The Rock / Andrew W.K.
April 13, 2002

Opening Monologue:
My first thought was "If you,re not an actor, don,t go on SNL. Then I think Hmm, pretending to take punches as your job must require a lot of acting.., that and it was pretty funny. I liked how they built on the relationship Kattan and the Rock had last time he was on, and how Kattan flinched every time Rock touched him.

Safari Planet:
I think this was one of the best Safari Planets ever. I,ve decided Brian Fellow is a retarded gay man on public access. Some of the Rock,s pauses were way too long, but other than that it was good. But this is what the third time they,ve done that this season? I guess its really easy to write some of the characters and not others, which explains why some are so much more reoccurring. Next time they use Brian Fellow there should be some other element, or he,s in a new situation. The only other thing I can find wrong is when they can,t think of a decent punch-line they just use "I,m Brian Fellow! I mean I know that the biggest ongoing joke, but can't they think of something else sometimes? It,s going to get real old real fast...Like Mr. Peepers.

The Scorpion King:
Plug plug here. Plug plug there. I know they usually pick a host if they have a new movie out, or just made. But damn, does the plug have to be THAT blatant? Other than that it was pretty good, it could have been shorter. What was with the Tome/Tomb mix up... But it was good to see Seth with a lead role, and he used every single teenager cliché ever...which must be pretty hard. Did anyone else see the Rock struggle to not bust out with the People,s Elbow? Yeah when he was singing I SAW that one eyebrow try to go up..can,t get anything past ME. Random Thought: The rock has no armpit hair.

Arthur Anderson Commercial:
I wasn,t sure about this skit...all I can say is that had it been longer it would have sucked. But it was pretty funny all in all. It summed up Enron/Arthur Anderson perfectly.

I love Darrel Hammond,s impressions. He finds someone,s psycho idiosyncrasies and totally plays them. There were so many good little jokes in this skit instead of the usually one long running joke. But next time they do Hardball lets just hope its about a NEW current event, and not the terrorist attacks/middle east.

Drunk Girl:
I love Drunk Girl, but was it just me or did the rock sound like an ethnic retard? But if they don,t think of some more lines for drunk girl besides "ahahahhahaa or "Do you wanna know what it is? Dooyooo wannnaknow what it is? Doyouwannaknow what itsis? will get old fast.

Subway Fred:
This skit I liked even if it was a bit drawn out, Maya singing is always good.

The girl with no Gaydar:
This skit was funny the first time, but now the premise is just old. Alright, girl hits on everyone because she can't tell sexuality, blasé. The songs catchy though, and I always love skits with songs.

Weekend Update:
Wow, this seemed so short compared to last weeks epic what 15 minute WU. All the jokes were pretty good, except that Gene Shalit thing..that got tiresome. Well, that and puns makes me violently ill.

Bigfoot/Neil Diamond:
Well, I,ll try to be positive. At least this was the only horrendous sketch this episode. This really sucked, I mean it had a few points when I almost thought about smiling. Best Player: The water heater. Random Thought: Jimmy from Jimmy Eat World last week looks JUST LIKE will as Neil Diamond.

America Undercover:
This was also the third time these characters appeared this season. I liked the first two, but this one was kinda eh-eh,. It had a few saving jokes, like the pregnancy test and the fact that we learn his name is "gator.

Message from Saturday Night Live:
I loved this. But I blame the rock and his slow uptake for it cutting off abruptly. And what was WITH showing a picture of him for like 30 seconds.

Andrew WK:
What the HELL was his problem? He,s like the ultimate embodiment of every artist I,ve ever hated. He was such a spaz... and the guy rocking out on the piano? "Im going on SNL..i think I,ll wear sweat pants and an undershirt.

Episode Review written by Alice Palm-Tree

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