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March 2, 2002

This is my 13th review of the season and 28th overall. 1st since Team Canada beat Team USA 5-2 for the ice hockey gold.

Preshow Thoughts: Well this looks to be one of the worst shows in the last seven years. NO Darrell Hammond. - Sick. NO Will Ferrell - Shooting movie. HOST is Jonny Moseley - athelete. Ana is also pregnant. Well I do hope Darrell makes a full revovery. I was just sick last week. Still have the cough. But it felt great from feeling terrible to feeling normal plus Team Canada brought home the gold in hockey. Tremendously great game. I'll remember that untill I'm dead. Photo of moi made it into the paper cheering on Team Canada. Just want to say congrats to the Men's and Women's hockey teams. Perhaps mentioning of this might occur during the night.

I'm sure they'll be mention of the French judge. Hopefully Tina will have a rant about this. They've been off for three weeks, Olympic athelete who has is own video game is hosting, two long time vital and fan favourite castmembers aren't involved, the pressure is on. I am looking forward to Jon Stewart hosting next time. Its on my calendar. I only wrote Conan was hosting last year on my calendar so it means something I guess. Jon Stewart is of course the host of The Daily Show which I watch semi-daily. If I don't catch the first broadcast at 10, I'll see it later the next day at 6. Big SNL connection between the Daily Show as well. I'll save that for next week's preshow thoughts. Then Ian McKellan hosts. Great in LOTR. He should be with Oscar on Oscar night.

Oscar host is Whoopi Goldberg. Tsk tsk. C'mon. She's funny... on Hollywood Squares but the Oscars just aren't her thing. Last time she hosted. Not up to par set by Billy and dare I say David Letterman? I would rather have him hosting. One of my favourite Oscar moments was when Billy returned and he got out of this cave and Dave was flying a playing yelling "Why don't you start out with a joke? You can say Uma than Oprah." etc. you get the idea and then the plane crashes and Billy dodges it. Hillarious. Anyway Memento was the best of 2001, but got snubbed so I'll go for LOTR.

Letterman had his 20th Anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Missed it. Late Show is my favourite. Conan is the funniest of the four (five if you count Stewart) but overall the Late Show is the best late night show. Anyway it will be great if Dave could stay til 25 years and then retire, but if he retired in May I'd be fine with that. He's the current King of Late Night. Leno won't be on for 20 years. Conan maybe. Kilborn maybe. Same with Stewart. Favourite Late Show moment is of course Steve and Dave's Gay Vacation. Steve Martin and David Letterman enjoy being together after a show at the beach. Go to the website you should find it. Comedy gem.

So a athelete is hosting. Last athelete to host wasn't all that good. Atleast Derek Jeter had some well a known name. Jonny Moseley? If I hadn't seen the commerical for his video game I would've thought who the hell is this guy? He didn't grab any attention at the Olympics. Well he wasn't involved in a scandal. Well I've said this with the Britney show, very low expectations.

Hours before the show I found out CHRIS PARNELL WILL MAKE AN APPEARENCE! I was at SNL Recurring Characters website and checked the spoilers. Suprised to see this. And well the outlook of the show looks better.

Opening: - Additions to the Axis of Evil - 89

Wait a tic. Will was said to be filming a movie. Oh well. Maybe he showed up and quickly wrote it. France hates everything. They even hate themeselves. "Don't mess with Texas." I bet they have a shirt that says that. Weak opening for Bush standards.

Ladies and Gentlmen - 86

Decent mono. I was thinking castmembers would come up, but him talking about his fourth place celebration was quite good. Of course they have a Canadian drinking. I do have a Roots shirt, wore it the day the men won gold in hockey. The Swedes great as always.

Denise and Sully - 86

This wasn't up to par with other Denise and Sully sketches. Of course they incorporate skiing into the sketch. I was wondering why Rachel was wearing a scarf. "Sharpee!" Had some funny lines but just didn't cut it. Show looks like it might crash.

The O'Rielly Factor - 85

No commerical just straight ahead to Jeff trying something new. I haven't really seen the entire broadcast of The Factor on Fox News Channel, and by the number of laughs not many people in the audience does either. But the sketch had Chris Parnell. Remind you of those Chris Matthews sketches? Jeff has probably found a recurring sketch, all he had to do is make them funnier. Poor six year old girl.

Dismissed - 84

Haven't ever watched this show. Always miss it. The only funny thing was Amy and the one leg jokes. Great to see that Jonny isn't dull like Derek Jeter (it was like a black Al Gore was hosting). Really a stupid sketch. But no complaints for the ladies look.

