Winona Ryder / Moby
May 18, 2002

Oh yes its me Angie, down here in Florida, and I hate being sooo far away from NY. I think I'm gonna hunt Will down steal him, and put him in my closet and take him out when I'm sad to make me laugh. (don't worry im just joking, that's a little sick) Just thought i'd add this: wow i hate the beach, you northerners aren't missing anything good.

bythe way the new movie 'the new guy' totally has an Albanian chik in it, and I'm so albanian and so is john belushi. She says thank you in alabanian in the movie! It's sooo rad! (nobody cares, thats ok)

It's Will's last show and frankly I'm pissed. I hated when he left to make movies, but now what will i do when he's gone for good? We don't want him to leave, Lorne wants him to stay, and so does the cast. Cant he take a hint?? WE NEED HIM~!!

About a half an hour before SNL i ran into a glass table, and hurt my knee, it swelled up badly. My brother made fun of me and yelled at me so i hit him, and then my hand started to throb. I'm telling you just in case i write "OW" somewhere in my review.

Not too bad, not too good, I think Will shoud've done a dubya sketch. Was it just me and my few spanish words or was will really speakin spanish? I think they coud've done better with this, and I'm glad Will got to say "LFNYISN" I like Maya don't get me wrong but he should've said it himself.
3/5 dirty cubans ( was mine the only tv who messed up during this??)

MONOLOUGE: "jimmy shouldn't be drinking lornes coffee"
VERY FUNNY, in fact this was great. I'm glad winnona made fun of the stealing thing.
Tina shaving- (thats how she got her scar)
Jimmy, coffee pot- (I'm not too sure but i think he's peeing)
The new guys- Expressing their thoughts about who is leaving)
Darrell, Ana- (whose the father!!??) dun...dun.. DUN!!!
5/5 stolen shirts

JEPORDY: "aaaand shut it"
Oh how i missed sean connery!! Two scoops of fruit!! Wow there really isn't anything I can say it was awesome and thats all there is to it.
5/5 scoops of fruit

THE 2 DAD WEDDING: " Tonight....I celebrate my love for you!!"
You gotta love the look on Rachel's and Chris' face!! My mom says about Will and Parnell "they're such asses"- but in a good way. They really took the stereotype over board, but this was none-the-less funny!
5/5 gay men

This was supposed to be on the gwen paltrow episode!! And it was cut for a reason, it wasn't funny at all. I feel bad saying that cuz i know will wrote it. AWWW i hate hating it!
1/5 fake bears

My sister is in TV news and is totally serious about getting this stuff. I got a weird vibe about it from her, when she watched it. I thought it was mad funny though.
5/5 drooling mouths

PLAYBOY SEARCH: "shut up pogo stick"
Very odd, but amy made it funny, and when maya said "its me and 3 whhite bitches" you had to laugh. Amy svaed this with the farts because otherwise it wasn't that funny.
3.5/5 legs

I loved the spongebob joke, the priest joke was good too though. I don't think you can say "cooter" on TV though. I started to tear up when Will came out, and then when everyone came out, I loved it!! GREAT WU
5/5 Neil diamonds

Wow he is horrible, I hate him. But I think he is sometimes funny---I heart Eminem shirt--- I dont rate music though

LUVAHS: "hot tub"
I saw this one on the drew barrymore sketch and I loved it!! I usually hate these, but I loved this one too. Will's putting the moves on jimmy!!
5/5 hot tubs

Not bad, I liked the glamour shots though. The kiss was odd.
2/5 prisoners

valuble air time was wasted yet again on moby!
They cut my moby performance, email me if yours did too.

The tribute was awesome!! I truly cried i couldnt help it!! AWW!!
5/5 Will Ferrells

Best performer: WILL
Worst sketch: Bearology, mango
Best sketch: Luvahs, tribute, WU

OVERALL A+!!! this was awesome (minus 2 sketches)!! AWW I cant wait till will hosts in the future!

Unntil next year, goodnight and have a pleasant tomarow!!

Episode Review written by Angie

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