Britney Spears
February 2, 2002

I'm a first time reviewer, so I hope you enjoy my review. Well, here goes:

Opening Sketch - Not as funny as recent openings, but still had its moments, especially when Dan Ackroyd appeared as a Mormon with Will Ferrell. Overall, not that funny. Grade: C+

Monologue - One of the funniest monologues of the season. When Chris Kattan came out dressed as Britney, it was absolutely priceless. Also, the Justin Timberlake bit was funny. Grade: A

Loose Bear -  It was funny the first time I saw it, and only mildly amusing this time. Grade: B-

Brian Fellows - Very funny. Tracey Morgan is hilarious, especially when he was laughing at the bunny in his head. B+

Barbie's Dream House - Another funny episode. Again, Kattan was the standout as Ken, but Poehler and Britney were also very good. Grade: B+

Jarret's Room - One of my favorite recurring sketches on the show. Britney and Horatio worked well off of each other. A little too short, and the Osama Bin Laden joke wasn't very funny, but the Super Bong was great. Grade: B+

Camp X-Ray - Not funny at all. Worst sketch of the night. Grade: D

Martha Stewart - I always loved Ana Gasteyer's Martha impression. This was funny. I loved the disses of K-Mart. Grade: B

Song: I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - As a fan of Britney Spears, I very much enjoyed this song. It's probably one of my favorites of hers. Grade: A-

Weekend Update - WU just keeps getting better and better. Jimmy's comment about Tyson was great, as were his songs. Will Ferrells Neil Diamond is still great, as was Gay Hitler. Grade: A

Astronaut Jones - Tracey Morgan delivers yet another hilarious skit. Although a little too short, his last line of the sketch more than made up for it. Grade: A-

HBO First Look: Gemini's Twin - I've never liked this sketch and I really wish they never bring them back. Although Ferrell and Kattan cam very close to saving this one. Grade: C

Channel 9 News Morning Edition: Best Sketch of the Night. Just hilarious. Best scene, Will picking his nose "off-camera." Grade: A+

Song: Boys - I don't know if this was the actual name of the song, but it just seemed to fit. Not as good as the first song, but still OK. Grade: B-

The Leather Man - I always love it when the cast members try to hid the fact that they're laughing during a scene. Jimmy Fallon was so funny when he kept cracking up after whipping Horatio. Grade: B+

Overall thoughts - Definitely one of front-runners for the best of the season. Britney Spears was very funny, as was most of the cast. I thought that most of the cast was pretty evenly rounded for the skits. But it was definitely Brintey who stole the night. She was great, and I really enjoyed watching her.

Overall Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Dave Ciampa

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