Jon Stewart / India.Arie
March 9, 2002


Pre-Show Thoughts: Jon Stewart should be more famous. He will most likely be a great host. He's hosted the Grammys twice, and well he hosts his own show. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They've got a great theme song. Plus they tell the occasional joke and have a big celebrity guest. As mentioned earlier SNL and TDS have quite a connection.

Nancy Walls --- SNL castmember, now TDS corespondant, married to TDS corespondant Steve Carrell

Steve Carell --- married to Nancy Walls, provides the voice of Gary, TDS corespondant, stars in former SNL castmember Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new sitcom, starred in The Dana Carvey Show which of course also starred Dana Carvey

Stephen Colbert --- provides the voice of Ace, appeared in SNL commerical as doctor, TDS corespondant, starred in The Dana Carvey Show also, TDS guest host

Jerry Minor --- first a TDS corespondant, later a SNL featured player and writer

A. Whitney Brown --- SNL writer and castmember in the 1980s/early 90s, TDS corespondant

Jon Stewart --- host of TDS, hosted SNL  

Laura Knightlinger --- first a performer on SNL, then later a TDS as herself

Dave Atell --- former SNL writer, contributer to TDS

Will Ferrell --- SNL castmember, TDS guest

Janeane Garofalo --- former SNL castmember, TDS guest

New York City --- location of both shows

Comedy Central --- episodes of both shows are seen throughout the day on this network

The Comedy Network -- airs both shows, also

The News --- They take current news and make fun of it

Plus there is plenty more of that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon stuff. Like Jon Stewart was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which starred Will Ferrell and Will Ferrell was a guest on that show and one time soandso was a guest on that aswell. Lots of connections with Upright Citizens Brigade. Also there are many SNL hosts who have been guests on TDS.

The Letterman/Coppel thing is heating up. Last week it was a poorly recieved WU joke. I thought it was a good joke, but in the words of Chris Matthews "You people are all morons!" Now we all know (or you should) that Darrell does a great Ted Coppel. Now you might not know that Jeff Richards does a great David Letterman. Better than Norm MacDonald's. So fingers crossed that there is a sketch relating to this.

No Will Ferrell for he is off filming a movie. Darrell is supposed to be back. Rumor was that he had a heart attack or he was sick? What is this The Krusty the Klown Show?

Krusty: Me's dead. Bart: Dead?! Krusty: Or sick I don't know.

Kent Brockman: Krusty didn't come in today. He is presumed dead or on vacation.

And Don Pardo should be back. I didn't know he was that old.

Opening:The Late Shift with Dick Cheney - 93

Ah Darrell is back. Nice applauds for him too. Last time I saw the actual Dick was the men's gold medal hockey game. Anyway Darrell does Cheney like he always does. Funny. So Cheney is stuck in bunker and all he watches is TV? Get DirecTV. There is always something good on. Now if you don't like porn then maybe there might not be something you like on. Ted does have a big head. I watched Nightline on Friday just to see it since I usually watch Letterman, porn or a movie at that time. Needed something else to make it a little better. Hey don't bash Craig Kilborn. But he does make a good point.

Ladies and Gentlemen - 95

Funniest mono of the year. Great transitions. First the late night talk shows then what was it, his apartment, St.Patrick's Day parade and how gays can't paticipate in the parade. The gays in the army, how the boy scouts are the gayest organization in the world. "1000 little boys wearing neckerchiefs egarly waiting for next year's jamborie." Violence and 10 Commandments and anyway great mono.

The Cheese Game - 89

Chris Parnell makes his return to SNL commericals. Original idea, cheese is good. Kids don't know much about cheese but with that game you will.

TRL:Teenage Mutant Boy Band Members - 91

When I saw that it was TRL I was wondering how Jon would fit in this sketch and that it might be a Gemeni's Twin sketch. Oh its about boy bands. Jon was hillarious as a some what young boy predator that embelzes money from the boy bands he creates down in Floridia. Five guys, three are normal. Parnell as the one who is alergic to light was funny. Haratio looked the same as he always does as a boy band except this time he has gills and crab claws. And the question we all want to know, who is Ass-Face? Appears to be a female. Fallon does a good Carson Daly. Perhaps we might see a Last Call with Carson Daly sketch in the future. But he is one individual I do not want to see hosting SNL.

