Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

Pre-show thoughts:

I liked the last episode Gywneth hosted. I especially liked the sketch she did with Jimmy. It was the Mindy and Sky sketch. I have not seen Shallow Hal yet. Well, anyway on to the review.

Cold Opening-President Bush's 8 myths.

This opening was pretty good. I liked how when Bush was talking and they started putting the words in Arabic on the bottom of the screen. That was pretty funny! I also liked the crack about the mustachieod women and the lesbian robots. lol! I loved the burp, fart and sneeze joke.  This sketch was very good.  B+

Fave lines: "If you burp, fart and sneeze at the same time then you will die."


Gywneth was wearing a pretty interesting outfit. It was pretty though. I liked it when Maya came out and they showed pictures when they were kids. The faces they made in that one pic were pretty funny. I liked it when they started singing the Flashdance song I like that song. Maya has a good voice as does Gywneth. A-

Sully and Denise:

This is one of my fave reacurring sketches. This sketch was hilarious.   Jimmy kind of reminded me of Fred Astaire with the tux and the top hat.  I think it is so funny when Zazoo and Sully call each other names and then they always make out. I loved the Nomar #5. Gywneth did a good job too. It was funny when Jimmy goes, "I can make her arm look like a butt." ha ha. Amy was good. Tina Fey was funny in this sketch too. I almost did not recognize her because she cut her hair. She looks like she lost some weight. Anyways, a great sketch. A+

Fave lines: "I need a little bit more cock."

"She is more emotional than a mexican soap opera."

"Nomar #5

"Your wet buns better have a weiner in them."

"I can make her arm look like a butt!"

Gemini's Twin:

I liked this sketch. The outfits were cool. I guess Jimmy did not want to be Carson in the sketch. But anyway, Dean Edwards was cool. The album name was funny,"America the Bootyful" I liked when Gywneth goes "Sam Goody". A-

Fave lines: Sam Goody!

Old Guy's Birthday:

This sketch was not that funny at the beggining but it got funnier when Chris came in. It was funny how Gywneth and Ana kept making those comments about him being Arabic when he was not. Will was funny. The accents were funny. B+

Tv Funhouse: Michael Jackson

This sketch was hilarious. I liked the part where he went to the mall and tried to fight his obssesion for the little boys. Liz Taylor' s arm and Marylin Monroes ashes were hilarious. I was rolling on the floor laughing when he hit the flag. A+

fave lines: "In five minutes, I will be in pubeless heaven."

Ryan Adams:

I liked the song he sung. A+

Weekend Update:

I have always thought Weekend Update was hilarious but I think this one was the most hilarious of the season. I guess Tina was wearing a wig since she had her hair short in the other sketch. My fave jokes were the mayor joke, the Geraldo Riveria joke, the U.S. Airforce joke and the Pizza Party Against Terrorism. The cheesy bread joke was funny. Darell Hammond was funny as Rudy G. The other jokes I found funny were the Maddona joke and the marijuana joke. The scoot away from Anthrax thing was great! It was funny when Chris came out and then Darell tells him to leave and then starts singing the Lollipop song. It was hilarious when Horatio came out and drew those cartoons. A great WU. A+

Fave lines:

"I know you make only seven dollars an hour but you have got to get it together."

"Get your head out of your ass!"

"Will we pay for cheesy bread, no!"

Family Dinner Time:

This sketch was hilarious. The way that Amy and Gywneth were talking was funny. They had some pretty funny responses to Ana's questions. Will and Ana were also good. It was a bit annoying with the plate clanking. Otherwise, a good sketch. B

"What if I bust a cap in your ass."

Speak english at the dinner table."

Mango and Gwyneth:

Mango is back. I loved this sketch. Seth did an excellent job of impersonating Hugh Grant. It was hilarious when Mango and Gywneth start singing and it is to the tune of "Summer Lovin." The lyrics were hilarious! They actually used Tracy in the sketch. Yeah!  It was funny when they groaned at the end of the song.  I liked it when Matt Damon came in. Very good sketch. A+

Fave lines: "Boobies give me the creeps."

"Why does everyone think I am the homo gay."

Fiesta Politica:

This sketch was funny. The accents they had were funny. I liked how that when they cut to Horatio he would say something funny.  Horatio was good in the sketch and so were Darell and Gywneth. Tracy was in here again, wohoo! A-

Overall Grade: B. Very good and hilarious episode. Gywneth did a good job hosting.

I am sorry if I mispelled anybody's name.

Episode Review written by Suzie Q.

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