Winona Ryder / Moby
May 18, 2002

Hey* I am Courtney and this is my first review! I am a HUGE fan of SNL and Jimmy Fallon.. and I was looking forward to the season final ALL WEEK! Last week with Kristen Dunst was so funny.. and I thought that since it was the last show it would be even better then last week. Since it was Will Farrell last show I knew it was going to be great and he was going to be in every sketch! BOY WAS I SO WRONG! I was so0o0o0o0o upset last night when almost every sketch was stupid and I didn't laugh. Will Farrell was in every sketch but wasn't used and I don't know how some of them were not cut! I can't believe how bad it was! Almost every sketch was stupid and not funny. I felt sorry for Winona because she was in one of the worst episode of SNL.
Before the show I was so excited, I say a commercial for it and Winona was being a good sport, by making fun of her self! So I was like this is going to be a GREAT episode! I knew it was going to be Will Farrell last show and he is so funny.
At first I thought it was going to be funny.. But Jimmy Carter sounded just like Al Gore. I had NO idea it was Will Farrell until he like 2 minutes in the skit. This was boring and not funny. I was disappointed because the political sketches are usually very funny!
::GRADE:: C-
This was funny! I really thought Winona was a good sport, she could make fun of her self. She was really funny and Tracey was GREAT, I thought it was so funny when he said well I cant think of a lie right now! That was Classic! Then the hidden cameras were so funny! Very clever.. When Will was spray painting... Tina was shaving.. Horatio was dressing like a girl... This was a great monologue! Sometimes the monologue are stupid.. cough cough kristen dunst cough cough.. but this was funny!
::GRADE:: A-

I liked this sketch.. it could have been soooo much better. Jimmy Fallon was SO funny as Dave! I like DMB and this made me laugh.. They should make fun on DMB WAY MORE! Winona was really funny as Bjork.. It kind of got old though.. They could have been a little more creative.. but what can u do? Sean Connery is ALWAYS funny! No matter what they say Alex Trebek and Sean Connery fighting is ALWAYS funny! What are they going to do without Will? I hope they don't stop doing this sketch cause it usually is good! The best part is when the real Alex Trebek came out.. That was such a shock! I think they could have made it better, but it was still funny!
::GRADE:: B+

All I can say is... ODD! I thought this was kind of pointless and stupid! I mean if this didn't get cut what did? Why was Horatio dancing? That was so stupid and not funny. I was sitting there and thinking.. who is laughing at this? It was funny when they sang the first time, but other then that I was like this is so STUPID! This should have been cut!
::GRADE:: D-

I think this was worse then Uncle Danny and Uncle Mike.. I thought this was the worst thing I have ever seen on SNL! What was the point of this? This so bad I can't express how bad I thought this was! There are NO words!
::GRADE:: F-

I really like when they do commercials.. I think they are very funny! This didn't disappoint me at all!
It was funny and very random! The end was gross but it was great!

I thought this was funny. Maybe I thought this because almost every other sketch was so bad. Rachel, Maya, Amy and Winona were great but I thought this could have been better. It was missing something....
::GRADE:: C+

I don't think Weekend Update is every bad. Jimmy and Tina are always so funny, and are great together! When Tina talked about career women having a baby and then Maya, Rachel and Amy complaining about it, that was funny. I thought it was really short though. When they brought out Gay Hitler, Drunk Girl, Neil Diamond, and Geradlo Rivera... that was funny. I thought it was rushed though. The best was to see the real Neil Diamond come out....
I thought was a good Weekend Update!
::GRADE:: A-

I don't really like Moby's music, but I did watch it and I thought he did very well. I mean I might just go and buy the CD.. "might"...

The best sketch of the night! Will Farrell in a Speedo.. TO FUNNY! I am sorry.. but Jimmy Fallon is a bathing suit is going to be a GREAT Sketch! You know it's funny when the actors start laughing! I always like these skit and this was not disappointing at all! Rachel and Will are always funny together... I am upset because we will never see this skit again! After last week with Kristen I am surprised that Jimmy didn't make out with Winona! It was kind of random when she "slipped" but oh well... everything else was good!

I think Chris Kattan is soo0o0o0o funny as Mango! Winona.. you are great! I don't think I would have the guts to make fun of myself as much as you did! GOOD FOR YOU! Moby was good and I like when they put the musical guest in the sketches! I loved what Winona wore.. The "FREE MANGO" T-shirt! I also loved what Moby wore... I heart Eminem! I thought this could have been longer and could have been better!

Didn't watch the second performance!

::*Farewell To Will*::
I thought was really nice! I thought this was a great way to say good-bye to Will! Tracy was so funny! I was actually laughing.. for like the 2nd time all night... This was so nice and I was really sad to see Will leave!

After all week of waiting for the Season Final I was very upset! If you read all my comments for each skit you'll see.. "COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER" or "STUPID"! I really hope this isn't what next year is going to be like! SNL is my favorite show and I don't want to be upset after watching it! Kristen Dunst was so funny and this was bad way to go out! My overall grade for the show was a "C-" I hope Will has good luck with his movie career cause he really is funny! I hope next year is sooo much better!!!!! Jack Black is on next week.. which I was mad about! I thought they were going to put the Season Premiere on with Reese Witherspoon! Which is one of the best episodes Ever!!! But what can you do! Good Luck Will...!

: : * C o u r t n e y * : :

Episode Review written by Courtney

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