Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

I swear Feb 2 was made Britney Spears Day or something because I have seen
so much of her that it is starting to make me ill!

Opening: Olympics invaded by Mormons:
Alright I don't know much about Jahova's Witness' but I know that like in
the sketch they just don't give up. Yay Dan Aykroyd! I was curious as to
whether he was just there for a visit or if it was planned, him being in
Crossroads with Spears
I thoroughly enjoyed the take over Meyers did at the end.
Rating: 6.5

Monologue - Welcome Britney Spears:
Took me by surprise it was Chris!!
Britney, if you're going to dance, at least do more than shake your rump
They should have played more with the "I had fun last night" "it wasn't me"
because it was too soon to process that it was Chris. A bit more "are you
sure" would have been better.
Cute faces by Justin, but it's a good thing he has singing because his
acting career won't be going as far as others!
Rating: 8.5

Commercial: Loose Bear:
I enjoyed this! Even though it's only a replay, it was worth it. Great
idea "crap scared outta me!"
Rating: 7

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet:
Brilliant work from Tracy Morgan!
Really makes you appreciate "normal" people after you watch this!
Britney was trying a little TOO hard in this scene, more of a bust in my
Totally could tell she was reading from cue cards. She kept looking back
and forth between Tracy Morgan and the cards, if she had kept her focus
fixed on one or the other no one would have noticed!
That 6th grade education really was noticiable in Fellow!
Did i mishear or did he say "Brian Fellow" then "Brian Fellows" ??
Rating: 7.5

Inside Barbie's Dream House:
I thought Barbie drove a Porshe, Convertible or Ferrari, not a VAN!
Really cute characters in this sketch, I'll be using them at my next acting
Skipper seemed to use the "non-bending" arms, but Ken nor Barbie did (until
the end)
Nice idea of Barbie being her mother.
A few stumbles on Spears' lines but she recovered quite nicely.
Rating: 8.5

Jarret's Room:
Muffled speaking.
Spears played a pot-head quite comfortably...a little too comfortably ;)
Was it just me or did she have a huge struggle when saying "I Love You
Too much info on the roommate
I loved the teddy bears on the computer screen!
Rating: 7

Martha Stewart:
Ana is definitely one of my favourites
I don't know why but I seemed really bored during this one.
Rating: 6

Performance 1: I'm Not a Girl (Not Yet A Woman)
First time in a long time I've heard her sing live.
Very enthousiastic singing, I enjoyed it.
She's letting the back-up singers upstage her rather then be, well back-up!
Rating: 8

Weekend Update:
I always enjoy this sketch, however tonight was rather slow
Are my expectations too high? I thought so at first, until Jimmy Fallon
sang his songs. I loved them, except not the Roll Out/Thaw Out one as much
Geraldo Rivera kept going on...and on...and on...
Gay Speed Skating Hitler deserves a round of applaus. Kattan has
talent...and courage!
Rating: 8

Astronaut Jones:
Again Morgan makes me laugh with his "spacey" characters.
Great song! It reminds me of some really old TV shows!
I love the little part when he's with his guitar!
I loved the little comments "uh oh...say what?...dig...etc."
Great ending comment!
Rating: 8.5

Damn, My Dixi's on Fire:
Someone please explain the meaning of the name
Britney can't pull off the ghetto gurls as well as Maya or Ana
I love the sign language meaning "her man's cheatin' on her!"
I didn't understand the song until i heard it a second time
Cute song lyrics!
Maya can play any character! She's amazing
Rating: 8.5

Morning News:
Not much to say
Funny when the camera was on the wrong person
Dogs part was a cheap cope out of an ending in my opinion
Rating: 5

Performance: Boys:
First time i've seen her perform this song.
I enjoyed it
I doubt she sang this one, but she still put on a good show.
I think she's raided my wardrobe again ;) jk
Great dancing!!...can u spell "W-A-D-E"
Rating: 9

Leather Man:
Horatio really scared me...the whining got old.
Britney, the pants were nasty!
I didn't understand this one at all.
Was Britney playing herself?
Rating: 5.5

Overal Rating: 8!!
I keep watching it over again! Congrats to Britney on a great appearance,
and to the whole cast on a terrific show!

Episode Review written by Vanessa Iacocca

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