Jon Stewart / India.Arie
March 9, 2002

Pre-show Thoughts: I love Jon Stewart. I love The Daily Show. I was anxiously awaiting this show, and I really hope that Jon will do well tonight. SNL needs a good show, it has been disappointing the last little while I think. I,m on March Break! No Bio for a week! Whoo! Is it true y,all in the States just get February Break? That sucks. Here we go, anyhow:

Cold Open: Dick Cheney

Darrell,s back!! I heard he had a heart attack. Glad he,s okay. I wasn,t really paying attention to this, but once in awhile I tuned in and heard some funny stuff. Just happy Darrell,s alright.


Opening Montage,: Robert Smigel toon! Score.

Jon,s Monologue: A bunch of stuff

I enjoyed the jokes about Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock, St. Paddy,s Day, and Boy Scouts. Jon Stewart is so awesome. Kinda wished he did something sort of crazy though. Oh well...


Commercial: The Cheese Game

This was pretty funny. Who was that host guy? Hmm. Mmm... Cheese. At this point, I got up and made myself a sandwich. A lil, ham, lil, cheddar... Sandwiches are good.


Sketch: TRL W/Carson Daly

I love Jimmy,s Carson Daly. "Hi, I,m a massive tool." That,s just great. Chadddd! That was excellent. Jon was really, really, good as Lou Pearlman(Stein). When Chris(Parnell) started to rap, it reminded me of "My Date with Britney Spears."


Next Week: Ian McKellen & Kylie Minogue

I don,t know who either of these people are. We,ll just have to see, won,t we?

Sketch: Airport Stuttering

Why, why was this a sketch? This was terrible. And annoying. It reminded me of Beavis & Butthead. Not the least bit funny, but...

D- for their hair.

Saturday TV Funhouse, TV Funhouse, TV Funhouse: Fun With Real Audio

This was really funny. Not as good as some Real Audio,s before, but it can pass. I liked the Colin Powell band. And the daydreams. Beavis and Butthead, eh? Reminds me of the above sketch.


Sketch: Talking to the Stars with Rachel & Tracy

Whoa! Tracy,s playing himself! Ah well, I found this sidesplitting. Shinsplinting, even. I liked the joke about "she want to be your Daily Ho!" Love Tracy. Jon is married? Doesn,t strike me as the marrying type.


Sketch: TV Host Roommates

This sketch was HYSTERICAL!!! I loved it so. I love that there are a ton of women in the cast, and Chris Kattan played Christiane Amanpour. Funny stuff. Seth did a pretty crappy Stone Philips, but everyone else was great. Aw, Tina Fey left! She was in a sketch last week, too. Funny Shalit. Great Ted Coppel! Notice Jon was cracking up at the end and tried to hide it? Hehe


Weekend Update with Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon

Excellent updates. I really liked the Bush/Stevie Wonder joke. Good stuff. The leg cramp bit was funny. I want to hear the joke!! Aww, Jon,s gone. Drunk Girl was kind of funny, it carried on too long though. Jimmy was really funny, and Tina was great, as usual. Great Update.

Hovering somewhere between A-A+

Performance: India.arie

I,m not really into her music, but she has a really nice voice, seems talented, it was an okay song.


Sketch: BET Jazz

The sketch overall seemed like a bad idea. An error in judgement, if you will. But it had a couple of funny things. I think this sketch should have been kept for last.


Sketch: We Were Soldiers That Knew What Women Want

Good reviews. Not interesting enough. I got bored and fixed myself a drink. Chocolate milk, to be exact. Myehh


2nd India.arie Performance:

I like this song better, really nice voice.


Big Thick Novel. I hate Big Thick Novel. Seriously. It,s pissing me off. F


What,s going on with Chris & Chris & Horatio? TMI. All in all, this was an excellent show. One of my favourites this season! A. Jon is great. Hope next week is good. Buh-bye.

Episode Review written by Jessica S.

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