The Continuing Adventures of Dinner Rolling Jonny Moseley - 83

C'mon. Predictable crap. Lame too. The ski pole in the chest was good, but really no laughs here. Free plug for his video game. Chris again appears.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - 90

Ah here we go. Guaranteed laughs. They still kept Amy's voice instead of going back to Chris' to introduce the great WU anchors. Great Al Gore joke. Some alright jokes here. That Hollywood thing just blew. The Canadian pairs Jamie and David were great. Of course terrible Canadain accents. He has a French-Canadian accent and she has a normal accent. They were all decked out in Roots. Great stuff. Who thought the real skating lovers would show up? You think they would the way they were in the spotlight. Well they've forever been imortalized, since years from now, on Comedy Central they'll be airing that. Oh, and isn't it apparent that she controls him. Alright the first time Kattan's voice went low then back to normal. Just stick to the bad reinactments and Gay Hitler. The pie stuff was the icing on the cake. I thought Tina might've seen some cream, but uh. Still could've been better, but so far the best stuff of the night.

Super Buzzers - 94

This should've opened the show! Have the Bush thing here. Game Show Network is practically all shows fromt the 70s and 80s. Almost the whole cast here. Didn't Jimmy sound like Robin Williams? ("Yes!") Anyway I'm sure the 'older audience' enjoyed this. Will's impression of Paul Lynn just kiled me, even though I have no idea who he is. Dean and Tracy making their one sketch appearence of the night. Oh wait two for Tracy. Tina outside WU? She really should just drop the head writer position and well be in more sktches 'cause she has shown she has the talent. Could she be the most beautiful women on the planet? Well sure. Rip Taylor capped off this great sketch. "Ellea Vader." This gets the Clinton Thumbs Up!

I Don't Dance! - 82

The only bright part was when Ana went off on her little tirade. It wasn't what it could've been. Chris and Ana reunited once again. Well hey they're only rumors.

Big Thick Book - 80

It was going alright. I mean the show wasn't the best, but it didn't need this. Chapter 1148?

Extreme Wedding - 83

Okay there was the mono, Denise and Sully, Jonny's Adventures and now this. Once again like all the sketches had atleast one funny line is said. The 'bro' stuff worked. Was only thing that worked. Maybe Will could've played the dad. Parnell could've been used better as the minister at the end.

Big Thick Book - 80

Please stop. Six more episodes left. They managed to sneak two in here.

Overall Show Rating - 85

Parnell was a great addition. It wasn't the worst show of the season. I still have mixed feelings. The average is 85 but well two Big Thick Books were apart of this show. Jonny showed that he could act, but mostly were skiing related. Will Ferrell was able to show, so the show didn't suffer that much. Darrell well his one or two appearences could've helped the show. Everything just didn't click. Great potential.

Funniest Three Sketches - Super Buzzers, Weekend Update, Additions to Axis of Evil

Four Bad Things - No Darrell, 2 Big Thick Books, poor sketches, Hollywood on WU

Funniest Performers - Chris Parnell (Super Buzzers host, Ski Pole Victuim #2), Will Ferrell (Bush, Paul Lynn, David), Jimmy Fallon (Sully, WU Anchor, George Gaines), Amy Poelher (Dismissed contestant, Jamie) Rip Taylor (Himself), Tina Fey (WU Anchor, Mary-Anne Mogley), Jeff Richards (Bill O'Rielly)

Impressive Impressions - Jeff Richards as Bill O'Rielly, Will Ferrell as President Bush and Paul Lynn, Jimmy Fallon as George Gaines, Dean Edwards as Nipsy Russell, Mya Rudolph as Charo, Ana Gasteyer as Joanne Worley, Tina Fey as Mary-Anne Mogley

Line From TV/Film That Best Describes This Show: "As all Super Buzzer fans know, he's usually funny." - Chris Parnell as Super Buzzer Host

Rankings - 01) Hugh Jackman, 02) Jack Black, 03) Ellen DeGeneres, 04) John Goodman, 05)Billy Bob Thorton

Next Week: Jon Stewart Giddy Up! Jonny Moseley knows skiing, and that was shown in the show. Jon Stewart knows comedy and that should show next week. So great show next week, maybe a sketch about Leperchauns will happen. Jon, Chris Kattan, Amy and I guess Rachel are all short so there you have it. How about a Jewish Leperchaun sketch? CHRIS PARNELL BETTER BE BACK!. I haven't found out why he has returned, but keep him with the cast. I mean it was a great opening credits. Chris Parnell followed by Amy. Perfect cast. Well Darrell wasn't present but next week. And was that Jimmy Fallon doing Don Pardo's intro. It didn't sound like the usual Don and it sounded so similar to Jimmy's impression of Pardo earlier in the season. Hopefully he's alright.

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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