Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

YO yo yo this is my first review, so bear with me... yours are all so good! My name's Jessica, been watching since 1990, and I think this years' cast is the best SNL has had since 1994/95. My favorite cast member is Will, of course. Anyhoo let's get right down to it...

 Hmm I don't really like Britney Spears or respect her as an artist or actor... she did a good job last time she was here and I was anxious to see what the show would be like. I figured Justin , her 'massive tool' boyfriend would make an appearance, and I heard Aykroyd would too.

COLD OPEN (Downhill Morman Skiers):
Original idea, pretty funny. It's funny 'cause it's true! Pissed me off that Seth got to do the LFNY... Oh well, good for him. Best line: "Good luck in Hell!"

MONOLOGUE (Justin's here--score *rolls eyes):
This was crap. Okay, no, it was pretty funny. It was just so predictable. Chris' Britney was similar to his Ricky Matin impression, and this again fuels all of the gay rumours. Justin was dumb. I just don't really like him. What was with the clothes? Stylin', Justin. Brit had it pretty easy for the monologue... Best part: "I'm not--that--innocent!"

Loose Bear Commercial (repeat):
Was this a repeat? It looked really familiar. Funny, nonetheless. Best line: "I just had the crap scared out of me"

SKETCH (Brian Fellows' Safari Planet):
Haha, this sketch cracks me up. It wasn't as good as the last one, but I liked when Tracy looked up and there was a rabbit cutting its hair in a bubble. Brit totally didn't remember her lines, she was looking all around for the cue cards. Dean Edwards was good, I really wish they would give him and Jeff and Tracy some real characters for a change, they have the talent.

SKETCH (Barbie's Dream Funhouse):
It was a huge stretch for Amy and Britney to play Barbie and Skipper in a sketch, but they did it. Good job girls. This was a really good sketch and I enjoyed the brushing the hair with the enormously large brushes in the end. Ken was great. This was one of my favorite sketches of the evening, and it surprised me, just a little.

Who's Jonny Moseley?

SKETCH (Jarret's Room):
I usually like Jarret's Room. It's been on too many times this season. Everyone did a good job, but I was mostly disappointed. Did Jimmy really have to explain the joke? Myeh... Best line: Let's Get Down With Osama Bin Laden

Camp X-Ray
I just saw this exact joke on Letterman... what's the deal? Just because it seems like a rip-off...

SKETCH (Martha Stewart):
I like Ana's Martha. Best line: "I would never do business with 'Sears', because I have no softer side."

Britney Spears' Performance:
It was okay. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

HILARIOUS update. I really really really liked it. Tina was excellent, as usual. What was up with Jimbo's hair?! That was ridiculous. LOVE Gay Hitler and Ferrell's Neil Diamond. Geraldo was ok, I like Kattan's better I think. Loved Fallon's parodies, glad he's doing them again. Too many lines to mention, and I'm getting tired.

SKETCH (Some dumb astronaut thing with Tracy):
I don't get it. The green-dress-ass-joke was okay.
C- (Because it was too late or I was tired or it sucked or something?)

SKETCH (Gemini's Twin):
Not again. Another easy Britney role, and she wasn't even good at it. I'm getting tired of Gemini's Twin. Ana is really out of place here, I don't know if that was intentional. Best Line:"Damn, my dIxie's On Fire"

SKETCH (Channel 9 News):
This was pretty funny. I'll get right down to the chase. This reminds me of local Nova Scotia news. Sooo unprofessional. Enjoyed the line about "Oh, can't press the play button? Oh, It's a union thing? Okay."

Britney's "music" again:
I couldn't decipher any words to this song. This sucked.

SKETCH (Leatherman):
Jimmy was Holy Cracking Up during this segment. Ahh, it wasn't too bad; I'll cut him sme slack because he's a good guy. I found this to be kind of dumb, to tell you the truth. I thought the squeaky sounds were funny. Aykroyd again, good times. I really hope that this doesn't become a regular. Horatio was good, but I was waiting for a Britney crack about her in leather or something. Good sketch.

Overall, Britney did an okay job, it wasn't anything special. I dn't like Justin Timberlake. This score has nothing to do with the scores I gave them and has no actual backing except I feel like it, so all in all, I give this show an A-. Too little Will in the show. When's Danny Aykroyd gonna host?!
Hope you enjoyed my review.

Episode Review written by Jessica S.

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