Seann William Scott / Sum41
October 6, 2001

With the advent of last weeks show that left me both ecstatic and disappointed, I was awaiting much from this episode, since there would be a comic that is hosting and one of my favorite bands Sum 41 performing. Sounds like the perfect show, ehh? I hope so. We saw quite a few reoccurring sketches last week and I believe this week will be the same with most likely no Dubya on the show. So, with a host and musical guest lined up as such, I am expecting better things, and hope to hear Tina's name.

[COLD OPENING] George W. Addresses the Nation

I knew they'd put Dubya back on the show tonight, and I knew it would be in a conservative way. This was all around appropriate, but still in a humorous way. "Buddy, you screwed up big time" That was a good line, along with the Scrabble joke, and don't mess with Texas. I'm glad he's back, a good opening.

RATING: 9.5/10


Good job, Don! No screw ups. What's up with Ana's picture being different again though?

[MONOLOGUE] Seann William Scott

Well, from a young actor I wasn't expecting much from this, but, man, was I wrong. Was he pumped! I loved the silent movie takes, and how they were swearing at each other, and the other takes too. The ejaculate stuff was just classic! Overall, a very good monlogue.

RATING: 8/10

[COMMERCIAL] Law and Order: Parking Violations Unit

I love Law and Order, it's my second favorite show next to SNL, so I can take this parody at a decent level. Man, did it deliver! It was just hilarious in itself how they made fun of the fact that there are 3 LAO's, and the Parking Violations Unit just made me crap my pants. I loved Rachel saying oh, it's one minute today, what's it tomorrow, 2 or 3? This was probably the best commercial I've seen in years.

RATING: 9.5/10

[SKETCH] Jeffrey's

Honestly, I don't really like this sketch, but the Pierce Brosnan one from last year was good, but this one by far wasn't. Seann fumbled his lines in the beginning, and I used to like Horatio's character, but it sucked in this one, and Will's character was not as funny either. Jimmy calling Chris Corky was funny, as well as the boredom force shield.

RATING: 5/10

[SKETCH] Emmy Awards Pre ­ Show

This was good comedy, and Will's impression was good too. And when Ana came out, that was hilarious. She always does a good Joan Rivers. Maya as Lisa Kudrow, and Rachel as Calista Flockhart was funny as well saying she was wearing Gap Kids, and Jeff really blew me away when he did his Gary Shandling impression. And, I don't watch Touched By an Angel, but I know who that lady is, and Tracy did a DEAD ON impression. A great sketch

RATING: 9/10

[SKETCH] Jarrett's Room

It took me a long time to get used to this sketch, and now I actually like it. Jimmy's cool as Jarrett, and Horatio is the man as his character Gobi. The Baked Lays joke was cool too. Kattan's and Rachel's pictures looked good as the dorks. Then Rachel came out as Jeff's boyfriend and that was great!

RATING: 8.5/10

[MUSIC] Sum 41

Wow, great song, what more could I say. It sounded great live

RATING: 8/10 

[WEEKEND UPDATE] With Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

Damn, this was a great update! I loved all the jokes especially how Jimmy poked fun at NBC's own comedy Inside Schwartz, Katherine Harris being ugly, all great. And I keep saying that Tina has an excellent delivery with all her jokes and it shown tonight. Visceral Editorial was kinda 'out there' but funny, and the Strom Thurman joke was really funny, but no one else thought so. Michael Jackson penis joke was good too, and Tracy's bit was funny. OH MY GOD, as soon as I saw the shark story Tina started to tell and I saw the doorknob in the background, I knew Chevy was there. Man, he was awesome "candy gram, Domino's pizza" I love whenever he does the Landshark. This really brought up the grade. 

RATING: 10/10

[SKETCH] Show your support for America

Now this is classic comedy, a little dirty, but excellent. I swear when Will walked in with that outfit on, I seriously pissed my pants. He was just so funny, and when he turned around to get coffee you could see his ass, and NO ONE could keep a straight face during this sketch, and neither could I. Good idea when he started reading the report and spread his legs, just great! 

RATING: 10/10

[SKETCH] The 'How do you say, ahh, yes' Show

You know, I always liked this sketch when they did it, and they hardly did it last year, so I was really looking forward to this and it was great. When Paula Zahn came in to talk about her work at CNN and then Kattan started to strip, it was great. Funny when she said she would have stayed at FOX if she wanted to be treated like a piece of meat. Jimmy almost had a heart attack from screaming at him. A good sketch

RATING: 8/10

[COMMERCIAL] My Big Thick Novel: By Jack Handey

Wow, I thought Handey was gone, but I'm glad he's back. This was cool, and hopefully they'll keep it up.

RATING: 6.5/10

[MUSIC] Sum 41

Again, a real cool song. They should book more musical guests like them, they rock!

[SKETCH] The Approval Center

Seriously, what was SNL thinking I could not follow this at all.

RATING: 1/10

[SKETCH] A Date with a Porn Star

Again, another good comedy sketch. This is classic, and as others mentioned, their was a similar sketch Julia Sweeney was in years ago. I think Amy will make it big on the show, this sketch says it all. Tracy coming up at the end and jerking her for a picture made the sketch, which was a good one for the end of the show.

RATING: 8/10


Well cut off again, except this time they did it when Seann was talking.


Sketch of the night: Emmy Awards Pre ­ Show

Quote of the night: Will Ferrell referring to the showing of his patriotism: "I'm sorry you had to see my asscheeks, and my nuggetpouch, and my buldge, I guess what it all comes down to is that the angle of my dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of my meat."


Wow, this caught me off guard! I knew this was going to be a great show, but not this good. The host and musical guest were both excellent in their own respects, and the show really held up tonight, and if I were SNL, I'd have him back again. I'd have to say out of the entire show, there was really only one bad sketch. GREAT SHOW! Now, next week is a different story. #1- third live show, #2- the musical guest, boy she sucks. Drew Barrymore was okay last time she hosted, so, who knows!? That's the news, good night, good luck!

Episode Review written by Nick Mayhew

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