Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

This is my first review although I've read even though I have read all the other ones. A little overview of me: I LOVE SNL. I'm 15 years old. I can't pick a favorite character because everybody is so good, I don't even think I really dislike anybody. Ok, enough about me, on to the review!

Opening Sketch- I think Will Ferrel does an amazing Bush impression. Maybe because i hate Bush, maybe because it was jsut really funny, but I thought this skit was great! especially how will kept on saying, dos, cuatro. It's nice to see Bush back on the show, it makes things seem a little more normal (as if normal is even a possibilty for SNL)

Monolauge- This was cute. I liked seeing Maya out there, she's great, just not in enough sketches. I liked the Falshdance song. They sounded great.


Boston Skit- MY FAVORITE!!! I live in Boston so seeing them do this is just hilarious. Jimmy and Rachel are soooo good. The accents are over exagerated but who really cares? It's funny stuff. NOMAAAAA!!! your retarded, you are!

A+++++++ (ok, so im going overboard, so what?)

Geminis Twin- This skit was funny at some points. Right on with the stupid MTV vj stuff. I liked how Mya kept twirling her long fingernails. Didn't make me laugh all that much though, except for when Gwen was talking about how she joined the band.


Birthday Party- This was funny, but the voices were unbearable. It was like nails down a chalk board. Will was awesome, I liked when he offered Chris the drink adn he took it right away. Overall, pretty funny.


Cartoon- That frightened me and it was kinda predictable. I don't like Michael Jackson, he's so scary. Why did he do that stuff to himself?


Music- Ryan Adams was great. He did such a good job and so did....oh, im sorry, i forget his name...the guy on the sax, he was AMAZING. Why did he only do one set? thats not fair.


Weekend Update- This was by far, amazing. I was cracking up the entire time. The pizza party, Rudy, Horatio, it was all good. The way jimmy got sooo upset made me start cyring and when horaio did the eye thing, I was cracking up. A GREAT wu.


Family Dinner- This was kind of long and tedious but Will was very funny. "I ride a stationary bike!" The clicking silverware started to get to me and I wanted to change the chanell but I didnt. it wasn't that funny but still good.


Mango- hahaha, I can't believe Matt Damon smacked Mangos ass!!! I was cracking up! OH MY GOSH?! did u see that hugh grant impression? Could Seth have been more dead on? Just because of that this gets a good grade.

A+ (the plus is for seth!)

Fiesta Politica- Horatio was good, Maya looked nice, Darrell is awesome and the little chuhuaha was adorable but other than that it wasnt very funny. It was very annoying actually. I hope it was just a fill in skit, and not a recurring one.


Jack Handy- This was so random and so Jack Handy so I thought it was pretty funny. It was a little too predictable for him though. Those are getting a bit played out.


Overall Grade- A

The show was good. I didn't have a hard time staying awake or anything. I was laughing more than 3/4 of the time and I really enjoyed it. The excellent skits made up for the bad ones so I really enjoyed this episode.

Episode Review written by Jessica Almeida

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