Derek Jeter / Bubba Sparxxx, Shakira
December 1, 2001

Go Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, and to the Phillies Offseason!

Overview - Well, we all know that Derek Jeter sucks and the Phillies rule
(yea you heard me. Bubba Sparxxx also sucks. As for Shakira, I bet she's
some kind of pop stuff, so I'll give her a big thumbs down approach. As for
athlete hosted shows... The Rock's show as excellent two years back...but
then again you can't classify wrestling a sport... Projected: C+

Opening - Very good, but Ferrell and Hammond always get the openings!!!
What's the deal? But, they forgot this clever one I made...If you are on
the Yankees, you must suck. B+

Monologe - Whoa, Jeter can hit? Not bad though. B

Commercial - Yea, it's the second time they've aired it, but it's still off
da hook. 'fo sheazy.
Good line: Kattan "Aww...I'm about to get my H on..." A

The Inglesias Brothers - Now, for the Jeter acting... He was dressed
hilariously, not bad acting. Fallon/Kattan/Poehler were good. B

Yankees Wives - Good Line "No one wants to sleep with Chuck Knoblauch" Very
funny...but see what happens when you play for the Yankees (i.e.
Cones/Wells/Jeter) B+

The Massuese - Chris Kattan really wants to dispell all the rumors that he
is gay... B

Commercial - Reminded me a bit of the old Wade Blasinger commercial from
last year, good, but it doesn't come close to the Preperation H commercial.

Derek Jeter's Taco Hole - WTF? not bad, but were they that desperate to do
this? C

The Show Thingy - Funny overall and how they beat up on the kids at the
end. Amy Poehler is good as a little girl, but really she's a good actress.

Shakira performs uhhhh...i guess it's called "Ass Shake" - Even her looks
and ass don't save this grade of a D.

Weekend Update - WU has been very good this year, at the beginning of last
year it just plain sucked but got better as last year went on. I'm not
missing Colin Quinn now as I was this time last year. I liked the
Counter-Point thing, I'm really like Seth Meyers. A

Pep Talk by Osama - Ferrell had a solid impression, though sometimes his
accent slipped. B

The Perm - haha, i couldn't picture Derek with a perm, and never want to,
it was funny, but got old as the sketch kinda dragged on. B

Bubba Sparxxx performing "YOU SUCK" - haha that's not what it's really
called, but it still sucked. the musical guests have been lame this year,
and I find it funny that Sparxxx had to rip off another song...and he STILL
sucked. wait, I'm being too generous...F

Sorry, missed the rest.....

Overall - OK sketches, horrible musical guests, but it looks like next week
might be able to pull a good show off.... until then....GO PHILLY SPORTS

Episode Review written by Sean

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