Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

Hey you guys...its Sonya...

Pre-Show Thoughts: Well its another weekend full of "happy" entertainment...what does this mean...not an actor hosting but a musician impersonating as one.  Its not that I dont like Britney Spears...I mean, shes cool and all and some of her music is good but why cant she JUST be the musical guest.  Well, hopin to see a lot of Jimmy, Horatio, Tracy, and Maya.  May I just mention for a second how unbelievably cool it was to see Jimmy say "Live from New York..." when Jack Black hosted.  Sometimes, SNL can pull some pleasant surprises.  Anywhoo...on with the review...

Cold Opening: Salt Lake 2002: Women's Downhill
Poehler, Aykroyd, Ferrell, Meyers
This was pretty funny.  Its amazing how they carried this sketch and it was a definite surprise to see Aykroyd.  There was only one problem I had with this sketch...why did Seth Meyers get to say "Live from New York..."  Ok, lets think here.  On the last live show, Jimmy got to say it but he's been a cast member for a couple of years.  Sorry, but where the heck did Seth come from for this honor...I mean...he's not even a cast member.
Memorable Line: "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" - Seth Meyers (I know I wont forget it)
Rate: 5/10

Monologue: Britney Spears
Kattan, Spears, Timberlake
This was soooo funny.  It scared me for a minute because Chris looked so much like her.  The hair and was freaky.  I love how Chris dances too.  OMG, when Chris confessed to being with Justin...I thought I was goin to die laughin.  Oh and by the way...Mango IS cool!!  Anywhoo, I thought this was a pretty good monologue.
Memorable Line: "Ok, I dont know what that was." - Chris Kattan
Rate: 7/10

Commercial: Loose Bear
Poehler, Gasteyer, Richards
The first time I saw this commercial...I was freakin grossed out.  There is not much to say about this so I'm just goin to leave it at that.
Rate: 6/10

Sketch: Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
Morgan, Spears, Edwards
This was pretty funny.  I love to see Tracy in his own sketch and this was crazy.  Im just wonderin where the heck the whole discussion of the rabbit's hair came from.  May I ask a small question...Is Tracy wearin Lipstick or somethin? This sketch was ok.  Both the animals were so cute.
Memorable Line: "I bet if he [rabbit] tried to cut his own hair, he'd cut one of his ears off." - Tracy Morgan as Brian Fellow
Rate: 7/10

Sketch: Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse
Poehler, Spears, Kattan
This was kind of stupid to begin with and my first thoughts were 'who else could play a frickin Barbie but Britney Spears'.  But anywhoo, I loved it when Barbie went into that whole thing about Skipper being her daughter.  Kattan wasn't very important in this sketch but at least he made a mark:)
Memorable Line: "Kelley and Baby Chrissie aren't my sisters...I had a three-way with some Power Rangers." - Poehler as Barbie
Rate: 8/10

Next Live Show: March 2, 2002 Jonny Moseley (thats too freakin long from now)

Sketch: Jarret's Room
Fallon, Meyers, Sanz, Spears
OMG, I LOVE JARRET'S ROOM!!!!!  Mostly because Jarret and Gobey are the best duo.  They are soooo hilarious.  Man, I think my favorite part of this specific sketch was when Horatio and Britney had their "conversation".  Man, this was a GREAT sketch.  ITS SUPERBONG!!!! hehehe.  
Memorable Line: "You are a lucky man, Gobey.  A lucky, lucky man." - Jimmy Fallon as Jarret
Rate: 9/10

Sketch: Camp X-Ray
Sanz, Hammond
I think SNL is tryin to tell everyone that these people have it good out there on that island.  Well, I dont really know about any of that, nor do I really want to know.  I find that it is much calming not to be too involved.  This was ok.
Rate: 6/10

Sketch: And now...A message from Martha Stewart
It is sooo great to see Ana.  I hope she has all the goodluck in the world with her pregnancy.  Its excellent news!  Anywhoo, this sketch was really funny.  I didnt even know K-Mart had filed for bankruptcy.  The whole deal with Martha Stewart carryin K-Mart was pretty funny.  Anywhoo, this was pretty good.
Memorable Line: "Read my lips K-Mart, I do not tolerate failure." - Ana Gasteyer (of course) as Martha Stewart
Rate: 8/10

Music: Britney Spears
This song is ok.  I had to catch myself from being too critical of everythin.  What do you expect?  The girl has "the life".  Between Music and Acting and Justin Timberlake...she has got everythin.  I just thought this was funny...because I was tellin my friend 'she's not a girl?  how interesting.'

