Seann William Scott / Sum41
October 6, 2001

     Pre-show Thoughts: I'm really excited about this weeks show. I love Seann William Scott and I'm a huge Sum 41 fan. I've been waiting all week for tonight's show so lets get right to it:

     [Opening] Bush Talks To Osama
This was a hilarious way for them to approach the Osama situation. Will does a great Bush impression. The thought of Bush and Osama playing Scrabble is hilarious. "Don't Mess With Texas!" All around this was a hilarious way to open the show.  
     *To many favorites to pick.
           {Rating: A+}

     [Monologue] Seann William Scott
It wasn't a bad monologue. Better than last weeks. The references to American Pie were funny but that is getting a little old. It was still funny.
     *The silent film was really funny.
           {Rating: B}


     [Law and Order: Parking Violations Unit]
 >Will, Maya, Rachel, Seann, Tracy, Amy, Darrell, Horatio.
This wasn't a bad idea for a sketch. The concept was funny but the sketch itself wasn't.
     *Tracy's handicap walk.
           {Rating: C}


 >Jimmy, Seann, Chris, Maya, Horatio, Will.
This is one of my favorite sketch's. Horatio's character is the funniest. Seann was really funny in this one, not as good as Sean Hayes but he was still funny. I love Horatio's outfit and the way they won't answer his questions. Will's character is so stupid yet incredibly hilarious. And I also think this officially marks the first Jeffrey's where Jimmy didn't crack up in the middle.
     *"Oh great, you just triggered the boredom force field..."
Maya as customer-"Can you tell me if these pants make my butt look fat?"
Jimmy as rude employee-"Not at all your butt looks fat on it's own."
           {Rating: A+}


     [Emmy Pre-Show]
 >Will, Ana, Maya, Rachel, Jeff, Tracy, Amy, Chris, Seann, Horatio, Darrell.
     This was really funny. This year they cut their pre show to 7 hours. The outfits they had on were really funny. Della Reese's garbage bag was funny. And Calista's Gap Kids outfit. I thought this was generally a really funny sketch.
     *Horatio as Cameran Manheim-"Joan, Is your forehead crying?"
       Ana as Joan Rivers-"No that's where my tearducts are now."
           {Rating: B}

                    ~Next Week:
                 Drew Barrymore/Macy Gray


     [Jarret's Room]
 >Jimmy, Horatio, Seth, Seann, Jeff, Rachel.
This is another of my favorite Jimmy sketches. It's actually really stupid if you think about it but really funny. Gobi is the best. He's so funny. I love how he always has a stupid joke. The freshman face book awards were funny.
     *I loved the whole thing.
           {Rating: A}


     [Music] Sum 41- "Fat Lip"
Sum 41 is a great Canadian band. This wasn't one of their best performances but it was still awesome.
           {Rating: A}


     [Weekend Update]
 >Jimmy, Tina, Tracy, Chevy Chase.
This wasn't a bad update, it wasn't as funny as last week, but it was good. Jimmy's hair looks better. The Visceral Editorial thing was kinda stupid. I didn't really understand the thing with Tracy. The Joke Off thing was cute. All in all it wasn't a bad update. Chevy Chase as the shark was a nice touch.
     *TF on Weakest Link Newsmaker Edition-"Who's one Corey Feldman away from a total suck fest? All the contestants will be playing for the same charity.....themselves."
           {Rating: B}


     [To Much Patriotism]
 >Will, Seann, Rachel, Horatio, Amy, Seth.
This was a funny sketch.Will's outfit was hilarious. But I really didn't need to see that much of his ass.
     *Will as patriotic man-"......And second of all, at this point in your life if you haven't seen a bulge, well I just feel sorry for ya."
           {Rating: B}


     [The How Do You Say, Ah Yes, Show.]
 >Chris, Jimmy, Darrell, Amy.
I don't usually like this sketch but this one wasn't that bad. The Dalai Lama was funny. I'm not familiar with Antonio Banderas so I don't know what to think of Chris's impression. What was the point of repeating so many N's after CNN? It wasn't a bad sketch, but it wasn't the greatest.
     *No Favorites.
           {Rating: C}


     [Big Thick Novel by Jack Handey]
This was kinda pointless but it was funny.
     *"What am I your personal blow dart counter?"
           {Rating: C}


     [Music] Sum 41-"In To Deep"
This is one of my favorite songs on their album. This was another great performance by them and I really liked it.
           {Rating: A}


     [Approval Center]
 >Horatio, Ana, Seann, Tracy.
This was sorta pointless and stupid but it was really funny. There characters were hilarious.
     *Seann as approvee-"....when they answered the phone they said guess what and I said what and they said your approved and I said awesome and they said OK bye and I said bye."
           {Rating: A}


     [Don't I Know You From Somewhere?]
 >Amy, Seann, Tracy, Seth.
Personally I thought this was really stupid. That's really all I have to say about this sketch.
     *No Favorites.
           {Rating: D}


           |Final Thoughts: The show is general was a great show. There were a few bad sketches, but they pulled off a good show. Seann definitely did better than Reese did last week. It was an all around great show.

Sketch Tally:
Rachel- 4
Jimmy- 3 and WU
Will- 5
Tina Fey- WU
Ana- 3
Darrell- 3
Chris- 3
Tracy- 4 and WU
Maya- 3
Horatio- 6
Dean- 0
Seth- 3
Amy- 5
Jeff- 2

Episode Review written by Kara Fenton

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