Seann William Scott / Sum41
October 6, 2001

OK...everyone takes up so much time writing about themselves and other unrelated stuff. So, right to what you really care about: THE REVIEW !!!!

Pre-Show Thoughts: Seann William Scott is pretty funny and looks like it's gonna be a good show. I hope they use the featured players more than in this episode

OPENING: This was really funny !!! I liked the Where's Waldo reference. It was great to see Will's G.W impression back and this time kickin a**. Overall, well done. A+

MONOLOGUE: I haven't seen American Pie II but did see the first one and Road the monologue was well done. Very funny. A-

LAW & ORDER -PVU- : It was great to see a parody of the Law & Order series. How many are 3 now ? The sketch kinda went a little too long but other than that it was pretty funny. A-

JEFFREYS: I gotta admit, I never really cared for this sketch; the Sean Hayes one was the best. Will Ferrell's character is always hilarious...I like the jet-pack. Sorry, but just didn't do it for me. B

EMMY AWARD PRE-SHOW: OK, this was good. Great to Ana's Joan Rivers back. The impressions were good..kudos to Jeff Richards' Garry Shandling. When Jeff was on MADtv ( YES I watch MADtv prior to SNL...simmah down) he did an excellent David Letterman impression. The sketch itself was weak but impression were well done. B+

JARRET'S ROOM: Did u notice how many times Horatio Sanz has appeared in the show so far??? THIS WAS GREAT! Do more stuff w/ DJ Feinstein. Probably the better of the Jarret's Room sketches...Seann did a nice job. A-

MUSIC: Sum 41: I've always wondered what would happen if Green Day and Blink 182 manifested themselves into one group. Song was ok...not really my kinda music. N/A

WEEKEND UPDATE: Good jokes! It was cool to Chevy Chase back as the Land Shark...back to SNL's glory days.The whole penis joke thing was...just ok. I didn't really get Tracy Morgan's rant...found it somewhat offensive in light of what's happened. A-

DALE MAGROO: What the hell !!!! I would of rather seen a Roxbury Guys sketch or something from the earlier seasons. The only funny part was at the end...Amy Poehler is great. Gotta use her and Seth Meyers more. C

HOW DO SAY, AH YES SHOW: Poor Chris Kattan...remember when this sketch used to be funny? It was cool to see it back but...could of done so much more. I think Chris should start bringing some oldies like Azarel Abyss, Mr.Peepers, Roxbury Guys, Mango, etc AND Banderas. D+

MUSIC: Sum 41: I liked this one better than the first. N/A

APPROVAL CENTER: Nice to a parody of these stupid commercials that you always see on tv. Good of been funnier but still a good premise. B

PORN STAR DATE: I don't get why a lot of people didn't like this? Found it very funny...the last part w/ Tracy Morgan was the best. Again...USE AMY POEHLER MORE !!!! She has lots of potential. Sketch was really funny. A-

FINAL SHOW THOUGHTS: Well, a lot funnier than last weeks. Again, use the featured players more. Seann did an excellent job hosting and did some pretty funny characters throught the show. If you get a chance, check out Jeff's performances on MADtv (you're not breaking any kind of SNL commandment) it's really good.


Episode Review written by DJ Steve

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