Ian McKellen / Kylie Minogue
March 16, 2002

Hey everyone, this is my review so bear with me. I was going to send in a review for Jon Stewart because the episode was so funny, but I never got around to doing it. So I figured I should start with Ian McKellen.

Pre-show Thoughts- Ian McKellen, known for drama, but I hope he is good at comedy too, we want to keep the funny streak alive. NO MORE SPORTS FIGURES!!! Hope this week's is as good as lasts was!!

Cold Opening- I'm a little sick of political openings and I was hoping we wouldn't see one this week, but whatever. Funny, and good to see Darrell there instead of Will for a change.

Grade- B+

Live From New York...- Darrell Hammond

Monologue- Very funny. Much funnier than I expected from him. He had some great lines and they picked an Irish gay guy to host... oh, the irony. Wasn't as good as Jon's, but still very funny.

BEST LINE- "I feel really welcome, unlike the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City where they don't exactly encourage openly gay men, but they don't seem to mind the priests, though!!!"- Ian McKellen

Grade- A

Donatella Versace- Very funny, loved Ian's impression, it was scary how much Ian looked like him. WOW, Chris wasn't playing a gay man or a woman, that's a shocker!! It was hysterical when Kylie Minouge walked in and no one clapped until Maya said "Thank You Kylie", no one knew who she was!!

Grade- A

Delicious Dish- Good to see this back I'm surprised that they brought it back after Molly left. It was funny, especially when Rachel got all excited about the cabbage, LOL. Not as good as previous ones, but not horrible.

Grade- B

TV Funhouse- Two weeks in a row?? This one was pretty funny, Wynona Ryder was so funny, stealing the Oscars, LOL!! Bjorks's dress becoming alive was funny too, hehe.

Grade- B+

Hot Air Balloon Mystery Theater- Can you say STUPID? This was the worst skit of the night, definitely up there with The Ferey Mühter Talk Show. The only funny part was when the went from when Chris Parnell killed Chris Kattan back to the present time because you could see everyone get back into place, LOL.

Grade- C-

Kylie Minouge- This is a good song, a little annoying (la la la, la la la la la, la la la, la la la la la) but still good. The dancing was great and it was very funny when they got a shot of her from the side and you saw Ian sitting there, something tells me that wasn't supposed to happen, whatever.

Grade- A

Weekend Update- This week was HYSTERICAL. This was by far the best skit of the night. No Chris Kattan?!?! The stories were great, but they were cutting off some of the pictures and they shouldn't have used the story about the terrorist alert thing because they used that in the opening. But when Ian McKellen came out as Dame Maggie Smith and kissed Jimmy at the end, I screamed so loud, I thought I woke my whole family up. Then when he said that line afterwards, my stomach hurt because I was laughing so hard from both his line and the shock of Jimmy kissing another man. But Jimmy, obviously, knew what was coming and didn't look that shocked afterwards, but did a better shocked look then he's done before. This was a great Update.
BEST LINE- "Does this mean I'm knighted? Or did I just get queened?"- Jimmy Fallon

Grade- A+

The Ferey Mühtar Talk Show- After the first couple of minutes I couldn't watch it anymore, I fast forwarded through the rest. The only funny part was Darrell's moustache falling off and when he started laughing when Ian came out.

Grade- D-

A&E- Edmund McGrace Presents: Life and Times of Charles Dickens- This was very funny, especially for late in the show. Loved all his kids and the old woman begging for money. When he went to put the wig on for the old lady the 2nd time he messed up and had no hair, LOL.

Grade- A

Kylie Minouge- This was a good song too. The lights were really cool as well. She is very pretty.

Grade- A

Kevin and Richie's Comic Book Zone- Funny, but not hysterical. An average final skit. Seth looked really weird with the wig. Ian did a really good impression of Gandolf, LOL, you knew that they were going to throw in LOTR in somewhere.



Post-show Thoughts- Much funnier than I though it would be. Ian McKellen did a great job and there were some great lines. There are no LIVE episodes for 2 weeks. But on April 6 Cameron Diaz is hosting and Jimmy Eat World is the musical guest (never heard of them), Should be another good show.
Good Night and have a pleasant tomorrow!!

Episode Review written by Katie

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