Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- Wow I like Britney. This should be good. No offense but id rather see her than Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera anytime.

DOWNHILL RACER COLD OPEN- I like this cold opening. In dress Martha Stewart was the cold opening. B

BRITNEY MONOLOGUE- I laughed at Chris pretending to be Britney. Britney & Justin look good together. B

LOOSE BEAR-commercial-I laughed when she said the bear scared the s*** out of her. This commercial wasn't in the dress rehearsal. C

SAFARI PLANET- I love this sketch. I love it when he keeps saying im Brian Fellows. Then when his thoughts are on the rabbit cutting his hair was funny. A

BARBIE- This was cute too. I liked it when Britney said I lost all of my shoes. If you collected Barbie dolls you would know what it means. C

JARRETTS ROOM- I wonder if Horatio & Jimmy really smoke pot. If so then they shouldn't be in a drug free ad campaign. No laughs here. F


MARTHA STEWART- Ana does a good Martha Stewart. C

BRITNEY SPEARS "IM NOT A GIRL"- This song was ok. If she's not a girl then what is she. I like her voice though. B

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH FALLON/FEY- What happened to Jimmy's hair. Dean Edwards was cut from WU talking about fatherhood again. I liked Jimmys song parodies. Im surprised they didn't do a tribute to Mollys dad. B

ASTRONAUT JONES-Where was this going? F

GEMINIS TWIN- They have a good voice. You can really tell Ana is pregnant. She looks good for being pregnant. Her husband Charlie told me she going to finish off the season and she wants to come back next season. C

CHANNEL 9 NEWS- Poor news people. I laughed at this one. C

BRITNEY SPEARS "BOYS"- I liked this song. Good beat. Interesting costumes. Good dancing. A

LEATHER MAN- The squeaky leather got annoying after a while. Always nice to see Aykroyd. C

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- I was expecting too much out of this show. I thought it would be better. The LIVE show was better than dress. Im glad they kept the good sketches this time. I give this show a C+

Episode Review written by Jamie Klein

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