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March 9, 2002

Hello everyone!
I'm here to give another review for SNL.

E! Entertainment recently bought every episode of SNL, it cost them 50 million dollars, I guess that means I'll be watching less Comedy Central and more E! entertainment.

It's Sunday afternoon, and I can easily say that Jon Stewart is in the "best hosts ever" list (others include Jack Black, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Chevy Chase, and many more). It has not been easy for SNL this season, they had to deal with the shock, the pain, the misery, the guilt, and the anger they had when they found out that they're Dubya jokes we not funny anymore.

(Please note that the "pre-show thoughts" were written yesterday about 20 minutes before the show)

Pre-show thoughts: I'm really missing Darrell at this point. It's kind weird that he does an impression of VP Dick Chenny, the heart-attack poster boy, and then has a heart-attack of his own. Anyway, I'm expecting Jon Stewart to be hilarious, I love him on "The Daily Show," and his show and Update are the only sources I get my news from.

Anyway, here's the review:
Opening Sketch: A message from VP Dick Chenny  
Premise: Dick Chenny explains America's next big problem... Dave Letterman's chance to leave CBS and go to ABC.

My Thoughts: Darrell Hammond's back! I thought it would be a month before we saw him again. But he's here now and I could not be more thrilled. It seems like the audience wanted him back judging from the applause. Great sketch, really funny.

grade: A+
Quote: "ABC is like the Enron of networks, and believe me, I know a little something about Enron."
Monologue: Jon Stewart
Premise: Host Jon Stewart does his Monologue

My Thoughts: This was great, I'm pretty sure he was improving, that or he wrote it himself.

grade: A+
Quote: "If you think the 10 commandments is gonna stop violence in schools, then you think that 'employees must wash hands' sign is keeping the urine out of your happy meal,"
Fake Commercial: The Cheese Game
Premise: A new way to teach children to appreciate cheese.

My Thoughts: One word: Weird

grade: C+
Quote: (The book title) "Goodnight Brie."
Premise: A spoof of the MTV show TRL.

My Thoughts: I loved it when Carson yelled at the kids. Let's do a recap of the new boy band.
Horatio had lobster claws and gills, Chris P was allergic to light, Dean was the cute one, Seth was the shy one, and there was someone else with a butt for a face, but I don't know who it was.

grade: A-
Quote: "I don't know what the liquid was, but it does eat thru medal."
Next Week: Ian Mcellen (stupid movie) / Kylie Minogue (stupid song)
The Bloater Bros.
Premise: The Bloater Bros. are nervous, curly haired, virgins who make stupid jokes that they think are funny.

My Thoughts: These guys are very funny to me, Ana is obviously pregnant.

grade: A-
Quote: "On the left, you can see the raging fires of hell, and on the right, I believe you'll see a 'Starbucks."
Saturday TV Funhouse, TV Funhouse, TV Funhouse (Let go of my shoe!)
Premise: A cartoon by Robert Smigel for SNL.

My Thoughts: I love the real audio, Beavis and Butt-head was in here, and Colin Powell was even doing that crazy leg thing.

grade: A+
Quote: "He said 'hole,' he said 'member,' he said 'period,' cool.
Talking to the star with Rachel and Tracy
Premise: Rachel Drath and Tracy Morgan talk to Jon Stewart.

My Thoughts: This was hilarious, they should do this all the time.

grade: a+
Quote: "I only watch cable for one thing, hard-core porn."
News Media
Premise: Jon Stewart, Tom Brokaw, Stone Phillips, Dan Rather, Great Van Sustren and more come together to console Ted Coppel over the possible cancellation of his show "Nightline."

My Thoughts: Why did they make fun of Tina like that? She doesn't have the time to do sketches, she's the head writer, and she does update. And is there an impression Jeff can't do? Gary Shandling, Kevin Spacey, Bill O'Reilly, now Dave Letterman, the man's a genius.

grade: A+
Quote: "Oh no! I was supposed to be Ashleigh Banfield, I shouldn't even be in sketches."
Weekend Update
Premise: Fake News

My Thoughts: Guaranteed laughs. Drunk girl came back, another horrible reenactment by Chris Kattan, and they screwed with Jon's head by letting him do Update for 25 seconds. Always funny.

grade: A+
Quote: "Chelsea Clinton was spotted dancing provocatively with her boyfriend Ian Clous. Not to be out done, the Bush twins have set up a Meth Lab."
Premise: India.Arie sings a song.

My Thoughts: I don't know this girl very well, but I like how she spells her name. I'm sick of the booze ads, they're not funny anymore.

grade: C+
No Quote
Jazz Visions
Premise: A show on BET that focuses on Jazz.

My Thoughts: I did not see all of this.

grade: B-
Quote: "I'm gonna spoon with you."
We were soldiers who knew what woman want
Premise: A cross between the Mel Gibson's movies "We Were Soldiers," and "What Women Want."

My Thoughts: Very silly, but very funny.

grade: A+
Quote: Oh no! I looked at his crotch."
Premise: India.Arie sings another song.

My Thoughts: Same as before.

grade: C+
No Quote
Big Thick Novel
Premise: Jack Handy's return to SNL.

My Thoughts: "Deep Thoughts" was better.

grade: F-

No Quote:
Very good show, I give an A+

Most Used Player: Jeff Richards (featured)
Least Used Player: Will Ferrell (making a movie out of town)
Best Sketch: News Media, Dick Chenny, Talking to the stars with Rachel and Tracy, Update
Worst Sketch: Big Thick Novel, Jazz Visions, The Cheese Game
Sketches that will be cut when E! get to it: Jazz Visions, The Cheese Game
See you next week!

Episode Review written by Kayla

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