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March 9, 2002

Hey you guys, It's me...SONYA...woohoo!

Pre-Show Thoughts: Well, im sorry for leavin all of you high and dry with the Jonny Mosely episode but I have been so frickin busy lately...I dont even know where the heck I am.  GOD, did you see the was AWESOME!!!  Shout out to Apolo Ohno for his silver and gold medals.  Anywhoo, tonight I am hopin to see a lot of Chris K., Maya, and Jimmy.  By the way...have I mentioned that I LOVE Jon Stewart?  He is so awesome and has this cool ability to handle himself in ANY situation.  I am lookin forward to a great SNL episode:) on with the review...

Cold Opening: Message from the Vice-Pres. Of the United States
This is too funny...Dave letterman?  Who cares?  This is a pretty good cold opening...not the best but still gosh darn funny (hehe).  
Memorable Line: "Its gotta hurt pickin up the New York Times, findin out youre a dead man walkin...well, dont sweat it Ted, you'll make it...I do...with this ticker, everyday im a dead man walkin." - Darrell Hammond as Vice Pres.
Rate: 7/10
"Live from New York...": Darrell Hammond

Monologue: Jon Stewart
I sincerely love this guy...I dont blame him for wanting to take ANY position close to david letterman.  He deserves so much more than just the Daily Show (which is an awesome show).  Its been a while since I've seen such a great monologue...especially when it is JUST him.  OMG, that last line is a bit much...but so hilarious!!
Memorable Line: "I did the Grammys last week but it left me with a very interesting question... are Justin and Britney the before and Kid Rock and Pam Anderson the after?" - Jon Stewart
Rate: 9/10

Commercial: Cheese Game
Parnell, Poehler
OMG, this is so hilarious.  Who cares about cheese?  Well, I like cheese but this is just too much...hehe.  Atleast it wasnt a disgusting commercial.   
Rate: 7/10

Sketch: TRL
Fallon, Stewart, Meyers, Edwards, Parnell, Sanz, ????
I LOVE how they started this... "SHUT UP!!!"  My thoughts exactly!! God, I just hate Lou Pearlman...this is because he treated N Sync so terribly...yes, I have been an N Sync fan (dont hate me please).  May I just get on a different subject and say that Jimmy is lookin good.  Omg, this genetically based boy band is so freaky...the guy allergic to light is the scariest and Sanz is freakin me out too.  
Memorable Line: "SHUT-UP!!" - Jimmy Fallon as Carson Daly
Rate: 8/10 (on the account this was tooo freaky)

Next Week: Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue (im soo watchin...Ian McKellen is awesome)

Sketch: Kip and Wayne
Gasteyer, Fallon, Parnell, Stewart
This is so hilarious...these guys are sooo clueless.  The laughs are kinda freaky.  But hey its Jimmy and Chris P... I can forgive:)
Memorable Line: "Why are your shoes flashing?" - Ana Gasteyer as officer "They learned it from us." - Chris Parnell as Wayne
Rate: 9/10

T.V. Funhouse
Omg, this is too weird.  But was a different taste for funhouse...not disgusting.  This actually had an amount of genious to it...what people think while listening to other people.  I surprising have to say this is the best Funhouse I've seen.
Rate: 9/10

Sketch: Talkin to the Stars w/ Rachel and Tracy
Dratch, Morgan, Stewart
This was pretty funny.  What a pair.  I love the way Tracy is so upfront with people...its so funny.  And now Rachel is a translator?  This is too good!  I think Tracy was just the greatest in this awesome!
Memorable Line: "Um, I find if Tracy says a word that I dont know, it usually means high." - Rachel Dratch
Rate: 8/10

Sketch: Ted Koppel's Support Party
Stewart, Parnell, Hammond, Meyers, Kattan, Edwards, Poehler, Fallon, Fey, Gasteyer, Sanz, Morgan, Rudolph, Richards
OMG, I love the remix of the dateline opening song...but this was kind of dry. Mainly because I just dont care about the whole david letterman and ted koppel thing.  So, I really have no true reason to be laughin.  I think they should just let it go.  
Memorable Line: "No, Im supposed to be Ashley know what, forget it...I shouldnt be in sketches anyway." - Tina Fey
Rate: 7/10

Weekend Update w/ Jimmy and Tina
Fey, Fallon, Kattan, Stewart, Richards
I think it is just so mean to keep bringin up the whole Bush waved at Stevie Wonder thing...but it is still kinda funny.  I love Kattan reinactments....he is so awesome!  Omg, this is funny...Jimmy got a leg cramp?!?!  Awww...poor Jon, couldnt stay in there but TAKE THE PENCIL!!  And, now for the illusive return of DRUNK GIRL!!  Poor Richards...he looks like he loves to be a drunk girl.  He is awesome though as drunk girl!!...i have now officially LMAO!!
Memorable Line: "(crying) Why did you hit me?  I told you to come at me...(crying) im ok...i just got're so kind and good to me, Tina...have you ever kissed a girl?" - Jeff Richards as Drunk Girl
Rate: 9/10

Musical Guest: India Arie
I really like this song.  There is just something so positive in her music...i truly like the music.  A true message to all...BE YOURSELF, there is nothin wrong with being ordinary as long as you love yourself.  

Sketch: BET Jazz Visions
Morgan, Stewart, Edwards, Rudolph
Omg, this is too funny.  Whats up with the spoons?  The hair is so micheal bolton and Jon doesnt look so good in it.  But hey, nothin but love here.  HEHE, Tracy Morgan is off the hook.  Maya is so awesome...her voice is so beautiful.  
Memorable Line: "I've been on tour with these guys before...all I have to say is hide the ice bucket." - Tracy Morgan as Lionus Winslow
Rate: 8/10

Movie Trailer: We Were Soldiers that Knew What Women Want
Stewart, Rudolph, Poehler, Kattan, Edwards, Gasteyer
This is tooo hilarious.  Mixing two movies is just too awesome.  Where do they come up with this stuff?  I think the most hilarious part was with Ana...that was funny.
Memorable Line: "Please dont burn our village...dont burn our village...(aside) ohh, I look at his crotch" - Ana Gasteyer
Rate: 8/10

Musical Guest: India Arie
This woman has a beautiful voice!  GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!  I think this song reflects much of my feelings.  What an awesome lyrical writer.  Go pick up her cd...i bet all of its awesome!!  If I had the money, I know I would get it.

Jack Handey: My Big Thick Novel
Im beginnin to ask...whats the point to this? This was hardly funny, but hey...i know SNL has standards and Jack Handey has done so much.  But I think hes running out of ideas.

Goodbyes: ALREADY!?!?  No, cant wait til next Saturday...j/k. Well, I guess its time to say good night and have a pleasant tomorrow (hehe).  I have to say...Jon Stewart did an excellent job of hosting...this one is soo much better than Jonny Mosely.  

Overall Rate: 8/10

Jimmy was Awesome...Maya was Awesome...Tracy was Awesome.  (Cant think of any better words...its way too late to be a thesaurus.)  Good night to all!
And Remember...

Be Excellent To Each Other and PARTY ON DUDES!!

Episode Review written by swmisery

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