Bloder Brothers - 90

Isn't this recurring sketch usually at the end of the show? Anwyay they find themseleves in trouble at JFK International Airport. Ana has dyed her hair red and you can't tell she is pregnant here but since you know she is you can kinda see it. Jon then comes in and really clinched this sketch as there died. "Boys if you know this would kill your mom if she found out. That's why I killed her before I came down here." "I'm a bomb sniffing dog and your the bomb." "HIIIIYO!" "Hiiiiyo."

TV Funhouse:Fun with Real Audio~Powell Beats The Crap Out of Some Kid - 88

Not up the the standards of previous TV Funhouses of this season. Still alright. Colin Powell answers questions from teenagers in some MTV News questionaire thingy. The teens start picturing things as does Powell himself. Commericals and well Beavis and Butt-Head. Man remember when they were like the most popular thing around?

Talking To The Stars with Rachel and Tracy - 94

This was great! Finally Tracy finds a format that best suit him playing himselft. His WU stuff is alright, but its just funnier this way. Nice to see castmembers not playing some characte. Jon Stewart plays himself. "I find that if Tracy says a word that I don't know it usually means high."Here he acts more like his Daily Show self. When he was uncomfortable at the end it felt like Stephen Colbert or Steve Carrell had told him something that just didn't go well. Rachel looked good. And the note cards and questions were just great stuff. If I had to choose between TDS and hard core porn... well we all know the answer. "You don't care about his Daily Show. You want to be his Daily Hoe!" "So why don't you try to get her pregnant?" Hopefully this becomes a recurring sketch. There isn't many shows left in the season.

I'm Tom Brokaw, I'm Dan (Diane) Rather, I'm Stone Phillips, I'm Ted Coppel with Jon Stewart - 100

First off I could tell right away that was Parnell. Once again Jon plays himself. That's twice already. Well atleast he's funny playing himself. Oooo Rather is pissed off that Jon was late. "Why don't you jump up your ass, Brokaw." Quite obvious that Darrell slipped out and went and got the Ted makeup and wig on. Good stuff SNL. "Stone Phillips had to blow up all the balloons by himself!" Ted is on a SnackWells bender. So Jon Stewart now lives with Brokaw, Rather, Stone Phillips and Teddy. Who moved out if Jon moved in? Seth Meyers did a hillarious Stone Phillips. Not as good as Rob Lowe's (I still don't understand how he is working on quality shows after what he did) impression. "I'm Stone Phillips and I was just in the basement. And what you don't know about our dryer may KILL YOU!" Then Seth walks off and you can notice a smirk. Hey the guests are arriving! Chris Kattan playing a women? Who didn't see that coming? Dean seemed to slip out of charcter for just a sec. Amy a! s Greta Van Eyelift? Is this going to be another almost all castmembers impressions sketch? Later Jimmy Fallon arrives as Jimmy Fallon. He does his little Brokaw impression. "...trrraggic neeews." Mine is better than that. I can do Rather, Coppel and Brokaw. All thanks to SNL. Tina Fey looked liked Tina Fey except her hair was slightly different even from he WU styles. Oh she was supposed to be Ashliegh Banfield! HEY! I believe this is the first time someone from my home city has been impersonated on SNL! Banfield was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She later moved got involved with news and then the whole hair and glasses thing with MSNBC. Does Tina have a thing for Ashliegh? Remember that WU joke from the premiere? Now this? Later in WU Drunk Girl asks Tina if she ever thought of kissing another woman, never answered the question. Hmmmmm..... Enough of that! Back to the sketch. Ana as Helen Thomas was hillarious. Only topped by Haratio. Haratio as Gene Shallit w! as the best part of this sketch! Brief but my lord look at him! "These pickeled eggs are excellent!" Brokaw gets a now ready Hammond as Coppell out of his room by some karokee. So they all start dancing to the theme of Nightline. I thought it was hillarious watching this sketch three times and noticing the different dance styles of every news anchor and movie critic. Star Jones played by Tracy and Lisa Ling played by Maya. Tracy is always great as Star. And gasp! David Letterman! Jeff Richards gets to be Letterman again. Last year he was on MadTV and he did a sketch as Dave and it was the best sketch MadTV did al year. Well that I saw. I usually will watch the first half hour. There were some strange noises when Dave entered you coudn't really here Jeff's great Letterman impression. Sounded exactly just like him. Nothing funny to cap off one of the best sketches of the season, just Dave and Ted dancing together. Till the end of the season they should continue style of sk! etch,(celebrity impressions, almost all the cast)

