Gwyneth Paltrow / Ryan Adams
November 10, 2001

OVERVIEW - Gwyenth Paltrow hosted a couple of years back, and I thought she did a pretty good job. I remember it being one of my favorites that season. However, this week she finds herself in the unforgiving of hosting a SNL that is the 2nd in a series of 3 straight shows. This does not usually work out well. She is a good actress, I probably would say "A Perfect Murder" with Michael Douglas would be her best work. As far as Ryan Adams goes, I have no idea who he is or what he is about.

COLD OPENING - Not the best opener in the world. I see the Bush bashing is back in full swing after a brief hiatus. They've used the Bush spesaks bad spanish joke one too many times. In fact, I really cant recall many times at all when he has spoken spanish in front of the cameras or anything. Im doing this review on Thursday, so I have pretty much forgotten everything about the show by now.

MONOLOGUE- I think that picture was real.....It doesnt seem made up that Gwyenth and Maya grew up together, but I dont really know for sure. I do know for sure that Gwyenth looked a hell of alot better looking.

BOSTON TEENS - Its been a while since we saw this, and it has always been something I have found rather funny. Tonight though, it sounded a bit redundant and recycled. This sketch needs to get some new life too it. I will say that one of Horatio's only funny charatcers is Frankie in this skit. One joke that never gets old though is the Nomar part of it. Funny to see Fallon with Nomar on the back of his tux.

GEMINI TWIN - I dont think I've ever really liked this sketch all that much. Tonight was no exception. I hope this sketch is buried after this. Gwyenth did a good acting job here; the premise is just lame and Ana Gasteyer is so weak, it just didnt matter. Also, I dont really watch MTV so I think that I dont get some of the jokes.

RICH PEOPLE - I think, and I am probably wrong, that the last time this was attempted was 2 years ago when Tobey Mcgwire hosted. On a positive note, the show stayed constant until this point - it was bad. This sketch was unfunny, predicatble and lame. Chris Kattan wasnt very convincing as a foreigner and I wasnt all that impressed with Will. Ana and Gwyenth did a fine job, but not enough to save this.

CARTOON TV FUNHOUSE - This was funny. In 1994. One positive - Webster. There needs to be more of Webster in general in this world. He defently needs a new TV show.

MUSICAL GUEST RYAN ADAMS - A pleasant surprise. I liked this song and any song about New York, Washington, the United States ir anything like that is fine with me right now. I wish I could have understood more, but I all I really got was "I still love you New York." Seemed like kind of a short song. Maybe he should have gotten another song. It would have been better than some of the garbage tonight.

WEEKEND UPDATE - I'll be honest. Since I am doing this on Thursday, I dont remmeber anything. I dont remember it being very funny- as usual. The only thing I can recall was the "Weekend Update Pizza Party against Terrorism" which was alright.

DINNER TABLE - Usually a funny bit. Tonight it wasnt. Amy and Gwyenth not believable as teenagers. Even if they were believable, it still wasnt all that funny. I thought this sketch had been retired, but apperantly iit wasnt. Maybe it should be. It's run it's course. Will Ferrell can only be funny so many times saying he drives a Mitsubishi Galant.

MANGO - A surpise appearance by Matt Damon. Sweet.
GRADE C, Isnt this show over yet

SPANISH TV - Ok, this was one of the most blatant misuses of a good impression of Donald Rumsfeld by Darrell Hammond. That was a real good impression. I hope this is used again, just towards the beggining of a show and in a better form. He did Rumsfeld's face gestures perfectly. The part with Horatio was dumb, I highly doubt anyone laughed at that, and if so I would like to know what was funny about him eating a banana.
GRADE C+ (higher than it should be, I just want to encourage more Rumsfeld)

JACK HANDEY - Awful. But a good way to end this show.

I may have forgotten a sketch, it seems I might have. This show was bad. Maybe as bad as the Drew Barrymore one, but I cant remember. Even the time fillers last week were better than anything this week. I dont see how a show can go from so strong to so bad in just a week. It did though. The only thing I thought was decent was the Ryan Adams song. I am demanding more of Darrell's impression of Rumsfeld this week. I have a bold preiction to make for this mext week with Billy Bob Thorton hosting. This show is going to be a great one or an awful one. I am just not sure which one yet.

Gwyenth Paltrow did an ok job, but ive seen much better. She wasnt helped much by the poor writing.

ACTOR OF THE NIGHT - Darrell Hammond
WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Just about all, TV Funhouse
OVERALL GRADE - D (even though I gave everyhting a C pretty much)

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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