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October 6, 2001

Welcome Back SNL (A week late I know)
Pre Show thoughts:
I was busy last week and couldn't review the Reese Witherspoon Epi. The Tribute was really the only good thing, but it was the first show back since that awful day.
**PERSONAL NOTE**: That morning was the scariest in my life. My Aunt is an Employee for the Port Authority and was on floor 62 of 1 WTC. I lost it that morning, especially after the 1st building went. I got a call from her the next morning at 11:30 am. She was okay. she didn't know anyone killed thankfully, but many weren't as lucky. She works in NJ now at Newark Airport, a 2 1/2 hour comute for her
**Back to the Review**
My Grades Are like in High School. A B C you get it.
Hopefully SNL can pull out of the Depression it's in so: Here goes

(Opening) Bush Address
BRAVO! Well done. The Where's Waldo line had me rolling. Just ask those 200 guys in Texas. I'm sure they would agree not to mess with Texas. Rule Numero Uno.
Grade: A++ (Havent seen an opening like that in a long time)

(Montage Note) I'm real glad they kept the same opening. Notice something's not there that was in 2000-2001? You guessed it.

(Mono) Seann William Scott
Well, he was okay in the movies. I knew where the Silent Film thing was going, real quick. It was only funny the first time. Not the 2 after. Like I said. the frist one was funny.
Grade: C

(Commercial) Law and Order: Parking Violations Unit
This was good in most ways. They do have to many Law and Orders. The only good one is the original. So that's Amy.
Grade: A-

(Sketch) Jeffrey's
This is always good. This time, not as much so, but was still funny.
"Are you saying i'm fat?"-Hor
"No, I think the door told you that when you had to walk through it sideways!"-JIF
"Big is the new small, Cammey Diaz has one twice this size"- WIF
All in all a good skit to start the night
Grade: A

(Hey, SNL is on a roll. Hope it keeps up!)

(Sketch) Emmy Pre Show
Those impressions were DEAD ON! I can't belive what a good job they did. this skit was funny to me. But I like anything that makes fun of Joan Rivers.
GREAT LINE ALERT: "Is your forhead crying?"-HOR
"No, that's where my tear ducts are now,"- AGS
Very good SNL. Two great sketches. lets keep it going shall we!
Grade: A+ (That good!)

I know I'm missing a sketch here, but I missed it for a phone call-sorry!
Grade: N/A

(Musical Guest) Sum 41
Never liked them. No exception today.
Grade: D

(Weekend Update w/ Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey)
Before we begin, shall we.
Last season, I could not stand Fallon doing news. Tina I didn't mind. Last season, I just couldn't get into Update like I did the previous 2 or 3 seasons before (Call me insane or crazy if you want, but Colin was tolerable and I did enjoy his Weekend Updates) This weekend, was a redemption for me and Update. This was laugh loud damn histerical! The joke off was great, but they could have picked a better topic. That stuff apeals to younger Teens. He hehehe. That kind of humor. I liked Tracy's Shake em down on Profile in America. The rest was good too.
Grade: A+ (first one for update since 5/20/00)

(Sketch) Show your Patriotsim day
Just what I wanted to see. Ferrell's bulge. And monkey's might fly outta my butt! This was gross. I think they were going for the "Farley accident where it fell off." I liked seeing Sanz and Dratch crack up. USA! but this was gross.
Grade: C- (sorry)

(Sketch) The How do you say? Ah yes show
I never was a fan of these sketches. Only good thing about this one was the Doly Lama instead of Osama Bin Laden. Oh well, you can't win them all.
Grade: C-

(musical guest) Sum 41
Read the above.
Grade: Read the above

My Big, Thick Novel: by Jack Handey.
Yes! Handey Returns. Fuzzy Memories, and Deep thoughs can all fit into tha thick novel, he has so many. (That was lame I know) Good to have the Jack man Back!
Grade: B

(Sketch) I dated a Porn Star
This was going no where fast. I knew the jokes before they came out of amy's mouth.
Sorry, This one gets the lowest of the night.
Grade: D-

(Closing) Didn't see it due to pre empted commercials for 11 Alive news here in Atlanta. But what I hear, they do this all the time everywhere else.

OVERVIEW: Good strong show, like ones from 95-00 (most of them) I like it cause that's my fav SNL era.
Best Sketch: Tie between Opening and E pre Emmy show.
Worst Sketch: I dated a porn star
MVP: Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell
LVP: Darrell Hammond, and Dean Edwards (Not seen Tonight)
My grade: B

See yah Next Week (I hope. At the Time I'm writing This, US and GB have retaliated against Afganistan.) Drew Berrymore/Macy Gray 10/13

Episode Review written by Medmaster2001

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