Seann William Scott / Sum41
October 6, 2001

After seeing the mediocre season opener last week, I had predicted what might
happen this week. I was almost positive we'd see a Nick Burns or a Sully and
Denise sketch, but I was wrong on both. Maybe next week.

COLD OPENING - George Bush

When I saw the presidential seal come up on the screen I literally said, "Oh,
no. What are they gonna do to him this time?" But I was very surprised how
well this sketch turned out. The audience cheering on "Dubya" was awesome.
This is one of the best openers I remember seeing in a long time.

Grade: A+

MONOLOGUE - Seann William Scott
This may sound pathetic, but I had no clue who this guy was until he stepped
through those doors. I had him confused with another actor named Seth or
Sean Green, so I was glad to see I was mistaken. The short movies were okay,
nothing really funny for me since I've never the American Pie movies.

Grade: C

COMMERCIAL - Law & Order Parody
I thought this was pretty good. I was surprised to see the audience's
reaction was rather weak. I don't watch "Law & Order", but the cheesy
melodrama in the skit is all I really need to know about the show. Tracy's
handicap joke would have been funnier if I hadn't seen the exact same thing
in "Joy Ride" hours earlier, though.

Grade: B

These sketches used to be amusing, but I'm tired of them now. Nothing seems
to change, even laughing at Horatio's lame comebacks is an effort. How Jimmy
can still laugh out-of-character while performing these is beyond me. Will
pulling out the old-fashioned cellphone was good, anything different in these
sketches is good. I prefer the old Gap sketches anyday.

Grade: C-


This sketch had a weak start but eventually got moving as the "celebrities"
started rolling in. Ana put alot of effort into her Joan impersonation, but
I hope this won't be a recurring role for her-it's a bit weak. The
celebrities were predictable, especially Cameron Manheim and Della Reese, but
were still funny nonetheless. I liked the idea of being dressed down in dirt
and excrement. I don't like the Emmy Awards at all, so seeing them get
ripped on is a treat.

Grade: A-

I've never been a big fan of these sketches, either, but this is probably my
favorite of all the Jarret's Room sketches done so far. I loved the yearbook
awards. When Rachel walked in as Jill Butt (I think it was Jill), I laughed
so hard. I actually find Horatio's character disturbing; that's how well he
plays "Gobi". I'd compare him to a brain-damaged leech. Don't mind me, I
haven't slept in 15 hours.

Grade: B-


I'm not really into their music so I fast-forwarded through this. Those guys
sure love to hop, though.

Grade: N/A


This is becoming the highlight of the show for me. Tracy's bit was a little
repetitive, but it's cool to see him do something. Tina's Anne Robinson
impression was good but I didn't really get the visceral report. Landshark
was before my time, but I've seen one or two of these before. It's on of my
dad's favorite old skits; he used to tease my brother and I with his own
Landshark a long time ago. I loved seeing a new one!

Grade: A+

Great concept for a sketch. I've seen many "unique" articles of clothing
lately around town myself. The whole half-shirt and thong joke was funny but
it went too far when Will propped his feet up on the table and later when his
thong snapped. We already got the point in the beginning, no need to
elaborate further. No major offense to Will, but he's got one of the most
unattractive torsos I've ever seen.

Grade: C+

Wow, the last time I saw one of these was 2-3 years ago when Jennifer Love
Hewitt hosted. This is one of the first skits Jimmy performed in when he
first started out. I'd like not to think that the writers had to dig that
far down to find a suitable sketch for this show. The same old jokes are
still intact: Antonio suddenly gets hot, rips off his shirt in several stages
despite his backup musicians pleading him not to. It was good to see Amy
play a big role. I'm not at all familiar with her past work, so she's made a
good impression on me. Too bad it had to be for this particular skit.

Grade: B-

Not as good as Deep Thoughts, enough said.

Grade: C+


Again, I fast-forwarded through this. And again, that darn hopping is

Grade: N/A


I think I'm missing something here 'cause I didn't quite understand what this
sketch was about. An approval center that gives approval for everything.
It's sounds too simple to mean anything.

Grade: D


I was getting really tired at this point, but I liked this sketch, what I got
out of it at least. I was too distracted by Amy's gap in her front teeth to
fully pay attention. It kinda took away from the skit. The gap or extreme
crookedness kept catching my eye, I couldn't help it. But that aside, I like
her work so far and Seann wasn't annoying in this skit.

Grade: B+

This whole episode was a big yawner for me. The show wasn't bad or anything,
it just featured all the recurring bits that I'm not particularly fond of.
The new stuff (Porn Star Date, Will's Patriotic Thong) and Weekend Update
were the highlights this week. And Will's George Bush opening was excellent.
I hope for good things this coming week, although the names Drew Barrymore
and Macy Gray are giving me this deja vu feeling. I'd give this second
episode a B-.

Episode Review written by Shelley R.

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