Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

What's up? I think I'll start off by warning everyone about Shallow Hal.
Contrary to what many of the critics think of it, I thought it was extremely
slow and really not that funny. It has already made $22 million but I really
didn't think it was that great. Whatever, if you want to see it I won't stop
you that's just my take.

Gwyneth Palrow, who's of course the star of Shallow Hal is up this week with
musical guest Ryan Adams (who the hell is Ryan Adams?). Paltrow hosted a
mediocre episode a couple seasons ago, so hopefully she'll be better this
time. Here's the review:

OPENING: George W. Bush Opening

Pretty much, just another George W. Bush opening. Mispronouncing words, and
acting nervous. Nothing new. I think they should take this to some other
level because it's really starting to sag. C-

MONOLOGUE: Gwyneth Paltrow

Not a great monologue, but not bad. It looks like it wasn't a joke that Maya
and Gwyneth grew up together, and it was a pretty good idea to address that.

Sully & Denise

This is one of the best Sully & Denise sketches that I've seen. Gwyneth was
making it pretty obvious that she was reading from a card. Amy Poehler, as
usual was hilarious and everything else worked very well. A-

Gemini's Twin

Dean Edwards is easily the worst of the four new cast members this season. He
always just tries too hard. As far as he may be going for laughs, they just
don't come. Other than that, this was a decent sketch. Not hilarious, but not
boring either. B

The Atteburys

I remember seeing this sketch in the Kevin Spacey/Beck episode from 5 years
ago, when McKinney was still around. I was very surprised to see it back
again. This was pretty funny. It went on a bit long, but Gasteyer always
seems to keep things moving pretty well. B

CARTOON: Michael Jackson

I don't think I've seen this since 1994. Not that that's a problem, this was
funny. The Marlon Brando bit was hilarious, and the child-molestation jokes
were very funny. This is definitely on of the better cartoons this season. B+


no grade


As always, Weekend Update delivers. Darrell Hammond as Giullianni was
fantastic as usual, and Sanz' bit as the obscene artist was hilarious. A

Dysfunctional Family

Is this the episode for resurrecting thousand year old sketches. First The
Atteburys then Michael Jackson and now this. This may not have been quite as
funny as in the Sarah Michelle Gellar/Portishead episode from 3 years ago,
but it still worked. The awkward silence at the dinner table is a very
familiar thing to me and my family. A


I have to say, the highlight of this sketch was the extraordinarily funny and
accurate Hugh Grant impression by Seth Meyers. This is definitely something
to consider if they ever do Celebrity Jeopardy again. Paltrow started to
daydream in the middle and missed her solo. Don't worry we all make mistakes.
Kattan as Mango was good as usual, and the Matt Damon cameo at the end was a
big surprise (I don't read the sketch spoilers). B+

Fiesta Politica

This was stupid, annoying, and altogether ridiculous. But why was it so
funny? With Sanz' close-ups and the performance of Hammond, I considered this
to be a winner. B

Jack Handey and his ridiculous book

This sketch obviously serves as nothing more than a time-killer. D-


This is the 2nd best episode of the season, right behind John Goodman last
week. All in all, despite a slow start I say C for Paltrow's movie and A- for
her SNL episode. She did a very good job this week, as did all of the cast
members with the exception of Dean Edwards.

Next week we've got Billy Bob Thornton who I guess is promoting The Man Who
Wasn't There, with musical guest Creed. Until then, this is Peter A. saying

Episode Review written by Peter A.

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