was it funny. Should I have chuckled? Smiled? Laughed?? The bottom line is. The bottom line is. I said the bottom line- it sucked. Not funny. No laughter. No chuckling. No smiling. _* I let you the reader fill in the whats.

Cast- Rock, Gasteyer, Dratch, Parnell, Morgan, Hammond, Fallon, Ferrell, Meyers
Thoughts- Gaydar returns. The problem its lost something in the translation from PAL to NTSC and it just didn't work tonight. Something about it seemed very off. Maybe they'll try it again and make it better. *1/4

Weekend Update
Cast- Tina Fey, Fallon, Horatio Sanz
Thoughts- The jokes worked this week but it was insanely short and the Gene Shalit thing was only mildly amusing. After last weeks epic Update this was like Update: The Cliff Notes. I'm not saying I didn't like WU, cause I did but it just didn't seem that great tonight. ***

Andrew WK
Thoughts- He enjoyed himself and I did too. ***

Bigfoot w/ Neil Diamond
Cast- Rock, Ferrell
Thoughts- The Neil Diamond storytellers thing ruled all. They've just done Neil to death this year. Had this been done in 2000 it might possibly be a ***** classic skit to be remembered for the ages and treasured for the archives. Instead its just funny but they need to kill it before it starts to suck like Jefferies. Gotta love Richard Mulligan. ***

America Undercover
Cast- Rock, Kattan, Ferrell, Poehler
Thoughts- Oh come the fuck on. Seven recurring characters in one way is just way too much and insanely uncool and is ruining my enjoyment. Yea AU was funny like always but it just can't capture the magic of the original. It was just like funny but not OMG!!! This rules funny. ***

Thoughts- 1987 called they want their style of music back. **

Cast- Sanz, Fallon, CK, Morgan
Thoughts- Oh good lord. Recurring characters #8 is just way too much for one man to handle. This was not entertaining crap like previous skits- this was just crap. DUD


Avg. skit was **.3 which makes this a thumbs in the middle show. Too many recurring characters and only one blow you away funny skit mixed in with just a bunch of middling skits. Next week for Baldwin- try some new material.

Thumbs in the Middle

Episode Review written by Bob Barron

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