Weekend Update w/ Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Fallon, Fey, Meyers, Hammond, Ferrell, Kattan
May I just ask the question...what the heck is up with Jimmy's hair?  I got used to it after a while but at first it was kinda freakin me out.  The whole thing with Heraldo Rivera was kinda boring but funny at times.  My favorite part of this whole WU would of course be Jimmy singin his songs.  I love to hear Jimmy sing and his impersonations are awesome.  I think my fav. song was the impersonation of Nickelback.  Anywhoo, I loved it when Kattan came out as Gay Hitler.  For some reason...this whole situation looked very familiar...hmmmm.  This was a great WU.
Memorable Line: "You dont have to remind me of how I will get hurt (sol)" - Jimmy Fallon singin Nickelback song
Rate: 9/10

Sketch: Astronaut Jones
Morgan, Spears
This was so stupid and thats what made it so frickin funny.  
Memorable Line: "Well, why dont you drop out of that green jumpsuit and show me that fat ass." - Tracy Morgan as Astronaut Jones
Rate: 8/10

Sketch: HBO First Look: Damn My Dixie's on Fire
Spears, Gasteyer, Rudolph, Ferrell, Kattan, Dratch
I like Gemini's Twin.  This is definitely a sketch beyond many sketches nowadays.  My best friend Holly thinks they should do a movie about Gemini's Twin.  That would be pretty cool.  I'd go see it, definitely.  Dang, where has Maya and Rachel been this whole episode?  I'm glad they atleast showed up for this one:)
Memorable Line: "She's deaf but luckily she can still hear." - Ana Gasteyer as Jonette
Rate: 7/10

Sketch: Channel 9 News
Ferrell, Gasteyer, Poehler, Sanz     
This was pretty funny.  My friend Courtney told me this happens on the local news all the time.  See, I dont watch the this sketch was definitely not directed for my kind of audience.  But you know what, I'm goin to start watchin the local news:) This was too funny.
Memorable Line: "Appears, the tape operator has shown up and hes drunk...real professional Smitty, nice goin." - Will Ferrell as Mark Dante
Rate: 8/10

Music: Britney Spears
Ok, the outfits are a little too much.  This song was ok.  Im not a huge fan but hey, I give her points for singin and dancing at the same time.  Some people cant even walk and chew gum at the same time.  

Sketch: Leather Shop
Fallon, Spears, Sanz, Aykroyd, Ferrell, Gasteyer
This sketch was pretty scary to me.  Jimmy was freakin me out with the whole accent and the moves.  Sanz was scary too...i had a feeling Horatio was goin to say "yes master."  It has got to be a true honor to be able to work with Dan Aykroyd.  He is so cool.  Anywhoo, this was a pretty good sketch.
Memorable Line: "There's nothin to hide when you're wearin's like a second skin." - Jimmy Fallon as Leatherman
Rate: 8/10

Goodbyes: Oh no, it cant be over.  Its goin to be so long before the next live show:( I love to watch everyone hug each other.  I wish I could do that one time in my life...ok, goal in life: be host or musical guest for SNL:) Hey, it could happen.  Anywhoo...

Jimmy was great, Horatio was hilarious, Chris was cool, and Ana was fantastic

All in all...a great episode
Rate: 8/10

Well, see you guys later.  Be excellent to each other and PARTY ON DUDES!! (sorry, right now my fav movie is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...I know, Im weird)
Stay Cool!
-Sonya "Misery"
and remember "dr. pepper, you make the world taste better" (sol)

Episode Review written by Sonya

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