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October 6, 2001

Opening Statements:
IT'S STIFLER TIME BABY! Just watching American Pie 2 on my computer, and it is so funny, as is Seann. Although, it's too bad that Ben Stiller canceled on SNL, what a replacement they could get! The Stifler character from A. Pie, is like an idol to me, so I am so happy that Seann is hosting. Last week's episode with Reese, was okay, but not great. I hope that this one is better. Also, Corky Romano comes out this Friday, so go see it. Anyway, here goes the review.

Bush's Statement to Osama:
I'm really glad that they brought Will's Bush. This was a great opening for the show. I liked how Bush said that Osama should have challenged him to a game of Scrabble or a beard-off. Also, the implication that the US would kill Osama soon, which I hope happens. It was a great way to showcase Bush dealing with the situation. Don't mess with Texas or SNL.
Grade: A+

I know that a lot of people, including myself, think of Seann as Stifler. The silent film with Horatio was gut busting and so was the Singing in the Rain parody. The semen in the beer scene was great in American Pie. It seems that Seann is so happy to be hosting, and I'm happy for him.
Grade: A-

Commercial: Law and Order-Parking Violations Unit:
This was stupid, but still okay. I was getting pissed at all those Law and Order spin-offs. Tracy was pretty funny in this, but the idea was pretty stupid.
Grade: C-

I loved these sketches from last season. I love how Jimmy and whoever the guest is ridicule the shoppers. A couple of people picked up on the Corky reference to Chris Kattan, which I liked. When Horatio walked in the store, I literally burst out laughing at him and his outfit. If you remember, last season, during these sketches, Horatio was great, as was he in this sketch. I liked when he said How dee do Gents, and WHAT. Overall, not a bad sketch. Will flying at the end was pretty good, too.
Grade: A

E's Pre-Emmy Show:
I was pissed that they canceled the Emmy Awards again. But despite that, this sketch was funny. The Lisa Kudrow impression was good. I finally realized how good Rachel's impression of Calista Flockhart is. If you close your eyes, they sound the same. Tracy as Della Reese from Touched by and Angel was great, and how she wrapped her business up in a Hefty bag. Chris Kattan as Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were the best, though. I loved how they were making out the whole time. Seann's impression of James Van DerBeek was good, too. Horatio as Camryn Manheim was good, too. I liked the chocolate crack. Also, Joan's joke about where her tear ducks are now. A good sketch, where a lot of the cast showcased their impressions well.
Grade: A

Jarret's Room:
I thought that these sketches were mediocre last season, but this one was hilarious, mostly because of Seann. Seann really took his Stifler character to this one. The Freshman Face Awards were so funny. Probably the highlight of the show for me. I loved Jill Butt, the guy who is to remain a virgin, and the "I Swear I'm Not A Narc Guy." Horatio, getting some more show time, was great singing "I Got High." Jimmy was great, too, how could I forget him? A great sketch this go round and Seann was so funny.
Grade: A+

Sum 41 Performs:
I love Sum 41. They did my two favorite songs from them: Fat Lip and In Too Deep. They were great, again. Classic American Pie and teen summer ballards.
Grade: A

Weekend Update:
This Update was pretty good. I liked Tracy's whole "Shake Um Down" thing. Also, they made another reference to Tracy smoking weed. The joke-off was funny, but the topic was kind of disgusting. The highlight was def. the Shark bit with Tina. I love this bit, from the early SNL days, and this was great. Also, seeing Chevy Chase come on, made it even better. A good update, and so far a good show, minus the PVU commercial.
Grade: A-

Will Showing Patriotism by Wearing a Thong:
This was GREAT. How could anyone not love this? I liked when Seann asked Will why those shorts, were so short. Also, Horatio's little comments to Will. It was so funny even the cast was laughing on stage. Although, seeing Will half naked is not that appealing, it was still so funny. A standout sketch.
Grade: A+

The How Do You Say? AH YES..Show with Antonio Banderas:
THIS SKETCH IS TOO SEXY, NO MY FRIEND IT'S TOO SEXY, I CAN'T REVIEW IT!BUT I MUST! I love this sketch too much. Chris is great as Antonio and the band is hilarious. Jimmy yelling at Chris to stop undressing was great. I thought Horatio was in the band, though. Anyway, this was still great.
Grade: A++

Jack Handey's Book:
I guess they brought Jack Handey back. This wasn't funny, it was pretty dumb.
Grade: D

Sum 41 Performs:
(See comments above)

The Approval Group:
This was okay. I liked Seann as the redneck. It was a cute idea, but played out more like a commercial. It was decent.
Grade: C+

Date with a Porn Star:
This was another attempt at being clever that didn't really play out. Tracy at the end was funny, but it trailed off a little.
Grade: C

Closing Statements:
Overall, a very good show and better than the premiere. The show trailed off a little at the end, but the beginning and middle were strong enough to keep it alive. Next week Drew Barrymore, who I love, is hosting. Macy Gray I don't like, especially since she messed up the National Anthem a couple weeks ago. Anyway, Stifler was great, and I enjoyed his show a lot.

Sketch of Night: Will in a Thong
Worst Sketch of Night: Porn Star Date
Person of Night: Will Ferrell (Thong Sketch)

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