Winona Ryder / Moby
May 18, 2002

Cold Opening - awsome! Go Maya and her spanish/spanish accent! And Will's spanish! And Darrell's awsome Jimmy Carter impression!! Very good and not your average political sketch. I liked the spanish "live from New York it's saturday night!" Good, very good. 10/10

Monolgue - what's with her hair? Oh well. AAHAHAHAHA! The security camera thing is sooooooooooooooooooooo funny! SO funny! Everyone was so funny on that, I laughed SO HARD when they showed Tina shaving! HAHAHA! And they even had Lorne! Woo! Go Lorne! Too bad Winona didn't talk much more though. It's cool that she's so open to making fun of herself though. 9/10

Jeopardy sketch - Jimmy as Dave Matthews, funny. Winona as Bjork lol! Tina was Bjork before. Yes Sean Connery YES YES YES! Oh I am going to miss this so much, our last Will as Alex Trebec! All together now "awww". Oh oh oh! The real Alex Trebec! I knew there was going to be a special guest but I didn't know who! So awsome! 10/10

Best Lines - "Sometimes when I put my oranges in a circle, I think of my thoughts, and they make me laugh"-Bjork, Winona Ryder
"Are you Icelandic or retarded?"-Alex Trebec, Will Ferrell
"I Garfunkled your mother"-Sean Connery, Darrell Hammond
"Well well well two Trebecs, this is starting to look like a raisin bran commercial, two scoops of fruit"-Sean Connery, Darrell Hammond

Uncle Mike and Uncle Danny sketch - funny concept. I like David's parents reaction to the "uncles" hehe. They're song is so funny and cute. once again, "awww". Lol "I celebrate my love for you...when I make love to you" Oh no interpretive dance by Horatio! Scary!

Best line - "I'm not the talker I just sign the checks" - Uncle Danny, Will Ferrell

Bearologist sketch - Amusing, I haven't seen a soap opera sketch in a while. Haha, Ana is funny in this. Haha...Seth is in more skits tonight, very cool. Jimmy was trying hard not to laugh, he never can keep a straight face! 8/10

Best Line - "He killed her I sware, a TV watching bear shot my wife!" - Bear researcher, Will Ferrell

Botox commercial - It was okay. The end was gross with them drooling heh. 7/.10
"Botox it's not just for ethnic cleansing anymore" - Maya

Playhouse sketch - Amusing, creative, sort of. I love Amy's Amber character it's so grossly funny! It was sorta pointless though so... 7/10

Best line - "When I flash this ebony beave in this magazine it'll be for Harriet Tubman" - Maya
"I just hope God thinks I'm hot enough to win" - Rachel
"You bitch, God hates you" - Rachel

Weekend Update - I like Tina's hair tonight! and Jimmy's. Hehe she started a joke and stopped. Yay more spongebob! Gotta love it. Aw poor Tina she wants a baby! She talks about her Chicago life woot! This is a GREAT Tina rant! OMG! "EITHER YOUR COOTER WORKS OR IT DOESN'T!" HELL YEAH HELL YEAH!! SHE SAID COOTER! *rock on!* She said Dratch, Poehler, and Maya. Why not Rudolph? lol. Very cute very cute indeed. Yay Neil Diamond! Will rocks! He's retiring from show biz, once again let's all go, "awww". Rian Pearman, Cheers reunion, heh. Love Tina and Jimmy's facial expressions. Gay Hitler, Heraldo Rivero, drunk girl, and the real Neil Diamond OH MY GOD YEAH! This is SO AWSOME! TOTALLY AWSOME! 15/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best lines - "Never give the president something important to read while he is watching Spongebob Squarepants." - Jimmy
"Either your cooter works or it doesn't" - Tina
"You guys wanna go and stare at Ana some more?" - Amy
"One man said the quake was so strong it shook the gay out of him" - Tina

Moby - I like Moby. He's a cool guy. His music is okay, it's not like I own any of his CDs but it's not like I change the station when he's on the radio either. Yeah. His bass player chick is bizarre looking. Crazy bleached hair and like..weird teeth...but a cool tattoo on her arm. Eh..she looks like a cross between my friend Katie, another girl I know, and Bif Naked. hehe. OH man! I just realized, Moby looks so much like my friend James. They have the same shiny brown eyes and facial features sorta. Except well, Moby has no hair whatsoever and James has long curly locks and facial hair. But they're both cute.

Luvahs sketch - Yes! They're in the hot tub! That is always the best! *flashback to Drew Barrymore* Will in a speedo, oh baby. eh..hmm. Winona keeps looking at the lines or something heh. Hey someone ran by the window. Yay go techies! Roast chicken in the hot tub, hehe. Gotta *luv* it. Splash splash, I think Jimmy enjoys playing in water. What the hell is Winona wearing? Yeah okay so Winona totally did not slip and fall unconcious well at all. Heh sorta a melodramatic ending but overall it was good. 8/10

Best lines - "It's hot tub, not hottub" - Jimmy
"Okay okay okay, who's hand is on my culdisack" - Jimmy
"No how could that possibly be my voice you dumbass, get off!" - Will

Mango sketch - Little Women 2 hehehe. Is Chris Kattan really 5'6'? me too! Hahaha three way. Yay Moby in a sketch! He has an alien lol. This is cute so far, not totally outrageous like Mango sketches usually are. Lol.......Moby is wearing a "I heart Eminem" shirt. That is so funny! Heh...Winona making fun of her shoplifting. Chris looks cute as a sailor heh. Oh dear god, not the black horizontal lines! *dies*. Kissing through glass haha...yeah. 8/10

Best lines - "Okay let me just hook up the three way, no not that kind of a three way!" - Mango, Chris Kattan
"Stealing is wrong" - Winona Ryder
"what what what who but what what?" - Mango, Chis Kattan

Moby - yes Southside, love this song! *rocks out* wow his violinist has wacky hair. They cut him off! aww, that's not nice. But if that means more sketch time that's fine I guess. That doesn't really make sense though, because they wouldn't have cut him off in real life would they? So why does it matter? Eh...

Will Ferrell goodbye sketch- this is so great! ALL TOGETHER NOW, "AWWWW!!!!" That is all.

Best lines - ALL OF THEM.

"We'll miss you Will!" - The Crew! <~That right there is the best part of all! Love for the techies yo!

what a time. what a time.


Episode Review written by Jill

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