Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

Preshow Thoughts: I like Gwenyth and I had a feeling this wuld be a great show!! I didn't know who Ryan Adams was though! Oops...

Opening: *President Bush's Address*
Wow...Will is really good with the impression now! I liked this opener it was really funny! I love the way he portrays Bush!

Gwenyth's Monologue: I had no idea she grew up with Maya I thought it would be that Amy girl.. I like the joke about Gwenyth being the beauty queen and Maya her maid!

Boston Teens Sully & Zazzo Fall Formal: These have to be my favorite sketches!! Jimmy Fallon is great...I liked the Nomar written on his tux and he says he'll dye it black!


Gemini's Twin MTV Weekend Special: Geez...Alright this was funny when Destiny's Child was on so they could show they were making fun of them but I don't really like it that much anymore!! Nice to see Dean Edwards (He has a real future on SNL wait and see) as Sway! it was a perfect impression! Dead On..


Socialite: This one was pretty good...I like the whole Chris Kattan camel to shine his magic lamp...


Saturday TV Funhouse Michael Jackson: I felt bad to laugh at this but it was funny...I enjoyed the whole Hannah Barbara take on it...


Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey: Ah, these are what I look forward to all week..The pizza party bit was great!! Derrel's Rudy was perfect! haha


Family Dinner: The only time I saw this one was when Sarah Michelle Gellar hosted.. I like Gwenyth's "Shut Up Biotch!" line. And when they left she made a gun with her fingers and yelled "Bang-Bang"


Mango: Mango is another one of my favorites...Okay I have a lot of favorites..Him and Gwenyth dated that was great. They flash back to the 80's and you see him wearing the 69 jersey! Good Stuff huh?

FIESTA POLITICA: Umm wow.. They always have to do a crazy foreign sketch at some point right?? This was good...I really only cracked up when Tracy Morgan came out..

JACK HANDEY'S BIG THICK NOVEL: These have always been hilarious to me!!

I didn't get to see the end of the show where everyone if gathered together and the host says her thank-you's it just ended..
Overall Grade: *95*

Well I still say Tracy Morgan NEEDS to be used MORE!! I remembered his character now! The homeless one! It's Woodrow!! Right? Well, I'd like to see that...Jimmy Fallon isn't on as much as he was last season and that sucks!! I'd like to see more Seth Myers and Dean Edwards...
I'm kind of dissapointed when I compare this seasons shows to last seasons and the season before...Maybe it because there is no Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri and Tim Meadows!!
I still have the whole season to determind that though!!

Best Sketch:Boston Teens or Mango
Worst Sketch: Fiesta Politica, Gemini's Twin


Episode Review written by Mia Michaud

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