Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

PRESHOW: Hmmmm...Who's Ryan Adams? Ah yes, that guy with a cloud of irony around him.

OPENING: Yippie! Dubya! This wasn't as great as when they did it in the second episode, but it wasn't a total waste.  B

MONOLOGUE: It was interesting at first, because hey, what a coincidence. Then it got old. Then there was singing.  C+

SULLY AND DENISE: I love Sully and Denise! This was hilarious, bravo, bravo. You can't go wrong with Sully and Denise. I thought the world was going to end when Tina turned up at the end of the was just one of those magical days where weird things happen. A+

GEMINI'S TWIN: As an on-and-off fan of Destiny's Child I can always appreciate this. It was would've been better if Gwyn (that doesn't look right) wasn't such a good singer.  B

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS: But I was bored. I kept thinking, "Dang, and I thought this was going to be a good episode." Like I said, I was bored.  D

MICHAEL JACKSON:  Hahaha. If you can make fun of Michael Jackson, I can laugh, because he gives me the creeps. No, actually, he just makes me laugh. Look at his face. LOOK AT HIS NOSE! Ha!  A

WEEKEND UPDATE: Ohhhhhh. These make me so giddy! I love Jimmy! That sounds like I am a crazy teenager...which I am not. I simply appreciate him to a certain extent past normacy. IS THAT SO MUCH? The whole thing was funny. I loved when they did Rudy and said "I'm king of the whole frickin' world"...or something along those lines. I've only seen it far. I also loved the cartoon thing at the end. That was funny. I can't wait to show all my friends this. A++++++++++++++++

GANGSTAH WHITE SUBURBAN CHICKS AT THE DINNER TABLE: This is so stupid, but so true. I am a white suburban chick, not a gangster one, but I do know the gangster ones, and they are just like that. I really liked this. I found it quite funny. I'm gonna do that "POP POP!" thing to somebody tomorrow.

MANGO: The Mango thing scares my mom, but I think it's funny. Let's just hope they NEVER EVER EVER make a movie out of it. That would be bad. Seth Myers made a good thing better with his dead-on impression of Hugh Grant. And did you not find it hilarious when Gwyneth missed her cue? Ah yes, and "Boobies give me the creeps" was a great line.  B


OVERALL: I don't average my reviews...This will keep me laughing all week...I tape them all and knowing myself I will watch it all week. So my overall grade is A. I loved it. Let's see what Billy Bob (that weirdo...great in Bandits) and Creed (the over-played kings) can do.

Episode Review written by Colleen Shevonne

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