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and Jon Stewart  - 95

Thew! Tht was a long review. This WU isn't the best but its been a long time since we saw a great WU. The Britney and Jonny Moeseley ones weren't up to par and the excellent Jack Black WU was way back in January. Opened with a good Clinton/Bush daughters joke. Klanball? Does Rocker play that? Bush you fool! Woody Allen as the lead in the Seuss book Hop on Pop? Excellent. Kattan returns again for a terrible reinactment of John Macinroe hearing that his crappy show was cancelled. Loved that Nevada prositute joke. Fallon was a leg cramp? Who will replace him? Jon Stewart on WU?!! YEAH! Would've been great if Parnell was also sitting by the lockers in a SNL track suit. Seemed so nervous. "Big time! Little Jonny Stewart on network. Here we go. Big shot. Okay, this ain't cable baby. Screw this up you're gone." The Jim comes back, Jonny is out. Atleast he got to keep the pencil. Drunk Girl returns and talks about spring break. "Do you know where it is?" Hillarious. Good WU needed ! just something else.

BET Jazz Vision - 89

Tracy makes three appearences and two of them were not minor roles. Dean makes another appearence. Jeff and Darrell are seen but not heard, well musically yes, speaking no. I guess this type of stuff happens a lot on Jazz Vision. Jon didn't play himself but a spoon playing guy. Acted it out well. "We'll be playing in the Norfolk Airport area." Little weak.

We Were Soldiers That Know What Women Want - 93

I missed the very start so I didn't know what it was untill the title of the movie came up. Parnell is great as being the narrator. Jon as Mel Gibson? It happened. Combination of the two films, thought it was a original idea and Jon did a decent job as Mel. Last sketch of the night and it wasn't a poor one.

Jack Handey Strikes Again - 88

This was actually better than well the last 11 or whatever the number is. But still, no more next season.

Overall Show Rating - 92

YES! Its been so long since we had a great SNL. Only two episodes but it ws like almost two months between because of the Olympics. Jon Stewart managed to play himself three times. Now Jeter, Britney, J Lo, Moseley they've all played each other in sketches and it wasn't good. Jon has the right talent for SNL. No Will Ferrell so this show could've been even way better. Perhaps better than Conan O'Brien's of last year. The Late Night stuff was mentioned in the opening, monolouge, Rachel Dratch and Tracy Morgan's show and the news anchors party. Maybe it might continue next week, but probably not since Jon was host this week. Jon Stewart can host again next season! Along with Conan! He's got the talent. Parnell's performance makes you question why he was fired? I guess the NBC executive didn't see eye to eye. Fine effort by the entire cast. Great to hear Don again. Now is this the best show of the season? Pretty close.

Funniest Three Sketches: I'm Tom Brokaw, I'm Dan (Diane) Rather, I'm Stone Phillips, I'm Ted Coppell with Jon Stewart, Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and Jon Stewart, Talking To The Stars with Rachel and Tracy

Honorable Mentions: The Late Shift with Dick Cheney, Jon's Monolouge

Funniest Performers: Jon Stewart (Himself in Mono, Lou, Bloder Father, Himself on Talk Show, WU Anchor Subsititue, Spoon Musician, Mel Gibson), Chris Parnell (Tom Brokaw), Darrell Hammond (Cheney, Dan Rather, Ted Coppel), Rachel Dratch (Herself), Jeff Richards (David Letterman, Drunk Girl), Jimmy Fallon (Carson Daly, Himself, WU Anchor), Tracy Morgan (Himself, Star Jones, BET Jazz Vision Host), Haratio Sanz (Crab Boy, Gene Shallit), Seth Meyers (Stone Phillips), Tina Fey (Ashliegh Banfeild/Herself, WU Anchor)

Honorable Mentions: Ana Gasteyer as Helen Thomas - Anchor - Amy Poehler as Greta Van Suschtran (sp?)

Four Bad Things: No Will, Jack Handey's thing, Tina left the sketch, Letterman appearence was brief

Impressive Impressions: Chris P. as Tom Brokaw, Darrell as Dick Cheney, Ted Coppel, Dan Rather, Seth as Stone Phillips, Jeff as David Letterman, Haratio as Gene Chalitt, Jimmy as Carson Daly, Ana as Helen Thomas

Honorable Mention: Two imressive things with Amy's impression of Greta

Line From Film/TV That Best Describes This Show: "You are the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life." - Elaine's poor boyfriend on Seinfeld

RANKINGS 01] Hugh Jackman, 02] Jack Black, 03] Jon Stewart, 04]Ellen DeGeneres, 05] John Goodman

Next Week: Ian McKellen LOTR was great, Ian is a great actor, and I believe it will be a great show even thought Will most likely won't be involved.

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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