Seann William Scott / Sum41
October 6, 2001

Preshow Thoughts:

I would've liked to have seen a Ben Stiller show than him. Hopefully he'll do good.

Where's bin Laden? - Grade 100

Great opening. Funny. "You messed up." "You broke rule number one. You messed with Texas. Don't mess with Texas." Would've been nice if Dick Cheney made an appearence.

SWS's Mono - Grade 83

Predictable and well I thought it could be better.

Law & Order: Parking Violations Unit - Grade 98

Hi-larious! About time something like this was done. They should do this throughout the season but different things happening.

Jeffrey's - Grade 94

Another predictable yet funy sketch. Once again Will comes in at the end. Prada jet pack...

Emmy Preshow - Grade 91

I thought it would be the awards given out, but still it was still funny at the red carpet. Great impressions by all.

Jarett's Webcast - Grade 88

"Jill Butt." That says it all. Or Will with that moustache.

Sum 41 - I've heard before so both times I turned it to hockey.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - Grade 95

Once again another high quality WU. Of course it was kinda tainted with Chevy Chase making an appearence, but he was doing the classic shark at the door thing.

Red, White and Too Short - Grade 93

Well it was a revolting thing, but it was funny. "Why are pants long?" Of course when the thing ripped you could see the flesh coloured thong underneath. I don't see how that was comfortable.

The Antonio Banderas How Do You Say? ...Ah Yes, Show - Grade 85

"NO! NO! TOO SEXY!" ? Could've been funnier. Amy seems to be in a lot of sketches this week. Well she wasn't in any last week. "I must."

My Big Thick Book - Grade 78

Not funny. I don't want to see anymore this season.

Approval Center - Grade 80

Acceptable filler.

Porn Girlfriend - Grade 84

Had some bright spots but wasn't great. Amy is sexy.

Funniest Performer: Will Ferrell (President Bush, Dale, Jeffrey's employee)

Funniest Sketch: Cold Opening: Where's bin Laden

Overall Show Rating: 89

Wasn't as great as last week's, which some media types didn't think was funny. But hey it was a good effort. Drew Barrymore hosts next week. Hopefully it won't be as crappy as Tom Green's was last year.

Reese Witherspoon - 94 Seann William Scott - 89

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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